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Do Room Darkening Curtains Reduce Heat?

Do Room Darkening Curtains Reduce Heat

Will Room Darkening Curtains Lower the Temperature of Your Interiors?

Curtains are the perfect way to create a fashion statement for your home décor, their amazing and sophisticated aesthetics, reliability, and functional aspects make them unique and distinct. From controlling sunlight to offering privacy, curtains play a major role in your space. They are available in different fabric options to balance all these things. Light filtering curtains diffuse the direct daylight while room darkening and blackout curtains prevent the sunlight from entering your space. But what about insulation? In recent times, energy-efficiency become an issue for many homeowners, especially during the summer months. If you are one of those people and dealing with overheat or aggressive sunshine, then room darkening or blackout window curtains are the smart investment and can be a real lifesaver during the summer months or infrequently hot weathers.

Blackout fabric curtains are excellent when it comes to heat loss, by blocking the sunlight they keep indoor at a comfortable ambiance while saving the energy bills. But are room darkening curtains equally effective in reducing heat as they do not block the sunlight completely like the blackout curtains do? Well, the answer is ‘yes’ if properly installed and maintained. In this article, we will discuss the ability to lower the heat amount of room darkening curtains and how to use them for extra benefits!
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Room Darkening Curtains: A Perfect Investment for Reducing Indoor Heat

Many homeowners ask the question: do room darkening curtains reduce heat? This type of curtains does not block out the sunlight completely, they let some amount of light to enter your space. But they can still be a great option for reducing heat indoors as they block a majority of the heat from direct sunlight. There are few ways that you can do to get a comfy room ambiance and save big on heating bills.

• Add Liners
For added light and heat blockage through room darkening curtains, add liners. There are two types of lining available – Thermal and Blackout. Thermal blind liners feature a thick, triple-woven lining that can block out up to 90% sunlight and UV beams, keeping your indoor cool and comfortable in the extremely hot weather condition. And blackout liners not only block out all the incoming light or heat but also protect your furniture and valuable belongings from fading. Proper installation will reduce the amount of heat that is transferred via your windows, making your interior easy to stay and pleasing.

• Layer Window Solution
We all know that room darkening curtains block out most of the light but not entirely. And a little amount of light can slowly increase the temperature of a space. Layer other blackout window blinds or shades that can lower the temperature while maintaining a consistent room ambiance. This will lower the use of your cooling system while saving the home’s energy costs. Make sure to choose thicker fabric material coverings for maximum benefits.
Integrating other blinds not only offers you a soothing indoor but also enrich the aesthetics of your space and enhance the functional aspects.

There is a range of room darkening curtains available along with an assortment of texture and color choices to give your windows a minimalistic gorgeous look. Customizing the curtains will darker color texture can help your space to look cool. So, personalize the curtains accurately that will fulfill all your desires.
Layered Window Solution


Do room darkening curtains reduce heat? The answer is ‘Yes’, but to an extent. The opacity level of the room darkening dressings still let a small amount of sunlight to enter your space. But a proper precaution like attaching window treatment or integrating liner can help. As an additional benefit, these curtains can block UV rays, glare and obstruct the outside noise when properly mounted and cared for.

So, if you already owe a room darkening curtain and looking to reduce heat transmission, then no need to panic anymore. Follow the above tips, and enjoy a cool and relaxing interior lifelog. For more doubts, reach out to the professional executives!

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