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Discount Blinds And Shutters: Finding The Best Suited One For Your Home

Discount Blinds And Shutters

Discount Blinds And Shutters for Your Cozy Home


When we have many choices at our disposal, we are often confused about the perfect product to buy, be it makeup items, or home decor materials. Often our heart will be stuck on one item, but it may not always match our budget or needs. Sometimes, our heart and budget both will agree with each other, but we will be worried whether it will match the interiors of our house along with the rest of the furniture.

If you are planning to buy some discount blinds and shutters before Christmas and give a new look to your home – your own heaven on earth, then read on.

Should I Buy Blinds Online?

If you have selected some blinds and are planning to drape your windows with a new look this festive season, then here are some of the varieties from Zebrablinds.


Try Some Classic Wood Blinds for That Royal Look

You have an option to choose between one-inch wood blinds, two-inch wood blinds, two and a half inch wood blinds and two three by eighth-inch wood blinds.


1″ Traditions® Graber® Wood Blinds- Classy Blinds For Your French Doors


One inch wood blinds really look very classy, if they are hung on big windows. They cover the wall without making it look overpowering and tacky. Most of the colors which they come in are close to the real color of wood like Honey Maple 0013, Allspice 0821, Golden Oak 0030, Saddle Brown 0694 etc., however, they also are also available in sober white and off-white shades too.

If you like a soft but durable and elegant look, then you may choose these classic wood blinds in shades like Dover White 0683, Base White 0051 or Antique White 0026. If you have white colored walls, then they will give an extremely lovable serene look to your entire living area. If you have done some bold coloring like magenta, purple or teal on the walls, then these light colored one-inch wood blinds will give the perfect contrast to them.

These classic wood blinds use the best quality woods, made from 100% North American hardwoods. These one-inch wood blinds are the perfect dressing for your French doors, narrow sills, and glass inserts on doors.


2 Inches Wood Blinds SS- Budget-friendly Blinds for Your Double-Hung Windows


Buying classic wood blinds is not only cheap but is also very reliable. You need not worry about your budget anymore and can choose your favorite color amongst wheatfields 1850, Acorn 1849, Fig 1851, Snowstorm 1318 and Winter 1837. They look amazing along with custom wood cornices.


2 ½ Inches Normandy Real Wood SmartPrivacy™ Blinds


Choose your favorite shade of Silk White ND003 or Old Teak ND230. These classic wood blinds are not only known for their elegant looks, but they are also very sturdy.

Wooden Blinds Online

These custom-made wooden blinds online with 2 and a half inch slats can be made to fit almost any window. These classic wood blinds have also undergone a rigorous 2,000 hours of UV testing to ensure their color does not fade away in harsh sunlight.

In the race between discount blinds and shutters, let’s look at some of the lovely shutters that you might want in your home.


Graber Plantation Shutters – Economical and Sturdy Options For Your Casement Windows



Graber Plantation Shutters


Crafted using original North American woods, these shutters will give you the natural characteristics of wood. The texture, knots, color, shapes, and grain will be different in each piece and you will never get two pieces with the same looks and design.

The technique used in growing these woods is extremely eco-friendly. The elegant and natural looks of woods will truly mesmerize you. You can choose from classic shades like Walnut 1012, Truffle 1054 or Pickled White 1762. All the shades will take your breath away.


Specialty Shapes Shutters – For Those Windows Which Are Different in Shape


We often worry about the right kind of window treatment if our homes have windows which are not of the regular shapes and sizes or are located at difficult to reach places. We at Zebrablinds understand that like human beings, windows and doors to come in different shapes and sizes and we love to treat all of them.

So call our experts and we will come up with custom-made shutters for your special needs.


Normandy Norman® Wood Shutters – For Those Cozy Open Space Doors


  • These wood shutters bring calmness and serenity to your interiors.
  • Norman’s Prescription Wood Conditioning™ technique is used to make these shutters from real wood.
  • You can rest assured that all your worries of post-installation shrinking and swelling of the woods will vanish like water vapors when you choose to install these beautiful pieces of artwork in your home.

My mom faced the same challenge a few years back while choosing her favorite discount blinds and shutters. We had just bought our new home in Houston, TX and we’re looking for the perfect window and door coverings. My dad chose Normandy Norman® Wood Shutters for a little open space we have outside our house and we love having our evening coffee there.

This entire area fills us with serenity and beauty. It makes us one with nature and the real wood does not make the interiors warm during summers. It soaks away the heat and we get that cozy feeling while sitting and chatting in the verandah.

My mom chose 2″ Elite Graber® Wood blinds which filled our study with a balmy and serene environment. Dark Walnut 1641 suited the study room perfectly as it gave the right amount of privacy and darkness. We got them in Rustic Cognac R1465 for one of the bedrooms, and in Homestead Oak 1943 in another. We also used beaded slats for more style.

My friend Lisa recently bought a huge vacation villa in the countryside of Illinois. She invited me to help her out with the interiors as I work in this field. And oh boy! We had so much fun choosing furniture for her home, calling the carpenters to get the woodwork done in the interiors and setting up her modular kitchen.

We chose Traditions Wood Shutters Graber as she had large bay windows in her living room and other areas. It was a two-story house, and we had ample windows and doors to cover. I chose the shade Walnut 1012 for one of the large bay windows and she chose Light Pecan 1020 for the other.

We thought of going for 2 Inches Wood Blinds SS for the study room and one-inch wood blinds (1″ Traditions® Graber® Wood Blinds) for all the open spaces where we had sitting arrangements.

It has been more than two years, and all of them look as good as new.

So who won in the race between discount blinds and shutters? My personal favorite became the 2½ Inches Normandy Real Wood SmartPrivacy™ Blinds and Graber Plantation Shutters. Choosing between such beautiful masterpieces truly is a tough challenge. Both of them use real wood as their base material and multiple colors and textures are available for customizing your blind the way you want it.

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