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Drapery and Valances – The Best Combination to Complete Your Home Decor

Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery Window Treatments for Your Home

A window treatment is so much more than just a way to cover your windows. Several types of window coverings can be installed to improve the performance and fashion of your windows. Drapes, curtains, sheers, blinds, and shutters are considered a few of the most common varieties of window treatments. All these types are used for almost the same purposes, to provide the desired privacy, control the light, to insulate and to supplement the style of your home decor. You can either use a single type of treatment or combine it with other window treatments for obtaining your desired look and functionality. Before deciding the type of window treatment, you need first to learn what you want to achieve by using a particular style.

When you decide to combine two kinds of window treatments to get the perfect look, one of the best combinations is combining drapery window treatments with valances.

Adding curtains is usually the final and most prominent step in creating the design of a home.

Drapery Window Treatments offer many benefits and can outstandingly and dramatically transform the entire look of a room. When defining the fashion of the drapery treatment, the form will often result in the function.


Benefits of Using a Drapery Window Treatment

Protection: The most important benefit of using a drapery window treatment is protection. Any drapery window treatment you choose, it will provide you protection from the heat of the sun. If valuables inside your home like paintings, furniture, and even your flooring are exposed to the sunlight for a long period, they can be damaged by the harmful UV rays and will fade or start deteriorating over time. By hanging a suitable drapery window covering you can protect against these damages.

Curtains can define and make a room — but only when they are selected correctly. When it comes to window treatments, it’s all about the color and fabric, and correct sizing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choice, so we asked a few pros for guidance on narrowing it down to help choose the appropriate curtains for your room.


Color and Fabric

The right fabric will dictate how good your curtains perform and last throughout their life. If the drapes are too dense, they may not fold sharply when pulled together, and if they are too light and they may not hang the way you like them.

Do not forget that sunlight will fade fabrics over time. If you are expecting a lot of light to enter your room, it’s good to avoid dark colors, since they tend to fade quicker.


Light Control:

Drapery helps you manage the amount of light entering your home. If you want to have darkness, you can use the drapery window treatment and cover your windows fully and block the light. You can sleep happily during the daytime. When you need light inside you can open the drapes.



Drapery helps you enhance the privacy of your home. By closing the curtains, you can close the windows fully and stop people outside from viewing the inside the home. They serve the best in rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is required. They also do well in places like corporate offices, etc. where privacy is needed during confidential client meetings and other important conferences. In few cases, when privacy or light control doesn’t matter, beautifying side panels can frame a magnificent view and yield a room. When privacy and light control is required, excellently serving curtains will take care of your needs and add charm and flexibility to your room.


Energy saving:

Most drapery window treatments are great insulators. When it is extremely hot outside, the drapery on your windows prevents the heat from penetrating inside. Likewise, during winter, the warmth from inside the home does not escape outside letting you stay comfortable without losing heat. They allow you to rely less on air conditioning and heating, leading to energy efficiency and savings on energy bills.



One of the greatest advantages of adding the drapery window treatments is to enhance the overall visual charm of your home. You can pick from different types of fabrics, colors, and textures according to your interior design. You can create either modern or traditional ambiance with the wide variety of the options available. Consider the type of the place where you are going to hang the drapes. Determine the style of the drapes according to the room. The fabric and color you choose should be matching the style you are going to achieve.



Valances are pieces to cover the top part of the window and are frequently used in home decor to add a stylistic statement or flair to a room. They can be used to enhance the look of existing curtains or window drapes, to complement and improve the look of a home, while covering the mounting hardware of the window treatments or curtains. Valances can serve in adding that extra “feel” to the look of your curtains as well as blinds. You can add these valances to your existing blinds too.

Valances have always been one of the most important components of a window dressing alongside drapery. Lately, they have been second-thought to other window coverings like shades and blinds, but are coming back as ways to personalize and customize existing window treatments.

Now there are such a large number of varieties of splendidly designed valances, coming in distinct styles, colors, and shapes. Transform a window with the simple addition of a valance, and completely change its tone and style.


