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Essential Dos and Don’ts for Perfect Sliding Door Window Treatment

Sliding Door Window Treatment

Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Perfect Sliding Door Window Treatment


Sliding door window treatments depend upon you as a person and your choices, there are no “perfect” solutions to this. Just make sure that the treatments you choose are not an eye-sore. Consider these few factors before you decide on those best sliding door window treatments. If you are planning to mix and match, then ensure you coordinate with other treatments in the room. Are there small children, senior citizens or pets at home? What are your priorities for the door window treatments – privacy or light filtering? What is the budget that you have in mind? Speak to our experts at ZebraBlinds for further help.

In case you choose to do it by yourself, ensure these few Do’s and Don’ts are kept in mind:

Important Things to Consider While Choosing Perfect Sliding Door Window Treatment


  • Go for 2 or 3 different treatments in the room so that your room’s aesthetics are something that you like rather than it becoming a huge challenge to manage at a later stage.
  • Combining shades with draperies or different material are perfect examples and can be set to any decor, contemporary or traditional. Ensure you get the colors, patterns and styling right. In case you have children or pets at home, you might want to look at feasible options like vertical blinds in different material like Aluminium, Wood or Vinyl or simple curtains in darker shades. They tend to withstand wear and tear for a longer period. Preference should be given to Utility vs Elegance or Sophistication for that matter.
  • Vertical sliding door window treatments are one of the best options and are in high demand as an option today. They are attached to a simple track system that ensures smooth handling of the blinds. The flat turning of the vanes makes it easy to adjust the light filtering into your room and the amount of privacy required. These can be layered with other treatments like alluring colored draperies with trending patterns that ensure the look of the room conveys your styling taste.

Vertical Sliding Door Window Treatments


  • Drapes that are slightly oversized and hang completely to the floor look majestic and can make a space look bigger. You might want to consider the drapes to extend beyond the length and width of the casing of your window.
  • Splurging on best sliding door window treatment not only becomes a great part your home’s decor but is also a good investment. Choosing blinds like Faux Wood or Cellular options is a good choice. Slightly heavy on the wallet, but they boast an elegant look you’d be proud to show your friends and family.
  • While setting the tone of each room, it is important to look at different treatments for each room. There is a certain pattern, fabric/material, color, or styling for that matter that differentiates your home from a commercial space like an office or a cafe. You might want to choose bold colors and patterns for the kids’ room, while subtle colors or patterns look best in the living area. Wood or Cellular shades give a much more graceful appearance while aluminum is practical and long-lasting. Set the tone of each room while choosing wisely from the huge selection available.


Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Door


  • For spaces that are hard to reach, like high raised windows or doors, you might prefer options like solar powered skylight blinds or remote control skylight blinds. These are easily managed via battery operated remotes and come in beautiful patterns in alluring colors.


Things to Avoid While Buying Sliding Door Window Treatment

  • Be careful of how you install these door window treatments as they can easily hamper the decor of any place if you do not get it right. In case you are choosing shades that are light, then go for draperies that are dark so that both light filtering and privacy needs are tended to.
  • If you wish to look at a combination of Blinds and Shades, then keep in mind a material that goes along with the decor and highlights your rooms. You might not want to choose Cellular Shades, Solar Shades or any kind of Designer shades for your door window treatments. They can easily get ruined by children or pets that because of their not so novel usage tend to damage them easily. Investing on these treatments could be looked at in the future once your kids are slightly older. 
  • Do not spend a fortune on expensive material in case you stay in a rented house and tend to move around a lot. The same door window treatments will not fit into a new house as the dimensions will differ. You might want to look at cloth, Vinyl or Wood materials for the Vertical Sliding Blinds.
  • Drapes hanging right on the window casing not only allows less light control but makes the look tighter and gives the room a crowded appearance.
  • With the market for sliding door window treatments being at its peak currently, cheap plastic options are available by the dozen. Low-quality materials break effortlessly, look very tacky, and discolor very easily. They hamper the overall charm of your living space. Make sure to choose the right color and material for your blinds.
  • Don’t apply the “one fits all” rule to all the rooms in your home. You wouldn’t want to have formal patterns in the kitchen and dull or subtle colors in your guest room. You will want to give each corner of your home a fresh dressing to keep it bright and rocking. So ensure that you choose to depend upon the usage of each area.
  • You might not want to consider options that would not only hamper the decor of your home but also be difficult to manage and maintain. Many blinds are not ideal for sliding doors, or would not be suitable for skylight windows, for example.


Best Sliding Door Window Treatments


A well-dressed door or window could make or break the aesthetics of your pretty home. So using the right guide to follow in decorating your home is an ideal solution we present. Talk to our experts in case you feel this information is limited. We will be glad to assist you.


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