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Does Google Home Have Built-in Z-wave Functionality?

Does Google Home Have Built-in Z-wave Functionality

One of the best features of the Google Home voice assistant is that it can be used to operate other smart home products. Integrating all these products into your home’s Wi-Fi network might slow it down. Google Home doesn’t feature Z-wave functionality. However, it operates with Z-wave when used with a separate smart home hub. Any Z-wave compatible smart home hub can pair Google Home with other Z-wave compatible products.

What Is Google Home And How Does It Work?

Google Home is an advanced, voice-activated speaker that helps you handle routine tasks, operate smart home devices, and stream music. This all helps you build a smart home that is more safe, secure, organized, and fun.

Firstly, you will have to open Google voice search on your smartphone and access the voice search app. Then, a profile should be created that is activated with an AutoVoice Recognize order. Lastly, with the automation app’s in-built plugin, this profile should be configured for activating a Z-wave scene. Smart functions involve having access to daily news, streaming music, setting alarms, and so on. It lets the command be sent to Z-wave compatible products so that the features of smart devices can be used and the capability of each can be employed using voice control. Since there exists a wide array of products that can be coupled with the Z-Wave network, the opportunities for comfort and convenience are customizable and endless.

Z-Wave Hubs And Controllers For Google Home

While Z-Wave lets you manage and control products with your voice commands through Google, Google Home cannot control Z-Wave products directly. Z-wave should connect to a smart home hub such as Siri or Alexa or a Qolsys IQ 2.0+ Panel. Once you have picked a hub for your Z-Wave system, Google Home is all set to activate your locks, thermostats, light bulbs, and other devices. This offers total access to all your devices and catapults your house into the future. Now, you will be able to use Google Voice for controlling your house automation devices and situations. For instance, you can say  “Hey Google, lower the window shades”. Other rooms in your home can also be controlled with your voice commands, “Hey Google, turn on the bathroom lights,” while you are watching football or chopping vegetables, or even when you are not present at home.. From smart climate control to smart lights, using home security systems with other aspects of smart home automation has never been simpler.

Setting Up Of Z-Wave Hub

The particular set-up procedures vary based on the kind of smart home hub you have. However, the general steps followed for setting up a home automation hub are:

  1. Download the application for the smart home hub onto your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Open the application and create a profile by following the directions mentioned in the application.
  3. Your smart home hub should then be plugged into a power outlet.
  4. Follow the instructions manual to connect the smart home hub to your home’s internet by using a Wi-Fi network or ethernet cable.

How To Connect The Devices?

After setting up your smart home hub, you can begin connecting your devices. Firstly, your Google Home account should be linked with your smart home hub account:

  1. Open the Google Home or Google Assistant app on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Choose Home Control.
  3. Press the + sign.
  4. Scroll or search to find your smart home hub name.
  5. Enter your smart home hub account details.
  6. Complete the setup by following the instructions in the Google Home application.

To pair other Z-wave smart home products with your Google Home, they should be added to the smart home hub app.

Bottom Line

In terms of compatibility, the Z-wave protocol is incompatible with Google Home directly, however, it can be used along with a hub. Your Google Home can also be connected with smart devices that enable communication through Wi-Fi and allows them to communicate.

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