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Do Blackout Curtains Keep a Room Cool?

Do Blackout Curtains Keep A Room Cool

Curtains have long enjoyed a special place in the realm of home décor. For a long time, curtains have been a focal point of a room, and the homeowner took special pride in how delicate and beautiful their curtains were.
Nowadays, many new window solutions have made their way into many homes, but curtains have continued to maintain their position as the customer’s favorite.

Why Do We Love Curtains?

Curtains give the room its character. It adds fluidity to the solid and practical lines of a room. You can style them in any look, be it masculine or feminine. Curtains are the most versatile window treatment available out there.

But its beauty overshadows some of its key functionalities that add to the overall comfort of the room. Curtains can be manufactured in a variety of different fabrics, each suited to the specific requirements of the room. You can select from a huge choice of sheer, black-out or normal fabrics. Sheer curtains allow more light into the room, while thick fabrics provide insulation and privacy.

Drapery with Blackout Lining

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Blackout Curtains

Benefits of Blackout Fabric

Blackout curtains are increasingly becoming a prominent feature at homes and hotels. The thickly woven fabric cuts out light almost completely, giving the room a pitch-dark effect. Blackout fabrics are the favored choice for kids-rooms and media-rooms. It is also an essential bedroom feature for shift-workers and travelers. There is more than one reason why blackout curtains are so much in demand.

Blocking out Light
Blackout fabrics are made out of foam-backed, thickly woven fabric that blocks out light completely. For anybody who sleeps during odd hours, are travelers and shift-workers, or have little kids requiring a quick snooze during the day, blackout fabric becomes an indispensable tool in getting good sleep. Blackout curtains are also a necessity for a media room. Whether you are watching a movie, or simply taking a break from the scorching sun, blackout curtains have an immediate soothing effect on the room.

Other than blocking out light, the tightly woven fabric also provides insulation. As a result, the rooms are warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It might not be obvious, but the installation of blackout curtains will reduce your energy consumption to a large extent.

Reduced Exposure to Ultra-Violet Rays
The bonus advantage of blocking out light comes in the form of reduced exposure to harmful UV rays. Sustained exposure to UV rays has a devastating effect on your furnishings. Other than furniture damages, UV lights can also make the paint fade.

Just like our skin, our home interiors too need protection from the sun. Blackout curtains provide heightened protection against light.

If you treasure privacy, go for blackout curtains. Along with light, blackout curtains cut off visibility to a great extent. Shield your interiors and keep your private space protected.

Noise Cancellation
One cannot exaggerate the effect of noise on our peace and tranquillity. One of the by-products of modern life, the heightened noise level in the neighborhood or busy streets, can cause severe damage to your quality of life. Blackout curtains can help dampen noise, allowing you work peacefully or relax in the cosy comfort of your home.
Best Blackout Curtains

Different Types of Blackout Fabrics

Blackout curtains can be further modified to fit specific requirements. If you are not sure which ones to select, take a look at some of the most popular blackout curtains featuring high on customer’s must-have list.

Thermal Insulated Curtains

If you wish for enhanced reduction in heat-transfer, select thermal insulated blackout curtains. They reduce heat-transfer by insulating the room. This will keep your room cool in summer and warm in the winter.
Blackout Curtains for Home Theater

3 Pass Blackout Technology

The effectiveness of blackout fabric is measured in ‘passes’. They refer to the layers and linings added to the fabric to get the blackout effect. In 3 pass fabric, a white foam is added as the outermost layer to reflect light, followed by a black layer to block light. A final white layer is added to form the back-drop for the fabric color.

Flame Retardant Fabric

Blackout fabric are usually paired with flame retardant properties, especially if they are to be used in hospitals, hotels, care-homes or nurseries. Even in homes, flame retardant fabric is a very good choice for obvious safety reasons. To make a fabric flame retardant, they are treated chemically to achieve high resistance to flames.

3D Blackout Curtains

3D blackout curtains are all the rage these days. They are created to look like pictures or sceneries of your choice. They add a distinctive character to the room.
3D printed curtains can be customized to make them flame retardant, moisture-resistant, and of course, with blackout properties.

Effect on Room Temperature

Blackout fabrics don’t just look cool, but they also play a significant role in cooling down the room.
With summer lasting longer and gaining intensity every year, a lot of research has been focussed on protecting home interiors. As a result, great progress has been made making blind materials heat-reflective. The material in this case reflects back most of the heat and light it receives, reducing heat-transfer into the interiors. As a result, the interiors are much cooler than the exteriors.

In blackout curtains are made up of multiple layers of fabric. On one hand, these extra layers block out light, noise and heat. The outermost layer reflects the radiation back toward the source of heat. This works especially well with sunlight, as the reflective surface is designed to face outward, thereby reducing a lot of heat gain through absorption. Eventually, the heat transfer is minimized, provided your interiors with multi-faceted protection from the elements.

Modern technology has made curtains more functional than ever. With the amount of functionality and technicality involved, selecting a curtain can be a mini-science project. But if you go for a blackout curtain, you will be making most of modern-technology and fashion has to offer.