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Sheer Curtains: An Introduction to a Timeless Beauty


Do Sheer Curtains Offer Privacy? The Most Summer Friendly Curtains and Drapes


Are you looking forward to redecorating your home sweet home?

Since everything in your den deserves to be perfect, let us introduce you to one of our personal favorite fabric based window treatments called Sheer curtains. Especially for those who want to keep it simple, subtle and classy this summer, open your hearts to these beauties. Available in a wide range of colors, sheer curtains can add to the aesthetic value of your room and make your house look much bigger than it actually is. From the modern and quirky interiors to the old and classic decorations, sheers can complement almost all kinds of setups and themes. You can also make exquisite combinations by pairing a couple of beautiful sheer curtains with your favorite variant of a blind or a shade.

Sophisticated and graceful, sheer curtains give a room charm and luminosity.

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Why Sheer Curtains?


  • Savor the Outdoor Beauty

If you have a bay window which faces the sea or the mountains and opens to a view worth seeing, sheer curtains can be the best window coverings for you. Flaunt the beautiful location of your house by installing light shades sheer curtains which can expose the people inside your house to the outside view. The bay window can be used as a frame to create a striking centerpiece with a captivating view. You can also pair up the sheer curtains with pure wood blinds and tie them on the sides with beautiful curtain ties and hangings. To complete the look, go for a contrasting valance and make your window wear the crown of ultimate charm.


  • The Higher Ceiling Illusion

Zebra Sheer Curtains

For those who live in the cities, sheer curtains work amazingly well for the small apartments. Install the curtain rod a little higher than the window, near the ceiling and create an illusion of a higher roof. Besides this, make sure your sheer curtains are long enough to touch the ground and short enough not to sweep it. For a longer visual line, go for sheer curtains with horizontal stripes. This defines the length of your room and enhances the overall look. You can go for zebra sheer curtains for the wide windows and pair them up with similar cushion covers to complete the look.


  • Do sheer curtains offer privacy?

As we have already said, privacy can be savored with natural light too. It is not always necessary to turn your home sweet home into a bat cave by installing all those blackout treatments on all the windows. Strike a balance between the light and privacy by choosing fabric based treatments like the sheers. Sheers provide privacy during the daytime when it is brighter outside than inside, but do not provide privacy at night time. If your window opens to a street or even in front of your neighbor’s balcony, you can get your sheer curtains attached to a high quality plastic lining or a blackout material and block a huge chunk of light coming inside.


  • Enjoy the Natural Sunlight

Welcome the rising sun with light in color sheer curtains and give your room a big, airy and comfortable feel. Sheer curtains contribute a lot in eradicating that dark, dingy feel from the house and create an illusion of a bigger room. If your window faces direct sunlight, and it becomes too harsh during the day, you can combine your sheer curtains with cellular shades. Also, pastel sheer curtains with dark velvet draperies look vivid, warm and flamboyant.


  • Aesthetically Favourable

For those who have interiors with a coastal look and feel, linen sheer curtains can work really well. Linen sheer curtains are well known for their textured elements and self-designs. In you have interiors bathed in earthen colors, install cream and baby pink sheer curtains to create a breezy feel. For the lovers of intense shades, electric pink or silk blue curtains can do the job well enough.


  • Budget-Friendly

If you are in no mood to invest an arm and a leg on your window treatments, allow us to tell you that sheer curtains are extremely affordable and worth every penny you spend on them. Light on the wallet, they can be installed with a number of accessories like pelmets and curtain ties.


Can sheer curtains block UV light?

Save your furniture from shading, spotting, and fading by pairing your sheer curtains with blinds and shades. Unfortunately, sheer curtains cannot filter the UV rays completely, though they will provide some protection. If you want to maintain the durability of your furniture, pair your sheer curtains with cellular blinds or plantation shutters. You can also install the outdoor solar blinds and maintain that seamless look inside.

The installation

A very important factor to consider before installing sheer curtains is the color you would like to go for. Due to their translucent property, the light passing through sheer curtains carries their hue and shade. Make sure the color of your sheer curtains blends in with your interiors. Also, if you want your window to be an attention grabber, go for sheer curtains with different patterns.

Besides this, it is very important to take note of the location of your window on which you are looking forward to installing them. If you have a bay window seat, go for long sheer curtains to create a frame around it. On the other hand, if want to install them on your bedroom windows, pay attention to the column, ‘Do sheer curtains offer privacy?’.