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6 DIY Blinds Ideas For Your Dorm Room

Dorm Room Blinds

Dorm Room Blinds Ideas


Dressing up dorm rooms can be an exciting and inspiring task. With the fact that this room is your bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen all in one; it can heighten the challenges by many levels. Controlling the light filtering in and ensuring the right amount of privacy can make the project worth considering while also maintaining the right balance of colors and textures. After all, making this room into a livable home for the next few years deserves the right amount of thinking and contemplating. So let’s help you get started with some DIY blind ideas for your dorm room.


What to put on windows to keep heat out?


Sheer Curtains Over Roller Shades


While most of the decorators recommend roller blinds for dorm rooms, they can tend to be a tad boring, especially if you have large windows. You need to add excitement as this is what you’ll be seeing when you walk home every afternoon or spend long nights studying. Add a layer of sheer curtains over roller blinds to bring in the cheerfulness to an otherwise drab idea. The roller shades will help you control the light filtering in and keep the heat out along with giving you much needed privacy. The sheer curtains will brighten up the otherwise dull space with your choice of colors and patterns.

If you are on a shoestring budget then look at linen options that are much lighter on the wallet than sheers. With loud colors and patterns, they are sure to grab your attention and elevate your mood the moment you walk in that door. So go cheerfully with some of the best choices of sheer curtains over roller shades and see the dramatic shift in your dorm room this summer.


What to put on windows for noise blocking blinds?


A honeycomb cell shade is ideally the best option as a noise blocking blind. But they can be an expensive option. You need insulating blinds that help block the noise and provide you the right amount of privacy while keeping the light at bay. Available in various material options, they come in an array of patterns and colors to do away the gloominess of dorm rooms.


What to put on windows that will give you privacy?


Blackout Blinds for Bedrooms


With the world of window treatments being a huge market today, it is easy enough to find solutions to obtain maximum privacy. We suggest blackout blinds for bedrooms that will help give you all the privacy you need. Choose from dark to medium shades of blackout blinds or heavy to the medium-heavy thickness of fabric for a perfect cooling ambiance. The intricate patterns and colors of blackout blinds will help satiate your creative hunger.


How to dress your windows creatively?


When you want to go all out and highlight your hunger for colors, pull out your scarf collection and let it do the trick. Think patchwork for a highly creative, well-lit room. Sew the scarves together into a sheer curtain panel and hang them using a simple rod. The look is complete with a trendy and mystical air about it. Go all out with scarves and stoles from your drawers and see the magic unfold.


How to make wood blinds stand out and look new?


Wood Blinds with Curtains


You don’t need to empty your wallet thinking of new blinds for dorm rooms. Add a little fabric to a set of wood blinds that were lying in your home. Ensure you set up the wood blinds in your dorm room properly and correctly. Add a panel of striped curtains or painted polka dot drapes to highlight the texture of the wood blinds. The new curtains are sure to highlight the aging of the wood blinds and bring out its grainy feel by adding to its warmth. Wood blinds with curtains are sure to welcome your changing moods every day.


How to get inexpensive dorm room blinds?


For inexpensive options with no frills, choose to opt for mini blinds. These blinds are a popular option amongst the students as they give you maximum light control and privacy as dorm room blinds. They snugly fit into the window frame making them very practical and easy to maintain during college life.

Share with us your concerns if any and our experts will be glad to assist you in any way. Or just drop in for a free sample from our wide range of window treatments. You will be surprised at how our ongoing offers and discounts will help stretch each penny that you have kept aside to do up your windows.

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