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Do Blackout Curtains Block Heat?

Do Blackout Curtains Block Heat

No home is complete without the right kind of window coverings to complement the décor and to keep the interiors comfortable at all times irrespective of whether it is the summers or the winters. When it comes to window treatments, we are spoilt for options ranging from blinds to curtains, shades to shutters, and sheers to other types of modern drapery. The versatility gives you more flexibility to get the window dressings which are most apt for your requirements and provide the best value for the investment.

Why Curtains are the Most Popular Choice

Curtains hold a special place in any consideration regarding window coverings. Curtains are convenient to install, easily replaceable, available in multiple colors, designs, and fabric options. This makes them one of the most versatile and widely used window treatment options. Whether you prefer, sheers, room-darkening, or blackout fabrics, curtains offer you all such choices in different price points to suit your budget.

What are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are made from fabric that is very tightly woven. This results in a higher opacity and lower openness of the blackout curtains. The tight weave means there are fewer and much smaller gaps between the threads and hence, less amount of light can penetrate inside through them. Hence, blackout shades block most of the light entering the room. This also blocks the view of the outside which can be a bummer for some people. However, there are various other benefits that far outweigh this little compromise.

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Blackout Window Curtains

What are the Benefits of Blackout Shades?

One of the most apparent benefits of blackout curtains is improved privacy and prevention of any kind of glare or UV exposure. Whether you want to take a peaceful nap in the afternoon or want to enjoy a movie on your TV or home theatre system, you can do so easily without any interruptions. With blackout curtains, you don’t have to worry about the prying eyes or the glare that hampers visibility in the room, resulting in a seamless experience.

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Blackout curtains can also help reduce noise pollution inside the house as they can create an effective barrier against the outside sound. If you prefer a quiet room, you will appreciate the blackout curtains even more. Quiet rooms also mean less distraction so that you can focus more on what you are doing. It also helps in getting a sound sleep. People who have irregular sleeping hours often find it difficult to sleep properly and interruptions caused by outside noise can be an issue. Blackout curtains help reduce such interruptions.

UV exposure causes damage to the furniture, fading of the paint, etc. inside the room. This results in the need for redecorating the interiors more frequently and that can be quite costly. Blackout curtains prevent UV exposure and protect the interiors from its harmful effects. Your furniture and other décor elements don’t fade and continue to look great for a longer period. This is yet another reason why blackout curtains are a worthwhile investment.

Blackout curtains are mostly white in color and seldom black due to the thermal advantage that the white window coverings offer. White curtains also look elegant and provide a uniform aesthetic appeal inside the house. Their minimalistic yet sophisticated essence also increases the visibility of other décor elements inside the room.

Do Blackout Curtains Block Heat?

Blackout curtains, because of the tight weave of their fabric not only block the light entering from outside, they also prevent heat gain inside the room. Most of the heat that falls on the surface of the blackout curtains gets reflected. This results in lower temperatures inside the room. The choice of color for your blackout curtains also helps improve the effectiveness. If you get blackout curtains that are white or of similar lighter hues, they have better heat control capabilities.

White or any other light-colored fabric does not absorb the heat falling on its surface and reflects most of it back. This is the reason why white window coverings are preferable for heat control especially during the summers. The higher opacity and the ability to reflect the heat, make the blackout curtains an ideal choice for preventing heat gain during the summers and heat loss during the winters.
Blackout Curtains to Block Sunlight
Blackout curtains, due to their effective heat insulation capability, also help reduce your energy bills by enhancing the efficiency of your air conditioner and thermostat. Since heat gain during the summers and heat loss during the winters is prevented by blackout curtains, these heat control systems don’t have to overwork to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. As a result, energy bills get reduced significantly. Lower energy bills mean more savings. Thus, in the long run, blackout curtains provide an even better value for your investment in window treatments.

So, to sum up, it is apt to say that blackout curtains definitely block the heat. In fact, they go way beyond that and also offer impeccable privacy and superior light control. With blackout curtains, you don’t have to worry about the glare in the room or the UV exposure either. A window covering option that is as versatile as it is effective, blackout curtains most certainly are an ideal choice for dressing up your windows.

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