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Draperies or Blinds : Which Works Best for You?

Draperies or Blinds : Which Works Best for You?

Ever since the lockdowns happened due to the pandemic, many people have taken up home renovation projects. Research done by the Bank of America shows that about 70 percent of the American population opted for renovating their homes since the pandemic. Many have completely transformed rooms and spaces in their homes to give a fresher and modern appeal to the home. One of these changes being an upgrade of their window coverings. If you are one of many who are looking to revamp spaces in your home with new window coverings, there are a few questions you need to answer. How much sunlight control do you want? What amount of privacy is required in a particular room? How do you prefer to operate the window treatment? Is the widow covering meant for beautification, or does it have a practical function? Every type of window treatment will have some positives and negatives. This guide will help you decide between a drapery and blind to further elevate your room transformation.

What are Blinds and Drapes?

Blinds are one of the most opted for window treatments. A window blind, in the most general sense, comprises several slats which either go horizontally or vertically (depending upon the type of window blind). The slats are all tied together with the help of cords running through the slats. Blinds can generally be controlled and operated either through a manual system or automated ones. The latter also allows the user to program the blinds to perform as per a set schedule. An important thing to remember is that window blinds are an umbrella term and refer to almost every type of hard and soft window coverings. Therefore, it implies that a window blind refers to blinds and shades in general usage.

Drapes, on the other hand, are fabric panels that are sold in pairs quite like curtains. The distinguishing feature of drapes is that they are mostly lined. The lining at times can be heavy to the extent of blocking out the sunlight completely. Drapes are long window coverings that start from the top of the window and reach the bottom. Usually, the fabric selected for drapes is stiff to block sunlight and absorb noise. Drapes are available in different shades, but they typically are in solid colours rather than having designer patterns. Drapes give a formal appearance to the room and make it look bigger and more royal.

Blinds vs drapes: the final face-off

Blinds and drapes are the two most commonly sought after window treatments. However, the ultimate choice is dependent upon functionality rather than mere looks. Following are the essential points that need to be kept in mind to decide which out of the two is the most suitable window treatment:

  • Size of the Window under Consideration:

If the is considerably big and spacious, drapes are recommended as it will cover the comparatively bigger-sized windows adequately and will give a royal ambience to the room. In addition, drapes with the blackout function are more suitable for bedrooms. If the room is small, on the other hand, drapes will make it look very congested. Blinds that are sleek in structure will provide a neat and sophisticated look to the room without compromising the functionality.

Furthermore, blinds are more suited for rooms where there are chances of excess moisture because blinds are made up of hard materials like faux wood or aluminium, which are moisture resistant. If there is a sofa or a couch underneath a window, blinds are a better option. It would become very tough to operate drapes in such a  situation.

  • Design Style of the Room:

What sets apart window drapes as a versatile window treatment is that they can go well with almost every type of design style of the room. Blinds, on the other hand, are more suitable for rooms with minimalistic décor. It is only Roman blinds made out of fabric that can compete with window drapes in terms of versatility. Venetian blinds, on the other hand, have more functionality in work from the home office. Blinds outperform drapes when the modern architectural style want sleek window treatments. But when the priority is creating grand and a royal look, the window drapes seal the deal.

  • Sunlight Protection in the Room:

If the user’s requirement is the creation of a grand ambience along with good sunlight protection, they should opt for window drapes. These can be made with heavy fabrics that can provide complete sunlight protection and create a blackout effect. Drapes come in handy when installed in the bedroom. It is so because they enable the owner to have a sound sleep even during the daytime if there is a need. All blinds, on the other hand, do not provide complete sunlight protection. Some of them can deliver it, but the majority have to be layered with other window treatments. The advantage that the blinds have over drapes is that once they are lifted, they allow a lot of sunshine, but if the priority is sunlight protection and blackout effect, then drapes should be preferred. 

  • Sound Absorption in the Room:

It has been observed that drapes offer better external sound absorption than window blinds. Therefore, if one lives on a bustling and noisy street, one should prefer drapes for good external sound absorption. It is so because drapes are made of thick fabric that can dampen noise. On the other hand, blinds do not compare with drapes when it comes to external noise absorption. In addition, once installed, drapes can absorb the internal noise as well.

  • Maintenance and Upkeep: 

It is easier to maintain drapes as they can be home washed or dry cleaned. On the other hand, the majority of the blinds need to be uninstalled and washed and then reinstalled. Blinds like Venetians require a lot of upkeep as they have to be cleaned regularly to remove dust. Moreover, the majority of the blinds can be installed, cleaned and then reinstalled by an expert. It is not the case with window drapes.

  • Décor Statements in the Rooms:

If the owner’s purpose in redoing window treatment is to make a décor statement, then window drapes are the clear-cut winners. It is so because window drapes are available in different fabrics, with rich patterns and varied designs. But, more importantly, they make the room look grand and royal.

Drapes and blinds are one of the two most popular window treatments. Each one has its plus points and negative points. The ultimate choice depends upon the requirement of the users. If they want good sunlight protection, with noise absorption and an elegant look, only window drapes are available. But on the other hand, if the requirement is sleek window treatment in a small room with good insulation and temperature control, one can choose window blinds.