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Do Solar Shades Offer Complete Privacy?

Do Solar Shades Offer Complete Privacy

As the sun rises high and the scorching sun rays start hitting the windows, that is the time when we start realizing the importance of privacy shades that can help to keep the heat out and protect our interiors from the harsh weather. But one more factor that most of us are concerned about is Indoor Privacy. There are multiple blinds and shades available which are designed to offer complete privacy. But to prevent summer hotness, no other shades can beat the functionality and reliability of custom solar shades. The shades block out the sunlight effectively without blocking your view. But the question is do solar shades offer privacy? Well, the answer is ‘No’. They are not a good choice to enhance your privacy. During the daytime, you might get a moderate amount of protection but for night time privacy, these shades are not the right choice. So, if privacy at night is a high priority, solar shades won’t accomplish the task.

Solar window shades are manufactured in a unique way that let diffused soft light in, obstructing glare and harmful beams while preserving your outside view. They come in different opacity levels (1%-14%) to create a perfect balance between natural light and outdoor view. Lower openness will block more light from the windows while higher openness will provide less privacy and let in more diffused light. The shades also prevent UV rays that can cause damage to your furnishings and affect your health as well. In a final word, these Shades give you control over light filtration, UV blockage, and outside view.

Do Solar Window Shades Provide Protection?

To transform your homes into sun-protected retreat, solar shadings are the perfect go-to option. But when it comes to privacy, these shades may not work for your space. The shades come with an open weave fabric that lets light and fresh air to pass through. During the day time, you can see out but outsiders can’t see in. It is perfect as it allows you to enjoy the outside view without the peeping neighbors getting a sneak peek into the rooms. This changes as the sun start going down and lights are switched on inside the house. It makes the shades transparent and passers-by can get an easy view of the insides your house jeopardizing privacy and security of your homes.
Because of this reason, these shades are not suggested for bedroom, living room, and bathroom windows or where you need a higher level of protection.
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Are There Any Alternatives to Solar Shades?

There are many window shades options that offer complete coverage and protection which include roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, and many more. They come in solid fabric options and keeping them close will offer the maximum amount of privacy.

But if you are truly obsessed with the light-blocking feature of solar shades and want privacy as well, then few additions can help you out. Check out the below ways that will allow you to have ultimate daytime protection and evening privacy too!
• Opt for Dual Window Shades:
Dual shades offer the best of both worlds, featuring both solar and roller shades in one headrail casing. Pull down the solar fabric during day time to get the perfect light control while having privacy and for night time privacy bring down the roller fabric. Besides functionality, these shades will also help you to style your interior in a unique way.
Dual Shades for Large Windows
• Layering Curtains:
Solar shades alone cannot offer complete privacy at night but layering will do. Pair your solar shadings with window curtains to enhance both mechanism and beauty in a dramatic elegant way. Curtains are not only made to enrich the look and texture of your space but their different fabric materials will efficiently reflect the excess sunbeams while offering privacy. Integrating them with solar shades will help double up the functionality of the window treatments. For example, go for a thicker fabric or blackout curtain that will provide you with the night time privacy you are looking for. Customizing this duo will add softness to your place while creating a mesmerizing indoor look.


Solar shades are the ultimate treatment when it comes to blocking light and energy-efficiency. But they do not offer complete privacy your indoor deserves. Following the above tips can help you to get the flexibility of solar shadings while having safety and protection. Make sure to choose the right fabric and design options to add an interest to your space. For any doubt, feel free to get in touch with a designer!