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Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing and Installing Window Treatments

Do's and Don'ts for Choosing and Installing Window Treatments

Lack of Attention to Window Treatments

Setting up a home is no mean task. There are endless things that need to be done, nitty-gritty that has to be attended to and taken care of. You have to choose the right furniture style, the fabric and color configuration for the rooms, linen, and kitchenware, the list is unending. It is mentally and physically exhausting to get everything in place, up and running and at the end of it all you are left completely drained. In the process, the one area which we often overlook and do not give much thought to our window treatments. You hastily choose something and you are done. Sometimes you are not too aware of all the options that are available in the market, sometimes you just don’t know where to begin. It is all too overwhelming and mindboggling!

It always helps if you have some kind of a guideline, a handy checklist of do’s and don’ts you can refer to for all your window dressing needs. A list of pros and cons of different shades, the things to keep in mind if you are looking to pair curtains with blinds, etc. could be extremely helpful. Choosing and ordering your window dressings is only part of the job. The trickier part is getting them installed efficiently. How your shades perform and look depends a great deal on how well they are installed.

List of Do’s

Window treatments are expensive. Every shade has a different make with different features. Before investing in them it is mandatory to be aware of these features and make your choice accordingly for maximum satisfaction and optimum results.

  • Do a careful study of all the different shades and blinds available in the market. They come in varied designs and materials and before investing in them it is important to be aware of both the pros and cons of each. Some may be too pricey; some may have poor appearance while others may be too transparent for privacy.

Custom Cellular Shades

  • If you have differently shaped windows take care to dress them. All shades and blinds may not do justice to them. Shutters, cellular shades and wood blinds are the best solutions for windows with arches and angles.
  • While choosing shades for your home, recognize the different needs of different rooms. For bedrooms, noise reduction, light control, and privacy are high on priority. Kitchen and bathrooms due to their exposure to moisture, need moisture-resistant shades, otherwise, they will wear out prematurely. You can opt for blinds that are high on aesthetic appeal for your living rooms where you socialize and relax.

Roman Shades for Bedroom

  • For kitchens and bathrooms go for water-resistant or waterproof window treatments. Wood and fabric will have a short lifespan and disintegrate much to your chagrin.
  • If you live in a zone which experiences harsh winters or sweltering summers, choose energy-efficient window dressings. Anything otherwise will cause your energy costs to go skyrocketing and will fail to offer a proper safeguard against frosty days or harsh summer afternoons.
  • If you stay in an area where summers are really hot with sun rays beating down mercilessly opt for exterior solar shades. They are mounted on the outside and prevent harmful UV rays from seeping into the house, help to keep temperatures low and protect privacy. The best part is, these shades do not interfere with your choice of interior shades.
  • Go for customized fits for your window treatments. This will ensure that the entire window opening gets adequately covered. The drapes or shades should sit at either end of the window sill. If you are opting for draperies, have them reach till the floor. These measures will ensure better insulation.
  • If you are pairing curtains with blinds, go right ahead. However, take care to choose the blinds first and follow it up with the curtains. Match the curtain and blind color with rod color. This will give parity.

Integrating Roman Shade with Curtain

  • Take care to study the existing décor of your home. Some shades may have a traditional appearance while some may be modern and contemporary to look at. Choose the shade that blends well with the décor.
  • You can install the window shades yourself. Read the instruction manual well. A slight error can make a lot of difference.
  • Have all the tools and hardware ready when you set out to install the window treatments. It is good to have everything handy so as to avoid getting distracted in the middle of the installation process.
  • Measure well and check twice before you go ahead and drill. Ask for help if needed. It is better to seek help before doing the installation wrong and damaging the product or your wall.

List of Don’ts

So now you know what you should do and keep track of before investing in window dressings. There are also things you should refrain from doing to prevent a loss or damage to your house or product.

  • It is not enough to purchase window coverings and have them installed. Regular maintenance and periodical cleaning is extremely important for them to function well. Vacuum them from time to time, use gentle detergents while washing and do not rub. Follow the guidelines regarding window shade cleaning.

Cleaning Window Shades

  • Have a clear understanding of your home décor and requirements so that the shades blend well and not stand out awkwardly.
  • If you are pairing curtain with shade do not pair printed shade and printed drapes. It would be a fashion disaster. A combination of printed curtains and single solid color shades looks wonderful.
  • Never ignore safety rules. Many of these shades and blinds may be corded which can pose a concern particularly if you have a child or pet in the house. You can opt for cordless blinds.

Window shades, blinds, and curtains are great additions to your home and help to accentuate the beauty of existing home décor. To make your blinds and shades functional and a great experience for your sanctuary it is recommended to abide by few do’s and don’ts. Choosing, installing and maintaining your window dressings is not rocket science but a little care, attention to detail and awareness will certainly not hurt you. It will go a long way in optimizing your satisfaction and ensuring the longevity of the shades and blinds.