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What Is The Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds?

Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds

Comparison Between Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds

In recent days, consumers have multiple options when it comes to selecting window blinds. Window treatments are designed to solve your everyday problems while giving you a luxurious and comfy living. From preventing the direct daylight to providing privacy, making home insulated to blocking glare, they play a crucial role in your home. Endless colors and texture options make them magnificent and add the perfect touch of softness and elegance to the windows. When considering what type of blinds to install there are multiple factors that you need to consider such as durability, style, energy-efficiency, light controlling capabilities, and many more. You need to pay special attention to the blind material as getting the right material ensures the longevity and durability of your product. Though there are some other materials available which include wood and, fabric which are aesthetically more pleasing, if you have a strict budget, then vinyl and aluminum blinds are a life savior.

Both these modern window blinds add value to your home while maintaining the functionality level. People often seem to be confused to choose between these two. Regardless of price, the blinds come with unique advantages and disadvantages which make them distinguishable from each other. Have a look at both sides of these blinds and get one that will be suitable for your home decor!
Aluminum Window Blinds

Vinyl Vs. Aluminum Blinds – Which is Better?

Check out the differences between these two window blinds that will help you to make your decision easier –

  • Durability and Flexibility:

There is no denying that aluminum blinds are more sturdy and versatile than the vinyl blinds. Aluminum blinds last longer while more sunlight exposure can weaken the vinyl blinds.

But vinyl blinds have one advantage which is they are easier to clean rather than aluminum blinds and the slats are less likely to dent or crease.

  • Energy-efficiency Capacity:

Aluminum blinds are more energy-efficient compared to vinyl fabrics as aluminum fabrics effectively reflect the sun’s heat and tend to make your interior cooler during the summer months. But vinyl blinds absorb the sun heat coming through the windows. Hence, for larger windows, aluminum blinds are mostly preferred to prevent the excess heat to make your rooms more comfortable and pleasing.

  • Create a Stylish Appeal:

Vinyl blinds are easily customizable and can be adopted with any size and design. Vinyl faux wood blinds are the most popular and reliable one that come in many textures and pattern options which give your decor a more seamless and vibrant look. While aluminum blinds also come in multiple colors and design choices but they cannot provide the texture of faux wood that you can get with vinyl blinds.
Vinyl Venetian Blinds

  • Light Blocking Capacity:

Both the blinds are amazing when it comes to diffusing the incoming light while maintaining the indoor privacy level. Keep the slats open to allow the gentle soft glow of sun rays and closing them will prevent the light and heatwave completely. Wider blind slats offer great control over the amount of light you want to let in. But most homeowners prefer aluminum blinds because of their incredible light and glare reflecting capability.

  • Water-resistant Property:

One of the most interesting facts about aluminum and vinyl blinds is their water and moisture resistant features. Both the window dressings do not get affected by water or moisture which makes them the perfect choice for high-humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Lightweight Feature:

Vinyl blinds are lightweight rather than aluminum blinds which make them easy to install and maintain.


Both these window blinds do an excellent job for your home interior and their unique specialties make them distinct from each other. If you are looking for durability at a cost-effective price, then these blinds are the answer. From functional aspects to providing windows a delightful appeal, these window treatments create a remarkable choice though they have some minor differences in terms of capabilities and features. Hence, the choice depends on your individual requirements and preferences as both are amazing, valuable, and add dimension to your home.