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Do Blinds Come With Hardware Included? What to Expect When Installing Your Blinds

Do Blinds Come With Hardware Included

With summers already in full effect, investing in blinds and other such window treatments for your house must be on your mind. Blinds are a great way of reducing the effects of the scorching summer. These blinds not only provide effective heat insulation but also facilitate a comfortable atmosphere inside the house with better light control. Prevention of heat gain, reduction in glare, and protection from UV exposure are benefits that are too palpable to overlook.

The availability of a wide range of options in terms of design, material choices, and suitability to specific needs make blinds a versatile window treatment option irrespective of the setting. You can easily select the ones which best fulfill your requirements specific to your house. If you feel confused you can always head to the websites of your favorite brands to request a consultation which is in most cases free of cost. You can do some research of your own as well to make yourself well versed with the features, specialties, and even areas of weakness of specific varieties of blinds. This effort can help you better determine the best window treatment products for your house.

In case you do not want to or don’t have the requisite time to invest in research on your own, you can call upon the experts from good stores near your location. These local stores also provide home consultation. It is a good idea to avail of home consultation before going ahead with the purchase of blinds as doing so will allow you to get better recommendations as well as custom solutions specific to your needs. While some stores provide consultation for free, some also charge for the same. Even if you have to pay for the consultation, it is worth it in the long run as it ensures that you invest in the right kind of window coverings for your place. As the investment is going to be significant and long-term, it is better not to cut corners.

Do Blinds Come With the Hardware Included?

When you purchase blinds, the brands usually provide the installation hardware along with the blinds. However, these hardware components are based on standard installation requirements and are suitable for standard window sizes. The same is not always sufficient in individual cases as each house has a character and architectural structure of its own. There may be cases when you may need extra measures or components such as wall anchors, etc. to ensure a proper and secure installation. These extra measures may result in higher installation costs.

What to Expect When Installing Your Blinds

While the hardware components are normally included with the blinds, installation may or may not be free. Some local stores and e-commerce websites provide free installation but some stores may charge you for it. The installation cost depends on the number of blinds you want to get installed, the number of customizations if any done during the installation along with the cost of the extra components used during the process. The higher the number of blinds, the lower is the cost of installation per set of blinds. The installation process is usually smooth and hasslefree if you choose the stores which have a good track record of providing top-class aftersale services and that includes seamless installation. To ensure that, doing a little background check on the stores you are considering is always advisable.

You can refer to local business search directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, USdirectory, etc. to find a good store in your locality. These search directories also provide you access to customer reviews from people who have availed of their services earlier. You also get their contact details and sometimes even their product listings. This gives you a fair idea to help you decide which store to select. Similarly, there are many online forums that provide reviews of various e-commerce platforms; their products and services.

What are the Alternatives Available to You?

In case you feel that the installation charges are too steep or the free installation is going to be processed too late, you can also do the installation yourself. However, you should consider this option only if you are confident of handling it well. You will require some basic tools such as stepstool or ladder, measuring tape, marker, drill, drill bits, screwdriver, etc. These tools are usually available in every house. Even if you don’t have these tools handy, you can make a quick trip to the local hardware store to get them.

The investment is worth it as you can use these tools again and again for household chores. Once you have all the necessary components, you can actually set about installing the blinds. The product packaging not only includes the hardware components but also the installation manual that lists down the steps you need to follow. The benefits of doing the installation yourself are that you get the flexibility of choosing the quality of components besides the affordability due to lower costs.

However, doing the installation yourself has a downside too. In some cases, your brand warranty can get void if you don’t get the installation done by an authorized service provider. In such cases, it is better to let the authorized technician do it for you as the brand warranty is crucial and provides long-term extensive coverage for issues that come up over the course of using the blinds.

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