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The Different Functions of a Solar Shade

Graber Solar Shades

Different Benefits Of Installing Graber Solar Shades

If sun glare really bothers you and you are worried that harmful rays of the sun will damage your valuable furniture and furnishing, then there is an option available to quell your concerns. Graber Solar Shades are able to effectively reduce sun glare, protect you from harmful UV rays, and by reducing the amount of heat that comes in, they are also able to lower your energy bills.

In the following sections let us explore few of the benefits of using solar shades. We will also look into rooms which benefit from solar shades and examine ways you can blend them with other window treatments.

Graber Solar Shades – Blocks Harmful UV Rays | Provides Better Energy Efficiency | An Affordable Choice

Benefit #1

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Graber Solar Shades

Ultra-violet rays (or UV rays) make up almost 40% of sunlight and over time, these rays can result in degradation and fading of valuable things present in your home (like furniture). This is where solar shades become useful since they let light in and at the same time block harmful rays and heat. Many of the Graber solar shades are capable of blocking up to 90% of harmful ultra-violet rays.

Skylight Solar Blinds

The opacity of the fabric is the main thing here that decides the percentage of UV rays a shade is able to block. This opacity is also known as fabric’s openness factor. Shades or skylight solar blinds which have higher openness factor will let the greater amount of light into your house and there will be better visibility so that you can see through.

This openness factor refers to tightness of the weave. If any material has looser weave then it will have greater openness value. Such material will provide better view-through and at the same time pass more light through it.

Let us look at few examples which provide an insight into openness values and their resultant effects.

  • If a solar shade has a low openness value of 3 to 5% then it will be able to block a higher amount of sun rays (consisting of UV rays) and provide a greater amount of privacy than a 10% shade. However, you will have less view-through.
  • On the other hand, if a shade has an openness factor of 14% then it will result in better visibility.

Provides Better Energy Efficiency

As per the Department of Energy, windows account for almost 25 to 40% of cooling and heating expenditure every year. Solar shades and their mesh-like weave assists in controlling light and heat, so that your air conditioning system has to work less and your energy bills go down.

An Affordable Choice

These shades are quite affordable and you can expect payoffs in the form of lower energy bills in the near future. Moreover, these shades (such as skylight solar shades) result in healthier eyes since they are capable of reducing glare. The many styles they are available in means that your solar shades will perfectly match and complement design elements present in your home.

Which Rooms Benefit From Solar Shades?

Solar shades prove to be useful for different rooms, let us go through the details here.

Living Room | Dining Room and Kitchen | Office | Patio/Sun Room

Living Room

Solar Shades For Living Room

The living room is one of the popular rooms for solar shades. Apart from reducing glare on your T.V., these shades will be protecting your artwork and valuable furniture from the damaging effects of UV rays.

If harsh rays of the sun are stopping you from using this social space with friends and family then solar shades are the right option to select for your living room. Solar shades will preserve your outside view and you can pair your solar shades with drapery for increasing privacy in the evening.

Dining Room And Kitchen

Solar Shades For Kitchen

Solar shades are the most appropriate option for kitchens. When you are making your favorite dish, the kitchen is already hot enough and invasive sunlight can further heat up the room and the environment within the kitchen will start feeling uncomfortable.

In addition to it, solar shades block glare due to changing patterns of sun due to changes in season. For instance, it will be nice to dine or take breakfast in the kitchen while the shades are kept up. But, in the spring and summer months, the sun will be at the right height and sunlight will start falling directly into your eyes to blind you. When such a thing happens, you will find it difficult to enjoy your meal.

The good thing about solar shades is that they are able to cut down the glare while allowing you to have a clear view of the outside, making them the right option for your kitchen windows.


Doing anything can become difficult if you are not able to see the computer monitor or having to continually refocus because of the glare coming through the windows. To avoid such situation where productivity of your employees can be hampered due to sunlight, what you will have to do is install solar shades since they are lower the blinding glare on any type of monitor screen.

By installing these shades you will be able to develop a comfortable space that will facilitate productive work.

Patio/Sun Room

Sunroom Window Treatments

Sunrooms let us enjoy the outdoors from right inside our climate controlled homes. Since, a large part of the sunrooms are windows, the type of window covering you select will affect the functionality and aesthetic appeal of this room.

Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades

By blocking UV rays and harsh glare of the sun, solar shades (like outdoor motorized solar shades) will prove to be the right option for your solar rooms.

Tips On Mixing Solar Shades With Other Window Treatments

Blend with Drapery | Pair Them With Panel Track Blinds

Blend with Drapery

With their uncluttered and fresh looks, solar shades work perfectly on their own. But, when you add drapery panels, it can help to usher in softness and warmth to your windows. Moreover, by pairing your solar shades with drapery you will be able to increase privacy in a room during the evening.

Pair Them With Panel Track Blinds

If there are sliding glass doors or very large windows then you can use solar blinds (like solar powered skylight blinds) with panel tracks. It is worth mentioning here that panel tracks are quite like vertical blinds since they are able to cover large spaces and in addition, are a lot more of a stylish option to choose.

In Conclusion

As we can see, solar shades are the right option to choose when you want to block out sun’s glare, keep the heat out, and at the same time maintain your view of the outside. There are different options to choose from when you are looking to purchase solar shades and it can sometimes be confusing for select the right option from a range of available options.

In such a situation, what you can do is give us a call on our toll-free number – 1-866-881-8682 and our experts will try to understand the design and aesthetic details of your rooms and suggest solar shades that will perfectly match the style of those rooms.

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