Valances Offer the Following Benefits to Your Home:

Adds Interest to Windows

Valances are the best way to add an extra flourish to your bare windows.


Give a Polished Look

Valances bring a finishing touch to your windows. They even the room design against the other details in the room and can make your windows a focal point of the room if needed.


Adds Creative Appeal

Valances can renew the look of your room. Ideally, customized valances with decorative designs add a fashionable and artistic charm to your home.

Decorate your room with the ideal valances that match your current drapery and magnify the beauty of your curtains.


Custom Wood Valances

Custom Wood Valances


A huge collection of custom wood valances made of superior quality wood provides excellent beauty to match the needs of your interior decor. Exquisite craftsmanship is involved in the construction of these decorative wood valances which makes the job of an interior decorator so much simpler. Ornamentation of the windows and the interiors of your home are made easy with the help of the Custom Wood Valances.


Custom Drapery Valances

Custom Drapery Valances


There are some distinguished ideas for window treatments using valances. You can be creative in obtaining the desired look of your window with polish and in fashion. The fabric valance is praised for its incredible look. It is thoroughly interchangeable into a drapery board that you can execute a romantic look or gentle impact. Fabric valances are typically made using lightweight fabrics which you can without much of a range make some creative formation of creases, wrinkles, and folds. They constantly create a pleasant ambiance into the room, and they are deeply corresponding to use with other window treatments like blinds or shades.

The general length of the fabric valances is around 10 to 18 inches considering the width of the window they have been mounted. Fabric valances come up in wide varieties of fabrics like cotton, polyester, and other materials. The drapery valances allow you the maximum customization as they come up in different patterns, styles, fabric, and colors. You can create any style like an inflatable, creased or french creased swag, scarf, etc.

There are a lot of fabrics that are used in producing valances – you have the choice of choosing from approximately inexpensive polyester to upscale satin, and velvet. There are also many complex types in valances where you can choose from styles like the balloon, jabot, scarf and swag & tail, etc. Since it’s crucial for you to pick your valance matching your curtains both custom window curtains and custom window valances are essential for your home.

Valances can be obtained separately, or as a set of new drapery made to match. When choosing a valance to buy, consider the size, shape, length, and configuration of the window where you want to add the valance. You don’t necessarily require a valance that coordinates perfectly with your drapery. The valance should complement the look of your blinds, window, and room.

Be precise about the measurements of your window before buying a valance to ensure it fits appropriately. When shopping for a valance, take a photo of your window and your drapery to compare and match with different valances. If you are shopping online like through our ZebraBlinds store, you can instead just order samples directly to your home. Remember that valances work great alone – you don’t need an existing window treatment to get a window valance.

Besides offering a beautiful look by concealing your curtain hardware, custom window valances can be used for other purposes too. Valances can also be used to hide installation flaws if there are any. Some houses have damaged walls due to leakage. You can use valances to cover blemishes above the window until they are able to be fixed and painted over.

Curtains help homeowners elevate the beauty of their homes. Buying curtains are made easy through ZebraBlinds. With valances, you can even add that extra unique finish to your curtains, or get them by themselves to change the look of your windows. Valances are an easy option to update and refresh the look of your home at an affordable price. Get the best discounts on drapery and valances online with ZebraBlinds.

Drapes For Your Bay Windows

Drapes For Your Bay Windows


If you have different varieties of windows like the bay windows, hexagon-shaped windows and arches you have to think about the shapes and sizes too. The thickness of the fabrics used is also very important. You can choose from see-through materials which mean transparent to thick and completely blocking types. By analyzing all these factors, you will be able to decide the best drapery window treatment for your home.

If you have bay windows in your home, the best position for drapery panels is on the entrance walls of the bay window, “They should frame the bay, not mess it up or block the view, so choose your drapery fabrics wisely,” To prevent draperies from looking short, hang them as high as feasible. Raise the rod to two inches beneath the crown molding to visually raise the domes in any room.

And now, it’s time to buy these astonishing drapery window treatments for your home at and make it seem incredibly appealing. Do not miss out the discount offers on these crazy products.

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