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Do Roller Shutters Help Reduce Noise?


Calm and peace at the house are valuable gifts as the home is a space where we enjoy relaxation, solace, and get relief from our stressful daily lives. If the unwanted noise we have to bear with during the day continues through the night as well, then we wouldn’t feel refreshed when the alarm goes off the next morning. Are you looking for solutions to have more calmness for better focus at home or your workplace, and improve productivity and concentration on imperative facets of life? Whether it is the dog barking in your neighborhood throughout the day, busy traffic on the highway causing distress every day, or you waking up early in the morning due to the outside noise, good quality shutters definitely can help in creating an environment of tranquillity at the house.

Roller shutters made of strong and durable material are one of the greatest window shutters for soundproofing your house. Roller shutters fitted to your window from outside substantially decreases the outside noise from entering your house. In general, thicker materials are more effective in blocking unnecessary noise from invading your room. Also, roller shutters offer extra security while allowing you to control your house temperature and the amount of sunlight that enters.

Why Should You Select Roller Shutters for Noise Reduction?

Roller shutters are one of the few additions to your house that presents an almost instant solution to all problems that distract the tranquillity of your home. Also, they are one of the worthiest long-term investments you will make.

Offering up to 80-85 percent noise isolation to every space, roller shutters keep the unwanted noises outside your house/office by sealing off the outside world. This way you can avoid being distressed by unnecessary noises and disturbing sounds from outside. Due to their insulating ability, in a noisy atmosphere, roller shutters develop an isolated environment within the home. This is sufficient to avoid and drastically reduce the strain and anxiety caused because of continuous exposure to noises. This makes roller shutters a smart soundproofing choice for you to think about.

In addition to noise reduction, roller shutters also provide various other major benefits like:

  • Security: A significant advantage of roller shutters is that they offer security to your house from burglars. This is because these shutters are difficult to remove which are closely fixed to the window and require a lot of effort to be pulled away.
  • Sun Protection: Roller shutters that are foam-filled block up to 70% of the sun’s heat from entering your house during the summers and 60% of the heat that is leaving your house during the winters. When the roller shutters are fitted to the window, the sun rays strike the roller shutter, not the glass. The windowpane, therefore, receives less heat and your house will not get too hot
  • Weather Protection: During bad weather conditions like hailstorms, lowering the roller shutters diverts debris and branches that might break the glass or cause any damage. Roller shutters don’t clatter in case of high winds. During the winters, they maintain the warm air inside the home and avoid hot air from entering during the summers.
  • Energy Saving: Using roller shutters during summers keeps the hot air out of your house thereby offering a cool atmosphere within the house. This helps reduce your reliance on your HV/AC system and thus reducing energy costs.
  • Privacy and Light Control: Roller shutters allow you to control the amount of light entering the room. The room can be darkened completely by closing the roller shutters, or the shutters can be opened fully allowing the sunlight to flood the room. These shutters also offer control over wind current into your house. You can open them for allowing outside air to enter through the windows.

What Factors Determine The Noise Reduction Capability Of Roller Shutters?

The following parameters decide how efficient your roller shutters are in restraining outside noise:

  1. Quality of the Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are developed to last for decades and usually come with professional guarantees. They are custom-made in such a way that when installed properly, will provide a complete seal around your window. In terms of noise reduction, while aluminum roller shutters are not efficient to a great extent, padded roller shutters are the best-manufactured blocks against unwanted noise. Therefore, consider buying roller shutters of thick gauge or with foam-filled backing. Padded roller shutters can remarkably contribute to noise reduction with their ability to properly insulate your home interior. This is possible due to the built-in padding to protect the shutter’s supporting bars and the foam inserts that help to absorb and dampen noise entering the shutters.

  1. Installation

Proper installation of roller shutters is one of the important factors for obtaining good noise reduction results. The incorrect installation gives rise to deformed shutters, slow-opening shutters, and gaps that no one would want. Prior to fixing your roller shutters, consider using silicone sealant to fill up those mini gaps that are difficult to avoid with the installation of any type of shutter. Initially, they might appear small and unimportant, however, the sounds escaping through these little gaps can be annoyingly loud. Shutters fitted perfectly are much more effective than those that are not.

  1. Noise-Isolation Acoustic Roller Shutters

To enjoy the best results, noise-isolation acoustic roller shutters would be a better choice. These shutters are distinguished from the rest with the usage of expanded polyurethane for insulating the interstitial gaps between the main body of the shutter and the exterior covering. They also feature a double-chambered glass panel that also absorbs unwanted noises from outside. For obtaining the best results, ensure to apply these roller shutters with foam spacers.

  1. Material of the Shutters

Good quality material plays a significant role in the ultimate quality of the roller shutters. For roller shutters, sturdy and durable materials like aluminum are the most reliable ones. Roller shutters made of thicker materials tend to possess more insulating abilities while working best in their capacity to absorb unnecessary noise and sounds.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of your current situation, the installation of roller shutters is a wise investment that you would never regret. Noise is one of the most annoying and disturbing factors that one can ever deal with. Installing noise-reduction roller shutters at your home/office can be very useful for your wellness, productivity, and health in the long run.