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Do Shutter Blinds Reduce Road Noise?

Do Shutter Blinds Reduce Road Noise

Home decor is all about the type of ambiance or vibe you are trying to introduce to a particular space. It about having a welcoming feeling yet a comfortable one. When it comes to decorating your space, everything matters layout, placement, furniture, etc. Everyone strives to ensure that their house inches closer to becoming their dream space. Decorating your space goes beyond just envisioning an idea, it’s also about practically implementing the idea that is in your head. Through Pinterest, Instagram, and various other social media sites, you can draw inspiration on how would you like various corners of your house to look. When window spaces come into play, the mind drifts into how to create a more aesthetic or picture-perfect view. With a small patio table, a jar of fresh flowers and the right window accents, any house can look inspirational. But is it necessary to choose window accents just for their visuals and functionality? Window accents have more functions beyond just looking great or blocking light. Some accents like shutters, blinds, and shade not only provide more flexibility in streaming in light but also noise too!

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are known for their large slats or louvers. They help in keeping any space feeling cooler. These are versatile shutters. On days where you just need to cool down and unwind all you need to do is leave the panels down and on other days where you want your space to be filled with fresh air and sunlight, you can adjust the panels accordingly.

These shutters were originally used in the southern states of North America, where the weather was known to be ‘sub-tropical’ and the winters were not long enough. Depending on the size of your window you can pick large slated shutters. They allow maximum sunlight as and when you need it. They’re perfect for reducing noise as well.
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Do Shutters or Blinds Reduce Road Noise?

After a long and eventful day, everyone wants to come back and unwind in peace, but the noise just does not allow you to do so. When you live part of a neighborhood you get accustomed to certain sounds, while when the sound exceeds a certain threshold it becomes noise. From the sound of children playing on the lane next to your home to continuous honking and traffic that’s nearby, excessive noise can disrupt your peace and add on to stressful situations.

In such cases, you can close the window but still, the noise can make it’s a way through. That’s where window accents come into play. Having the right window accents can considerably reduce the amount of noise that enters your space so you can enjoy the peace as much as you like. Drapery and window fittings like blinds and shutters can help in reducing noise to a considerable level. But shutters are more effective when it comes to canceling out the excess sound. They’re easy to install and lightweight too!

Plantation shutters not only help in keeping a place cool and filtering in light but also help in reducing the amount of noise that enters your space. This is because the construction of plantation shutters is big and broad. Their wide louvers/slates that help in absorbing excess sound so that you can enjoy your peaceful time. They are also constructed with material that helps in reducing the amount of should that enters and makes a seal around your window when installing correctly. These are ideal for spaces like the living room or your bedroom.
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What are Other Benefits of Blinds and Shutters?

Blinds and shutters come with various benefits. They are just what you need to bring in the right amount of light for any ambiance. They not only elevate the space but also bring forth some other benefits. Some of them are as follows:

• They provide extra protection for your windows. You can keep your windowpane protected and clean while styling it by just adding some accenting shades.
• They’re energy-efficient. Whether you want to have your place cool or ward, filled with light or completely blacked out, some blinds and shutters are made for it.
• It is easy to customize according to your needs. You can pick from various, colors, style and material as too how you want your window accents to look and feel.

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