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Do Skylight Blinds Help Increase Your Home’s Energy Savings?

Do Skylight Blinds Help Increase Your Home's Energy Savings?

There is something about sunlight that just brightens up everything. Sometimes a sunny start to the day after a long spell of snow is all that you need to lift your mood. Sunlight is also an important ingredient in the recipe to a good life. Sunlight boosts immunity, naturally sanitizes the surroundings and provides much needed warmth. There is no wonder that we are always looking for ways to catch as much sunlight as possible.

Skylights are useful source of sunlight, especially in areas that don’t usually get sunlight. Sunlight is also widely used as an aesthetic component. Any room that has sun streaming in from the roof, looks smart and inviting. Skylights also let in fresh stream of breeze into stuffy rooms, while allowing you an extending view of the neighbourhood.

However, skylights lose heat in the same way as windows, and cause a significant rise in energy bills. Sometimes they can let in too much light and heat which can make it uncomfortable as well. One way of avoiding this problem is getting skylight blinds. Skylight blinds will allow you a lot more flexibility in how you make the best use of these unique architectural features.

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Benefits of Skylight Blinds

Light Control: Irrespective of heat gain or loss, there is one benefit of skylight blinds that you would appreciate all year round, and that is light control. Natural light is indispensable when you need it. However, when you need darkness, natural light can be the biggest source of annoyance. To avoid this problem altogether, get skylight blinds that allows you to control the flow of light into the room, or cut it off altogether.

Insulation: Just like windows, skylights are also liable to heat-loss. A suitable window covering is essential for keeping the chill out and also to keep the heat in. In the winter months, this protection will save you a lot of money on energy bills.

Temperature Control: Skylights are designed to capture as much sun as possible. Their position on the roof also ensures that they pour in more sun than the windows. As a result, skylights heat up the room a lot quicker than a window and keep it warm for longer as well. When you select a skylight blind, make heat reflective properties, as well as insulating features, a top priority.

Ease of Operation: The positioning of skylights makes them a nightmare to operate. While most skylight blinds would pay special attention to this aspect, you should select what works for you the best. However, for everyday convenience, go for smart blinds. These blinds can be operated with the help of remotes, or connected to the internet for great functionalities.

Aesthetics: A good looking skylight blind would add to the overall visual appeal of your room. With so many design choices available in the market, it will not be difficult at all to find something that fits perfectly into your design scheme.

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Different Types of Skylight Blinds

As you have seen, there are plenty of boxes to tick when you are out shopping for skylight blinds. Let’s look at some of the most popular and attractive options for skylight blinds.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are extremely popular. Their popularity stems primarily from their simple design, full-coverage, and multifunctional benefits. The single fabric design ensures better insulation, light-blockage, as well as temperature control. You also have the option of going for blackout fabric, which would cut off light completely. This will be very useful for bedroom and nurseries, where cutting off light is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

The single fabric design also helps in insulating the room. If you select a thick fabric, you will benefit greatly from the amount of it saves every month. The thick layering of blackout blinds would of great benefit as well.

Venetian Blinds

Skylights have become a common feature in extended, modern kitchens. As kitchens generate a lot of moisture, the skylight blinds you select should have some resistance to high-moisture environment. Aluminium venetian blinds are a great choice for kitchens or any room that generates a lot of moisture. The metallic slats would also allow you to control the flow of light into the room, and can be closed completely to cut off light. The moisture will have little effect on the blinds, and a little maintenance will make them last for decades.

The metallic material of these blinds provides good insulation when closed. Even when the slats are open, you can tilt the slats slightly to keep the temperatures down.

Cellular Blinds

If insulation is your primary concern, go for cellular skylight blinds.  These blinds come with varied levels of light control. So, you can have a light-filtering one that cuts off the glare and heat, while keeping the room flooded with light. You can also select room darkening fabric that would allow you to create that night like effect. Either way, you will be saving a lot of energy, as these blinds are designed with cell like pockets which trap air and turn the whole blind into an insulating layer on the window. These blinds can be customised to fit into any window shape, which is a great advantage. They are also available as motorized skylight shades.

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Dual Blinds: Dual blinds come with two fabrics in one shade. These shades would give you the flexibility to have the translucent shade during the day to cut off the glare and fill the room with diffused light. In the night, you can pull down the blackout fabric to cut off the light and create the night-like atmosphere in the room.

These shades are also great for insulating the room. As the daytime heat picks up, the translucent shade will keep the heat in, and help keep the room cool. In the night, if you need to start the heater, the thick blackout shade would keep the heat in, reducing your heating costs to a large extent. Ensure that the dual blinds you get are designed for skylights, with tracks that help keep the fabric secure and that prevents it from sagging.

Investing in skylight blinds would earn you good dividends down the line in the form of saved energy bills and enhanced temperature control. You will also get a cosy and comfortable home.