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Drapery – The Art of Window Dressing

mix and match blinds and shades

Windows are canvas – Create the art with window dressing.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever! So will your windows be when robed in spell-binding draperies that take the feel and appearance of your interior décor to the peak? Draperies have a mesmerizing quality about them that gives your room an elegant personality, bringing it alive with a mysterious appeal.

You can let your creativity loose when styling your windows with draperies because they can adorn your windows in different ways – make them dramatically touch your floor with flair, create a calm ambiance with soft colors and warm fabric, or make it royal with rich, embellished fabrics that ooze splendor.

Pleasing as Well as Practical.

From the days when draperies served the sole purpose of adding style and visual appeal to interiors, they have come a long way today. Besides changing the entire room-scape, they are significantly multifunctional, serving a variety of functions of your home. Have a look at some of the practical uses of drapery today:

· Light filtration and control of glare

· A shield from harmful UV rays

· Thermal insulation for a room

· Provide privacy

· Mask an unattractive window

· Reduce noise interference from outdoors

The innovative, energy efficient thermal drapery is a fashionable alternative to boring window treatments like shades or blinds. These stylish draperies are nearly as effective as their contemporaries in cutting down your energy bills, preventing sun-rays penetrating through your windows and giving you much needed privacy.

Unique Designs.

With draperies, you don’t have to follow a standard treatment for your windows. Customized to meet your requirements, drapes come pleated, puddled, tied or all the three combined together to create a distinct charming effect. You have grommets, buttonholes or tabs, decorative trims, banding and many more options at your service. Invisible hems, weighted corners, and quality lining ensure panels hang beautifully and flow smoothly, at times forming a puddle of splendid fabric on the floor.

Different Styles.

You can make a difference in the way they appear by tweaking them a bit here and there. You can tie-back your drapery either in straight or contoured styles or let them hang by splitting in the center, drawing them to the right/ left or just leave them hanging in the center. You can band them on either the inside edge, on the outer edge or both the sides, according to your preference. More choices can be made in the form of fringes and trims as well. The versatility of the drapery enables you to express yourself freely and create a unique style that reflects your preferences and innate taste for decor.

Choices Galore.

If you can dream it, you can create it. Why not, with so many remarkable drapery choices available to you in the market?

Make your choice from the Grommet top, the back tab, the classic tab, wrapped tab or the plain top styles and wave your creative magic wand to bring out a unique design that is innovative and original to your home only. Combine a unique set of fabrics, valances, hardware, and panels to make your fashion statement. You can let your sense of humor take over to make it beautiful, yet fun to look at.

You do not have to settle for mediocre, dull designs for your rooms anymore. Renowned brands like Graber Blinds brings you the draperies that will aid you in breaking the monotony of window treatment by adding special panache that is exclusive only to you. Their Artisan Specialty Draperies range will lend the much needed chic and style to your home with unmatched quality. The bright colors create an atmosphere of cheerful freshness in your home. The fascinating Artisan Specialty Yellow and Gold drapery panels are classic beauties with their smooth, free-flowing fabric, artistic fervor, and excellent craftsmanship. The drapes bring in a stylish modern look, combined with the royalty of an era gone by. On the other hand, the unfathomable white drapery panels bring about the magical aura of extravagant purity spread around calmly through your interiors.

To ensure the right coordination between your home decor and window dressing, the draperies are available in a full spectrum of colors and designs. Drapery fabrics are available in various hues and shades of blacks, blues, browns, grays, greens, reds, whites, ivories, tans, yellows, and neutrals. You can either choose matching or complementary colors for your walls. Drapery can pull off both the choices with pleasing effects.

Hardware Designs.

Along with the design and texture of the fabric, drapery is made from, the hardware that supports the flowing fabric makes a great fashion statement as well. Technological nuances of modern times have brought out such an enormous variety of drapery hardware into the market that you will have a tough time choosing one.

First, make your pick from traversing or stationary rods, since rods are the most important accessory used to hold your drapery. The fashionable traversing rods with a pulley system to maneuver drapes are contemporary entries into window dressing world. Based on the style you choose, you can install either classic, return or track rods for hanging your drapery.

Mounting applications can be either emphasized for contributing decorative value to your room or be made invisible to reduce clutter. Metallic, ornamental caps like the ones manufactured by Crown drapery hardware add an exotic and alluring quality to your already magnificent drapery. There is no dearth of decorative enhancements to augment the beauty of the window treatment of your home.

Lay back, relax and wallow in the beautiful touch you have given to your interior decor, for now, your home is for sure a treasure chest of living.


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