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Do Blinds and Sheer Net Curtains Look Good Together?

Blinds and Sheer Net Curtains

Curtains and blinds are one of the major things that define the beauty of your home. The most time spent by people in deciding things for their home is when deciding on their curtains and blinds. You can literally make or break the look of your home by changing the colors and patterns of your curtains.

You always need to make sure that everyone visiting your home has a good experience as the first impression is the last expression. Curtains play a major role in making your home aesthetically pleasing. Blinds are used in almost every home these days to protect you from sunlight. They have been proved as one of the most effective ways to protect against sunlight and they are also one of the most convenient ones. They are mechanically sound and easy to use as you can always roll them down to block sunlight and roll them up whenever you want some light.

But the problem with blinds is that they often look odd when you don’t combine them with anything else. It is a trend nowadays in every other home that people combine blinds with sheer net curtains, but it is not quite often that you find an aesthetically pleasing combination. There are hundreds of combinations possible, some of which are amazing, and some will not suit the theme of your room. If we discuss the question that does blinds and sheer net curtains look good together, the answer can be both yes and no depending on the kind of combination you choose. Choosing the right kind of colors and patterns could give you the best combination of Blinds and sheer net curtains, whereas making bad choices in combinations can make your whole room look odd. It is a very subjective question that we are trying to answer in the article, but I will list out the important factors by which you can easily quantify your options and make the best choice.

The main reason of having sheer net curtains over the blinds is that when the blinds are open, they let all the sunlight into the room. But if you have sheer net curtains over them, the curtains will filter the sun rays and you will have light warmth of the sun rays without having to completely shut the window with blinds.

The Combinations to Choose From

The biggest mistake that one can make is to randomly choose any color of sheer net curtains with their blinds. More than 70% of the blinds that people choose are wooden blinds. It is very important to take care that dark-colored sheer curtains are used with wooden blinds. Light-colored curtains do not blend with wooden blinds and often makes it look odd. Apart from them, there are various factors that you must consider while choosing the best curtains with wooden blinds. Some of the factors are color, material, texture, shape and size of the Blinds and curtains. The foremost thing to consider is the theme and texture of the colors of your room. If you have dark colors in the theme of your room, you must choose the light colors of the net.

Whereas in case you have a light-colored theme in your room, choosing dark colors will help as the curtains will become a point of attraction in your room. You can even choose patterns or dark textures in general, anything in dark will suit the combination. After you know the texture, everything will depend on whatever you like.
Sheer Window Curtains

A Big Difference Can be Created with the Rod

After you have chosen the color and texture of the Blinds and the sheer net curtains, you must make sure to choose the right kind of rod. People do not care about the color of the type of a rod and usually, choose a random one. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do while buying the complete combination. Just like the dark and light combination between the room texture and the curtains, the texture between the rod and the curtains should follow a similar pattern. Everyone chooses the same aluminum or golden rod with any curtains they choose; you must do something different and choose the rod of a color that would good look good in your room. The rod should not be super Shiny as we do not want to highlight the rod, rather we want to highlight the curtains.

Similar or Different Curtains for All Rooms

After you have chosen the Perfect Combination, the first thing that will come to your mind is to replicate the same pattern in all the rooms of your home. But I urge you never to do this mistake. When we have different themes for every room, we must have different themes for the blinds and curtains too. The rules for selecting the combination of Blinds and curtains will be the same for every room. But I would advise you to choose alternative themes in every room. By alternative themes I mean, one room should have dark sheer net curtains with blinds whereas the other room should have vice versa. This will create a pattern of design in your home which ultimately makes it look aesthetically pleasing.
Sheer Curtains Over Roller Shades

The Order of Preference

The first thing that you must choose is the color of blinds. You can always match the color according to the theme of your room. After choosing the blinds, you must move towards the sheer net curtains as you will have plenty of options to choose from. If you act vice versa, you will be left with fewer options to choose from.

The Number One Thing to Avoid

The number one thing to avoid while choosing a combination is to put a printed sheer net curtain over a printed blind. This advice work for choosing any kind of combination in your room. If there is a pattern present on both the Blinds and sheer net curtains, none of the patterns will come out and overall you will have a dull look.

Adding a Pelmet to the Combination

We highly recommend adding a pelmet to the combination of your blinds and sheer net curtains. The biggest benefit of the pelmet will be the addition to the thermal insulating properties of the blinds. Blinds would be able to stop heat from crossing the Blinds more effectively. Additional benefits would include style and decoration. They add a beautiful touch to the combination that you choose.

Height is An Important Factor

It is important to make sure that the height of the sheer net curtains is the same across the room if you have more than one window in your room. If the height of the curtains is different, it will surely look odd and you do not want that.

Some Useful Design Combinations

This article will discuss some useful design combinations that will help you to choose the best sheer net curtains with your window blinds. The first type of combination that you can use is to repeat the color of the walls. This pattern usually creates an illusion of Greater space in your room. The blinds can be of a separate color, probably Brown, but the color of the sheer net curtains must be the same as of the wall.

The second option is to choose a monochrome combination. This option implies to choose a lighter version of the color of your walls. The dark light combination is an evergreen one and if you are a fan of this combination, it will be the best option choice for your curtains.

The third option is to choose complementary colors. In this option, you must choose the colors that are completely opposite to each other. Both of the colors can be dark, but they must be opposite in texture. One of the options can be red and yellow and another could be black and white.

If you are using patterns, you must make sure to have different patterns of a similar theme to divide the attention evenly. If one pattern among others is of a bright texture, it will catch all the attention but what you would want is even distribution.

In the end, we would like to conclude by saying that there are millions of permutations and combinations available. You must choose a combination that makes you happy. You are the one who will be seeing the curtains and the blinds every day, so the first thing should be your own satisfaction. Although you must consider the above-given suggestions to have a pattern that everyone would love including you.

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