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Dorm Room Window Treatments

Dorm Room Window Treatments To Liven Up Your Boring Dorm Room


Packing for a new college life? Allow us to help you gather the right things to start your life in your new home – the dorm. Apart from the coffee maker, comfortable mattress, the quirky pillows, the storage, the wall photos, and the vanity, you also need to look at dressing up your windows. This is typically one of the last to-do things on your list. To remind you here, this should ideally be one of the topmost things.

You do not want to wake up early every morning before your alarm goes off or have a sleepless night due to a street light just outside your window. And your college dorms blinds are rarely something you will want to live with while your stay in college. So allow us to help you dress up the room with our dorm room window treatment ideas that will liven up your mood every day.

Sound Absorbing Window Blinds

Be practical. You don’t want to end up spending a major chunk of money on ensuring you have a room you want to come back to. While the dorm room window treatments need to be heat-blocking window blinds and sound absorbing window blinds they also need to clearly fit into a set budget. With our amazing summer discounts, you’ll see just how much we care for you. Check out some of our options that will lift your mood every day for the next few years.


Dorm Room Window Treatments – Free Flowing Curtains

Most of us like the flowing fabric of curtains that lights up a face every time you look at it. Simple and easy to install curtains are anyone’s dream dorm room window treatment. Budget-friendly and light friendly add to an endless list of benefits that this option gives you. A simple extension rod needs to be installed and the curtains are simply hung on them. Choose from our amazing range of patterns like BOHO Gypsy Hippy designs, Mandala Curtains, Colourful Sunset designs, Chiffon Curtains with lilies, lavender, light strings, Indian Designs, Gypsy coin doors, ‘Hello’ Pretty’ designs, loud and bold colors and abstract designs. The free-flowing nature of these curtains lends a fuller look to your windows making it hard to miss in your room.


Be Practical with Our Roller Blinds And Curtains

Roller blinds are a simplistic dorm room window treatment option. They fit snug into any window and almost disappear when rolled up. In chic solid colors and patterns, this dorm room window treatment will just liven up your room like none other. Add a dash of color with curtains of your choice for that extra layering. A clean and amazing spot awaits you every day.


Go Easy with Our Light Filtering Blackout Cordless Shades

While most of our dorm room windows treatments give you complete control of light and privacy, they could be slightly over the budget that you might have in mind. So here is an option that is complete light filtering. These shades allow you to filter light as per your need and have a complete blackout when you want your room to be dark for a peaceful sleep at any time. The cordless lift type works best without having to mess around with tying the cords for a neat look.

Light Filtering Cordless Shades

You can choose from a range of light or dark heavy curtains to light curtains that allow you to complete blackout. The cordless lift option can be fitted into any window treatment that you might decide upon. Our huge range of light filtering blackout cordless shades come in mesmerizing designs, colors, and fabrics. So do up your dorm room windows with the ease that suits you best.

At ZebraBlinds, we thrive on giving the best to our customers. With amazing discounts, any window treatment that you desire is bound to fit into your budget. Simply order the free samples today and get set for the new life that awaits you. Our experts will love to hear from you.

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