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More To Your Drapes and Curtains

More To Your Drapes and Curtains

When we first decided to get drapes I thought it would be the simplest of the many window treatment ideas and choices we had. I mean drapes are curtain, basically pretty fabric hanging from a rod above your window. No fancy gizmos to open it or close it, you simply pull it shut or push it out. Drapes would simply hang next to my window framing it, no worries of broken slats or cords or whatchamacallit. And, the point that sealed the deal was that to clean it all I had to do was pull it off the rod and put it in the wash. Simple and easy. Well, it was simple and easy until I really started looking into getting some new curtains, a fresh look. Who knew there were just a world of things you could add to your drapes.

First the material. I always had these plain light drapes that always let some light through, they weren’t anything fancy. After a few years of tear and wear, they were pretty ratty. Now looking into buying more curtains I feel like I got cheated when I spend so much money for that first set. My old ones had no lining. It was literally a piece of fabric hanging of the rod on top of my windows. Drapes come with lining that helps with insulation and light blockage. There is also the option to have interlining, which is basically another lining between the drape at the outer lining. The ones with interlining are much better options for insulation.

With all this fabric the seams and how the corners are stitched matters. These parts decide how well the drape lasts you, whether they will tear at the first sign of stress or whether they will start getting fringed at the ends from brushing against your floors. All of this matters when you are considering spending your money on it. Many companies now offer concealed seam placement. I personally like the options from Graber Artisan drapes. They hide the seam holding the length of your drapes together in the natural fold of the drapes as they hang. There is also the option to have a mitered corner or weighted corner. I’m definitely considering the weighted corners as it will help to keep the drapes from fluttering around too much if I have the windows open.

Now for the actual design of the fabric (I’m still undecided), there are a lot of options. Lately, the trend has been towards solid color patterns. Some chic ideas have also been to get a solid color or drapes made out the shades of a solid color. Then there is specifications within the fabric such as weight, weave, fiber, non-allergenic and so much more. I’m definitely going for the non-allergenic kind, but am in heavy debate between patterns or a solid color.

Currently to hold the drape in place I use a piece of twin and a few wall hooks from Target. It is not a permanent solution, nor is it the best looking solution. I have a variety of options for the sash. Now there are options to get really fancy looking ones with tassels or crystal beads at the end of them. And as much as I’d love one of those I do have to consider that I don’t want people feeling tempted to play with them (by people I mean my husband and the dog). So I’m going for the simple fabric ones that would either match whichever fabric I choose for the drapes or is a nice complimentary color, and has Velcro tabs. The best thing about the Velcro tabs is the ease to pull them around the drapes and just stick it. I don’t need the ugly little wall hooks anymore, with the weighted corners and the Velcro sash I’RomanShades-USA - Drapes and Curtainsm freed from those hooks.

The other thing I’m currently debating on is the rod for the drapes. The options are much wider than I expected. At first I was set on a sleek rod with those screw on heads on either side to give it a finished look. But, now there are options like: fabric deco wrap cornices, board mounted valances, decorative sleeves for the rod, or even options to have cascades. Literally way too many things I haven’t even heard of or considered, which, of course, means I’ll be spending the next few days researching every aspect.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I do feel like I have way too many options when it comes to my curtains. In the old days, as my mom used to say, they stitched their own curtains. Ok, maybe the many options are a better deal, who has the time to sew a whole curtain, and I bet they don’t come with matching sashes or weighted corners. Anyways, I’ll be taking a double look at how best to accessorize my window, I’m positively fascinated by the options for the rods. And I’ll be sure to get the information on what I find out to you asap. Till next time.

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