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Do Your Blinds Let in Too Much Light? Here’s What You Can Do

Do Your Blinds Let In Too Much Light

Blinds Let in Too Much Light? Here What You Can Do

Dressing up a window effectively and adequately not only enhances the beauty of décor but also prevents the harsh sunlight and other unwanted beams from coming through – all while offering protection. There are a variety of fabric materials available to balance the daylight that enters your home, making the indoor ambiance cozy and comfortable. But sometimes, even after customizing window dressings with proper fabric material, you might feel that the blinds are letting too much light, making your indoor uneasy and uncomfortable. It’s time to make some changes to adieu the scorching sun rays.

Even after installing window blinds, it can allow sunlight streams through the side of the blinds. In the window treatment world, if the light is coming from the side of the window frame, then we call them light gaps. Keeping your blinds lower may not be the right solution to get relief from this problem. To overcome the light issue, many homeowners aim to replace their treatments with new ones that have smaller light gaps, but this can be costly. That’s why designers have come up with few quick solutions that can provide your space with proper light blockage while offering additional advantages. Know the various ways of blocking the excess light so that you can stay inside your home comfortably and peacefully!

Ways to Prevent the Excess Light

Window treatments come in various fabric options which include sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout materials, and depending on your requirements you can choose the right one. Light filtering blinds diffuse the harsh sunlight into soft rays, room darkening blinds to block out most of the light and blackout treatments are built to obstruct all the light, making any space dark. But if your existing window blinds are letting too much light enter your home, then follow the below steps to keep your home convenient and the way you want.

• Integrate Blackout Liner
No matter what kind of window solution you have, adding a blackout liner with the existing window blinds will maximize the functionality of blocking the extra sunlight. These liners also help in the energy-efficiency of your home, keeping your indoor at an ideal condition.
Blackout Liner for Blinds
• Layering Window Solutions
If keeping your blinds in a closed position permits light to enter your arena, then layering is one of the best and smartest decisions you can take. You can opt. for thicker window dressings that will efficiently reduce the amount of light penetrates through the blinds and the windows. Pairing window blinds not only manages the incoming daylight but also prevents the harmful rays while enhancing the functionality of insulation. Mixing and matching from variant colors and texture options will improve the aesthetics of the space as well. For example, you can integrate roman shades, vertical blinds, cellular shades, or any other window design with curtains or draperies to increase the functionality to the next level. Or mount blackout shades behind mini blinds or window curtains. Make the right combination to enjoy maximum benefits.

Remember, colors play an important role in blocking the extra light. Make sure, the window treatment you are planning to mount should be dark toned.
Layering Curtain Over Blinds
• Use Light Blockers
Even after choosing the right window covering with proper fabric material, your blinds allow sunlight from the side of the frame. Light blockers are easy and quick ways to prevent light gaps around the window blinds. These blockers are an L-shaped piece of plastic that can be installed in front of or behind the window treatment to block the uncovered area. Place them as close to the blinds for maximum coverage. These come in different size options and can be trimmed to fit the blinds perfectly.
For example, roller shades come with large light gaps and these blockers work on them smoothly and efficiently.

Universal Light Blocker for Blinds
• Install Side Channels
Side channels are another great option to block out the light from the side of the window frame. These are the perfect complement of your window blinds that can add a smooth finishing to the windows. The channels create an opaque barrier to prevent any light that tries to stream through the edges.
For example, cellular shades with side channels provide great work functionality, block all the light and outside noise comes through the windows.
Side Channels for Window Blinds

Looking for Replacement?

If your existing blind is causing too many problems and planning for a replacement, then opt for dual window shades which are made of two fabrics in one headrail casing and you can alternate them as per the needs. Check out all the dual shade options to have great control on sunlight. You’ll still need side channels to block light gaps as needed. If you don’t want side channels, go for an outside mount blind or for a blind with a tighter fit, such as a cellular shade.

Try out the above tips and tricks to prevent the excess light that your window blinds allow and make yourself comfortable inside the home. Consult with the designers to know more that will make your job easier and quicker!