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Do your Curtains need to be Fire Retardant?

Do Your Curtains Need To Be Fire Retardant

Timeless Appeal of Curtains

Curtains and drapes are among the most popular window treatment solutions for homeowners. They are timeless and classic beauties that have continued to dominate the market and enthrall buyers with their grace, elegance and luxurious appeal. One thing is for sure and that is you can never go wrong with curtains. So whenever you are at your wit’s end trying to decide on your window coverings you can safely resort to curtains and they latter have rarely let people down. They infuse just the right amount of drama that every window and rooms need. You are spoilt for choice as there are endless possibilities with curtains. There are infinite designs, colors, patterns, prints and textures to choose from and available in a wide price range which is quite unparalleled. With blinds and shades, your choice remains limited to few colors and prints. From sheer curtains to heavy velvet ones and everything in between, drapes are truly impressive.
Flame Resistant Curtains

Curtains Susceptible to Fire

But there remains one major concern with curtains and that is their ability to catch fire with ease. Made of fabric, silk, polyester, cotton, linen or velvet, curtains are extremely vulnerable to fire. And they spread extremely quickly which can prove detrimental in the event of a fire outbreak. It has been stated that almost 50% of household fires start because of drapes catching fire. Curtains can be all over the place if there is wind which makes it extremely risky particularly if they are close to tables with lamps or curtains. You must remember that fire does not even have to touch the curtains to catch fire, the heat from the candle is just enough to set it on fire. A little inattentiveness and there might be a big accident just lurking round the corner. It is for this purpose that we cannot stress enough on the need for fireproofing curtains and homes in general. This remains one of the priorities but people continue to take it lightly. Fireproofing your curtains and drapes can save life and property in the long run.
Fire Retardant Curtains

Fire Retardant Curtains

A fire retardant may be defined as a substance that can help slow down or stop the spread of fire and reduce the intensity. Using fire retardant does not mean that your curtains will not catch fire but will be less likely to catch fire. Fire retardant curtains are considered essential for hotels, care homes and schools which deal with lot of people and any mishap could lead to loss of thousands of innocent lives.

For Care Homes

There are government regulations that make fire retardant curtains mandatory for care homes.

For Schools

Such curtains are mandatory in schools where sleeping accommodations are also provided to students.

For Hotels

Hotels are part of the hospitality industry which deals with people and have large number of them living in different rooms. A fire outbreak can see thousands of causalities and loss of property worth millions. It is the duty of the management and the authorities to take measures that can prevent disasters.

For Domestic Use

Contrary to belief fire retardant curtains do not lack style or elegance. From sheer to blackout curtain fabric you can choose from a range of materials, colors and designs to blend with your decor. They are as functional as any normal drape and curtain and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room effortlessly in addition to being safe.

Fire retardant curtains are generally not considered for home but you can opt for one for the bedrooms particularly of the kids. Places that experience very hot summers and glaring sunlight, often fire are caused by harsh sun rays reflecting on mirrors. This can cause a spark and a fire in a room facing the sun. Fire retardant curtains can play a crucial role in controlling the intensity and extent of the damage. Also if you have members in the family who smoke, fire retardant curtains may be a good option to consider.

For commercial or domestic safety, fire retardant curtains are very much recommended. While for hotels, school and care homes these curtains are compulsory, their use in homes depends upon your personal choice and need for safety. If it can save lives then they are more than worth the money.

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