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What are the Different Styles of Roman Shades

When you shop at, you can choose from many types of roman shades — but what are the different fabric roman shade styles? More to the point, which styles of roman shades work best for your home – flat, soft, European, plain or front slats style?

Styles of Roman Shades

Highlights on Different Roman Shade Styles

Let’s take a look:

1) Flat or Plain Fold Roman Shades

Flat fold roman shades are made of one big piece of fabric. There are no seams when the shades are fully lowered, and the shades take up less space when fully raised. If you want a sleek look or have a pattern and don’t want seams of any kind, flat fold roman shades might be right for you.

Plain Fold is similar, and also lays flat, but has seams running every few inches. This style is great for bedrooms and living rooms where you open and close shades more often because they tend to be more durable.  The seams add extra durability but not extra bulk, so this window treatment is perfect for narrow windows and areas where you will be lowering and raising the shades often. If your shades are a solid color with no pattern, the seams can also add some visual interest. If you are considering shades with a large print or pattern, however, the seams may break it up too much.


2) Soft/Hobbled Fold Roman Shades

Soft or hobbled fold roman shades have loops of fabric, and the soft folds show even when the shades are lowered all the way down or are raised. The effect is a soft ruffle or waterfall look. These roman shades are ideal if you want your window treatments to have more bulk and heft. They look stunning on larger windows and can give some added interest to window treatments. Since the extra fabric is needed, soft fold roman shades also block out more heat and light.


3) European Fold Roman Shades

European fold shades curve up when the shade is raised. This gives a softer, more relaxed look, and is especially striking with more luxurious fabrics. To achieve this, small stitches are used to attach the cord rings which causes it to create less symmetrical folds. When first installed, the shade should be pulled up fully and left for several days to create the initial pleats. These shades are more decorative and are not usually recommended for frequent use. Many of our customers use them in formal dining rooms and living rooms with great results!


Check out our selection of Roman Shades, and select the style you prefer when customizing to achieve this look. You can even customize by color and size,  and other options include blackout shades, as well as corded, cordless and motorized models. If you have children, cordless models are safest.

If you’re interested in roman shades, check out the selection at When you shop with us, you enjoy terrific discounts, free samples and free shipping on many orders. And since we have more than 35 years of combined experience in the industry, you can always rely on our expertise if you need additional help with your order.