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Dilemma of One Room Many Windows

Dilemma of One Room Many Windows

Every house and every room has windows and dressing them up aesthetically is a challenge for many. The window treatment you choose must be able to blend gracefully with your existing home décor and not stand out like a sore thumb. Not only from within, but the dressings you choose must also have a uniform fabric or color covering the exterior part of the draperies or shades particularly for the street-facing windows so that it doesn’t affect the curb appeal of your home.

Room with Multiple Windows

You have a bigger challenge on your hands if you have rooms that have multiple windows. Rooms with many windows sound wonderful. It means more light and air and windows help to add space to your rooms. They look grand too! There is no dearth of light in the room which helps to reduce energy costs significantly. Once the initial euphoria subsides you are faced with the task of dressing them up adequately. There are endless possibilities and you have loads of considerations. The question that haunts you the most is what is that ideal window treatment that will look good together, be effective and not affect the aesthetics of the room. It is easy to choose a dressing for a single-window but you don’t understand how too many of these those all across the room will do to your styling. Will it be too much, will it look gaudy and loud, will anything too simple make the windows appear naked?

How to Choose Window Treatments for Multiple Windows

Let us get a quick insight into the things you need to keep in mind when choosing window treatments for rooms with multiple windows.

Identify your Exceptions

According to Los-Angeles-based interior designer Taylor Jacobson, it is important to study the position of your windows and understand exceptions if any. As such it is recommended that when choosing dressings for multiple windows in a single room it is preferable to be consistent. Same style window treatment cannot go wrong and if you do want to do some experiments and mixing matching there should be a good enough reason to do so. For example, if the room has many windows but one is positioned exactly where the bed is to be placed you may be tempted to treat this as an exception and highlight it to make it the focal point in the room. So you may pick up a set of drapery for that particular window and another set to go for all the remaining ones. You need to adequately justify the need for experimenting.

Opt for a Single Color Shade

The importance of sticking to a definitive color palette cannot be stressed upon enough. It acts as a unifying force that holds the room together. Indeed it is preferable to choose a particular color combination for the entire house so that there is a feeling of cohesion. Nothing can be uglier than having differently colored window dressings for different windows. It would spell doom for your entire home décor.

You are more than welcome to experiment with a combination of window treatments for your windows. For example, combining Roman shades and draperies does wonder to your windows and if you have multiple windows it looks grand. You can adjust the shades and draperies as per your needs for more light or privacy. While it is not really preferable to use different styles of window treatments for different windows, there are always exceptions. If you have a room which has great disparity and there are different sized windows then you may opt for a style for the smaller windows and another style for the larger ones.
Roman Shades with Draperies

Maintaining Similar Fabric Weight

You may experiment with different styles of window treatments for different windows in one room. You may opt for different patterns and designs. But what is essential is opting for a consistent fabric for all the windows. If you choose linen or cotton or silk make sure that you use the same fabric for all the windows. Different fabric for different windows will badly affect the aesthetics of the room.
Silk Drapery

Go for Neutral Shades

You have rooms with multiple windows and you are completely at loss in deciding which color and style will work for your home décor. If you opt for some bold and bright colors, the windows will become the focal points and if they don’t blend well with the décor then it will completely mess up the styling. Whenever in doubt about the right combination go neutral. They can never be wrong. Neutral shades like white or off-white always look classy and sophisticated. They add softness to the windows and the best part, they shift focus from the windows to the furniture and other elements in the room which you would rather wish to highlight. It is always preferable to play safe when in doubt.
White Window Shades
Do not get overwhelmed by the presence of multiple windows in a single room. Having lots of windows that allow natural light to pour into the house is a blessing than having rooms with no windows or a small opening for a window. It is depressing and does no good for the room or for the house. There are several ways you can dress up these windows. Maintaining a fine balance, not going overboard and understanding the needs of the room and the décor are the keys to finding the right solution. But the last thing you should do is leave them naked without any window dressing. That would be disastrous.