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Get a Blackout Roller and Zebra Shade in one with Double Sheer Blinds

Double Sheer Blinds

Why use Double Sheer Blinds in the First Place?

The idea behind the two-layer roller blinds is to give homeowners the dual advantages of light control and privacy. With one shading system, you get the benefits of two window coverings. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the outside while allowing light to filter in, or you can have darkness and complete privacy whenever you want. In other words, you benefit from controlling your lighting and privacy settings of your home.

The Mechanism Behind the Blinds

This type of window blind combines two kinds of window dressings into one mechanism. Such that the outer layer involves light control, and the inner layer handles privacy. The outer layer is a light-filtering shade that blocks all UV rays streaming in your room. It offers partial privacy, and as a homeowner, you can also enjoy the outside view from your window. The inner blackout layer blocks 100% of the light through the fabric itself. These window dressings can be used either during the day or at night time. This type of light blocking shade ensures that you and your family have rooms with high privacy levels. Both these window blinds are designed as two separate blinds that come together in a neat tight package. You can pair this shading system with a fascia to match the color fabric of the window shade.

Double the fabric. Double the light control options.
You can switch from light filtering to room darkening in a matter of seconds! At any point in the day, you can choose an intimate private setting or a relaxing breezy lit environment. Moreover, these blinds will provide you with superb comfort and convenience.
Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades

Benefits of Using Double Sheer Blinds in Your Home

The front shade of the double sheer blinds is a zebra sheer shade, also known as a banded shade or transition sheer shade. This banded fabric shade has two layers of fabric with alternating sheer and light filtering stripes. These stripes can be adjusted so that they align to let the view through and extra light, or so that they provide privacy and gently filter the light that comes in. With the double-blind option, there is an additional back roller shade with a blackout fabric that gives you darkness when you need it. These layered sheer shadings can make any room feel sophisticated and elegant. When installed, they add a subtle glow to the interiors, making the ambiance look a bit more upscale than usual. Glam up those living spaces with these blinds.

Where Can these Combined Window Treatments Be Placed?

This combination of blackout fabrics with sheer fabrics can do magic for places like:
• Conference halls
• Restaurants
• City apartments
• Cottages
• Corporate buildings
• Professional spaces
• Offices

Let There Be Light

These window shadings are designed while keeping you in mind. During the daytime, you might want to enjoy the view and get incoming light to add brightness to the room. As the day progresses, the sun can be harsh on your skin and your furnishings. Protect yourself and your loved ones from getting skin cancer by getting these privacy shades for your room and using the blackout shade. Once you block the harsh UV rays, you are also protecting your carpeting, flooring, and expensive furniture, and preventing them from fading away. This way, your interiors remain intact and still have their luster. These blinds give you the ultimate control over incoming natural light.
Two Layer Sheer Roller Shades

Benefits of Having Two-Layer Roller Blinds on Your Windows

• With light filtering, you get a beautiful view and light control
• If a blackout fabric is used, then you get a total light blockage through the fabric
• With blackout fabric, you get fade prevention for your furnishings and protection against harmful UV rays
• Availability of many styles, designs, colors, and patterns
• When being raised upwards, they are minimal and discrete
• Lowering/raising these blinds is a smooth operation, even a small child can operate them
• Flexible window covering options as they can be installed just about anywhere
• These blinds can last long and are durable due to their design of the shading system
• Inexpensive window covering solution as you are getting the benefit of two shades in one

Personalize Your Two-Layer Roller Blinds

Negate strangulation and other such window injuries by going cordless. Especially if there are pets and kids in your home. You can also get motorized roller shades as they are easy to operate. These blinds can be lowered and raised with the help of a remote. For huge or high-altitude windows, a continuous cord loop chain system is the best. The color of the cord chain can be customized to the color of the fabric roller shading.

One Shade. Dual Benefits.

Zebra Sheer Designer Dual Blackout Shades are the latest trending product for homeowners. When you have sheer shades, you get diffused soft, gentle light streaming in your room, and that makes the ambiance even more inviting for guests. When you have blackout fabric shades, you let the room get completely dark. Many enthusiasts of Zebra Sheer Shades wish that there was a way to add a blackout layer to the back for added versatility, and now that functionality is finally here.

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