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Do Wooden Blinds Block Out Light?

Do Wooden Blinds Block Out Light

One thing about trends is that, by definition, they keep changing. However, there are some styles that stand the test of time and become classics. Wooden blinds belong to this category. First introduced in the 18th century, wooden blinds have continued to capture our fancy and attention. These blinds look great and have managed to keep them relevant both in a more traditional or rustic setting and also in more swanky and modern spaces. The great looks coupled with useful features and advantages make wooden blinds a compelling window treatment choice.

Why Wooden Blinds are Better

Aesthetic sublimity or tastefulness is not the only reason why wooden blinds are better than many other window treatment options. These blinds have many unique advantages that make them so appealing. Let us look at some of them in greater detail:

• Better heat insulation: Since wood is a good insulator against heat, wooden blinds perform exceedingly well in preventing heat gain from outside the house. Also, the wooden blind slats are thicker and this also helps with the insulation. These blinds reduce the temperature and ensure a comfortable atmosphere inside the house.

• Versatility: When you decide to get window treatments for your house, you also have to give a thought to the home décor as the window coverings need to go well with the overall theme of the interiors. This can make choosing the ideal window coverings a tricky thing. With wooden blinds, you don’t need to worry as these go well with any kind of home décor. Wooden blinds are equally at home in any setting irrespective of whether it is vintage, contemporary, home, or office space.

• Better privacy: Wooden blinds ensure better privacy due to the higher opacity of the material used. Unlike fabric blinds that struggle to protect your privacy during the night when it is brighter inside the house, wooden blinds prevent onlookers from peeping inside the house throughout the day and also during the night.

• The benefit of natural material: Similar to natural blinds, wood blinds are made of natural materials and hence they are environmentally friendly. Wooden blinds can also be adjusted easily to allow enough natural light and air inside the house. This keeps the environment inside the room fresh and delightful.

• Durability: Wood is a sturdier material and hence, the wooden blinds last longer in comparison to fabric blinds. The wooden blinds can be a bit more expensive but since these are more durable, these blinds prove to be very cost-effective in the long run.

• Low-maintenance: The material of the fabric blinds is more porous and hence allows dirt and grime to permeate the surface. It also causes the blinds to get discolored and you often have to deep clean the fabric blinds to keep them looking good. Wooden blinds, on the other hand, are very easy to clean and maintain. The hard surface means that dirt and grime if any settles only on the surface. You will simply need to dust the blinds every now and then and the blinds will continue to look as good as new.

• Highly customizable: Wooden blinds also offer great customizability as the wooden material is easy to customize and modify as per your taste or requirement. This comes in handy if you have windows that are oddly-shaped or are inspired by off-beat architectural designs. The grainy texture of the wooden blinds also makes them look pleasing and never out of place in any type of home décor.
Wood Blinds

What are the Downsides of Wooden Blinds?

While wooden blinds are awesome in so many ways, there are a few things that can be an issue for some people or some particular house settings. Being aware of them will help you make an informed and well-thought-out decision regarding the choice of window coverings for your house. Let us look at them in greater detail:

• Wooden blinds are heavier: In comparison to fabric blinds, wooden blinds are heavier due to the difference in the material used. This means that you have to ensure that the mounting mechanism installed on the windows is more resilient and capable of handling the weight of the wooden blinds. This can increase the cost.

• Not suitable for skylights or angled windows: Since the wooden blinds are heavier and hence difficult to mount, these blinds are not the best choice for skylights or angled windows. You can opt for Roman blinds, other types of fabric blinds or solar shades, preferably with blackout fabrics. Skylight or angled windows receive more sunlight throughout the day and hence it is important to prevent heat gain from there or else it can lead to higher temperatures inside the room.

• Susceptibility to moisture: Wood does not handle moisture that well and hence the durability of wooden blinds is hampered if kept in moist or humid conditions. This is why it is not advisable to use them in bathrooms and kitchens, places where these blinds will be constantly exposed to moisture. Wood is a natural material and moisture can cause it to rot. However, there are wooden blinds made from composite wood (wood coated with synthetic material to enhance its moisture resistance) and faux wood (synthetic material that is made to look like wood). You can use the blinds made from these alternative materials as these blinds don’t get affected by humid conditions.

Do Wooden Blinds Block Out Light?

Wooden blinds are made up of natural wood or in some cases composite wood or faux wood. All these materials are completely opaque in nature and hence are quite effective in blocking the heat and light entering from outside. Wooden blinds not only perform well in terms of privacy but also provide greater light control capability. You can pull up the blinds or adjust the slats to allow more light to enter the house. Whenever you want more privacy or want to block out the light, you can simply have the blinds on with the slats fully extended.

The wooden blinds, hence, provide you with a lot more flexibility in terms of light control. You get the functionality of both blackout and light-filtering blinds together in wooden blinds. Better heat and light control also help keep the interiors cool and comfortable and also enhance the efficiency of the air-conditioner or thermostat installed inside the house. Great looks and functionality make wooden blinds an ideal choice for any type of household or even office setting.

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