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Do Blinds Keep the Cold Out?

Do Blinds Keep The Cold Out

Windows Cause Energy Loss

While windows are the biggest source of natural light and air inside the house, they are also responsible for causing major energy loss. These openings in our houses allow warm air to escape during the cold winter months and hot air to flow in during the hot summer days causing the energy bills. The heaters and air conditioners have to overwork to keep the interiors pleasant and comfortable which lead to energy loss and increased electricity bills for you during these months. The bottom line is, no matter how stunning your windows look, they need to be dressed well with insulating blinds to keep your homes well insulated, protect your privacy from prying eyes of outsiders and also block out UV rays and the glares of the sun.

Winter & Heat Loss

Winters in most parts of the US are harsh and long-drawn. Mercury starts dipping from October-November onwards and in some places fall well below the freezing point in the months of December and January. It is exceptionally cold accompanied by snowfalls, blizzards and snowstorms at some places. It is the primary objective of people to keep themselves warm and keep the chill out of their homes. A warm and cozy environment inside the house is the most coveted thing for most of us. Along with servicing your heaters, it is important to prepare your windows months in advance to prevent loss of energy. There are several ways you can treat your windows and help add layers of insulation to the glasses. This will help improve energy-efficiency as well.

Blinds to Conserve Heat

Fortunately for homeowners, there are a number of blinds and shades that are specifically designed to keep the cold out and keep your warm and comfortable on the harsh days. Let us take a brief look at what the offerings are:

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

The window treatments that are foremost on our minds when we talk about energy efficiency and insulation are Cellular Honeycomb Shades. They are the best in the market. The honeycomb design of the shades helps to trap air in the cells which creates a layer of insulation between the room and windows. They increase the R-value of the windows effortlessly. R-value may be defined as a measure of the resistance of a certain material to the flow of heat through its thickness. So greater the R-value, greater is insulation. The standard R-value of windows is between 3.5. Cellular Honeycomb shades increase this value to 5-7 which is perfect to keep the home insulated and keeps the cold out. If you are looking for greater insulation you can opt for double cell shades.
Insulating Honeycomb Shades

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are another classy and effective window treatment solution for your winter months. Roman blinds are made of fabric and are often referred to as a hybrid window treatment between drapes and blinds. To make your Roman blinds effective for the winter months you can equip them with an insulating fabric to help conserve the heat inside the room. Technological advancement in special coatings and multiple layers means that you do not need heavy fabric to insulate your windows. There are many lightweight fabrics available today that are equally efficient in preventing heat loss. A thermal blind lining for your Roman blinds is enough to make them winter-ready.
White Flat Roman Shades

Blackout Roller Shades

Roller shades are a popular choice of window treatment for contemporary homes. They are stylish, neat with clean straight lines. They are available in a range of fabrics depending upon your need for light control, insulation and privacy. Blackout Roller shades is perfect for blocking out light completely and give you maximum control over light and privacy. Blackout fabric helps to provide a commendable amount of insulation to the windows. If you want to make them more effective for the cold winter months, you can opt for blackout rollers with PVC foam backing. They provide thermal insulation.
Crown Blackout Roller Shades

Wood Blinds

With approximate 20% of the heat being lost through windows in your home, insulating the windows is crucial. Wooden blinds have effective insulating properties which makes them a popular window treatment choice for the cold winter months. They help keep the interiors warm and comfortable, helps reduce energy consumption and puts a check on your energy bills.

Cellular Vertical Blinds

If windows are the major source of energy loss in the house, doors are more so because of the wide expanse of glass that stretches across a major part of the wall. Your French or sliding glass doors need adequate insulation to prevent heat loss during the cold months. Cellular Vertical Shades are a fantastic choice for the doors. They bring the richness and features of cellular shades to vertical shades which are designed to dress doors and larger windows. Get them installed and you do not have to worry about heat loss during winter.
Blinds and shades are equipped to keep the cold out and maintain a warm and pleasant environment inside the house. Not all blinds are suitable for winter, however. Choose any from the above-mentioned ones and secure your homes from heat and energy loss. Prepare your windows in advance to spend a comfortable winter indoors.

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