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What Is The Difference Between Inside And Outside Mount Blinds?

What Is The Difference Between Inside And Outside Mount Blinds

Doing up your home and getting a balanced look is no easy task. There are several considerations to be borne in mind. After all, it is the question of your home decor where everything needs to fit in perfectly, not just for aesthetic appeal but to ensure comfort and a sense of balance in the house. What color wallpapers you choose, the flooring material that you decide, and which window treatments you go for are all essential factors. When it comes to choosing window treatments, we are faced with several choices. There are roller shades, honeycomb shades, curtains and drapery, aluminum blinds, and vertical shades to select from. There are endless colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. There are different functionalities to choose from for your windows. And of course to decide whether you want your blinds and shades to be outside mount or inside mount.

Both mounting styles are popular and come with their own set of advantages for the windows and the rooms. Let us see how you distinguish between inside and outside mount blinds.

Outside Mount Window Blinds

As the name suggests, outside mount blinds are installed outside the window frame. This installation may be on the trim or above the window, and one major advantage that they entail is that you don’t have the responsibility of choosing a window shade that falls within the parameters of the frame. So you can afford to be flexible with the size. They can also make the window look bigger than it already is, besides covering the entire space and blocking any outside light to come through. Here are a few benefits of outside mount blinds.

1. Make Windows Look Larger: When you decide to frame your window with an outside mount blind, you can afford to make them as wide or long as you want. This can be especially beneficial for smaller and compact windows, giving them the illusion of taller and wider window space. Besides, outside mount blinds that are closer to the ceiling can make the ceiling look taller and the room bigger. They create the illusion of a bigger space and that does wonder for the room.

2. Better Light Blockage: Light control is an ongoing and recurring problem for most of us, and even the best of window blinds cannot prevent this. However, if you observe closely, this problem generally occurs in cases where the blinds are inside mount. A thin gap exists between the window frame and blind known as light gap. Covering more than the length and height of the window, outside mount blinds will be perfect for you if your purpose is light blockage. Besides, they can insulate the room exceedingly well, leaving no scope for any external elements to disrupt your peace and comfort.

3. You Don’t Need The Exact Window Measurements: The first step to buying the window blinds of your choice involves taking the exact window dimensions, which is less of an effort in case of outside mount blinds. This is because they are not required to be fit inside the frame, so even if they are off by a couple of inches, they can be easily installed without any issues.

4. Hide Ugly Windows or Frames: Some windows are not as attractive as others. There may be blemishes; the frame may be uneven and there may be other shortcomings. Outside mount blinds do a great job of effectively hiding these blemishes as they cover the entire length and breadth of windows.
Outside Mount Blinds

When Should You Choose Outside Mount Blinds?

Apart from the benefits enumerated above, there are situations where outside mount blinds will be the perfect fit for you. Let us observe these scenarios one by one.

1. When There Is a Door to Cover: Doors do not require a frame to be fit in, so it is best to employ an outside mount window blind for this purpose. French doors, for example, are attractive windows where such blinds will be an ideal choice.

2. When The Windows Are Shallow: One major challenge for slim and shallow windows is to have a window treatment that can beautify the space without appearing too underwhelming. Outside mount window blinds, with their thick and wide structure can make the window appear bigger. When they are installed just right, they can overwhelm the room and make themselves the focal point. Shallow windows cannot support inside mount blinds.

3. When the Window Trim Needs Covering: An unattractive window trim that is damaged or cracked can be easily covered by an outside mount blind, without requiring you to spend extra money on its repair. The costs on redecorating or refinishing are thus minimized.

4. When You Choose Blackout Treatments: Blackout treatments are known to block all the light from coming inside the window. So if there are any gaps and light passes through them, the purpose of getting a blackout roller shade or a curtain is defeated. It is best to choose blackout treatments only when you plan to mount them outside the window frame.

Inside Mount Window Blinds

Just as outside mount window blinds are installed outside the window frame, inside mount blinds are meant to be installed within it. This kind of installation is the standard one and is followed by most homeowners throughout the world. Let us find out the primary benefits of inside mount blinds which make them a popular choice.

1. A Clean and Minimalist Look: If a subtle and minimal look which spells class and elegance is your idea of a window blind, then inside mount blinds will be the right choice for you. You can also highlight a unique and unconventional frame through these blinds.

2. Takes Less Space: As inside mount blinds take much less space than their predecessors, it gives you plenty of scope to design the window sill or the area around with accents or utilize the space around to keep important items. Honestly, there is a lot of scope for adding stuff there. Besides, a window space that takes less space may make the room appear less cluttered.
Inside Mount Blinds

When Should You Choose Inside Mount Blinds?

There are situations when inside mount blinds might be the right choice instead of outside mount ones. Let us enumerate these instances for you.

1. When You Wish To Layer Window Treatments: Mixing and matching one window blind with the other is possible when you have inside mount window treatments already installed. Curtains with blinds, shades with drapes, etc. would be easily possible because the brackets of the blinds won’t get into the way of the curtain rods. So without worrying about a messy and overbearing look, you can experiment with adding two different window blinds for a classic look and better functionality. You cannot have an outside mount blind and a drape as they will clash with each other impacting their functionality and looks.

2. When You Wish To Highlight the Woodwork: While the purpose of installing outside mount blinds is to hide the window trim and woodwork (when it is cracked or unattractive), the purpose of inside mount blinds is the opposite. When your window trims are beautifully furnished with an intricately designed woodwork, inside mount blinds give you an opportunity to show off your taste. No wonder they are high on demand.

Inside mount is however not possible if your windows are too shallow as the blinds will not fit. So even if you have beautiful woodwork and gorgeous windows to flaunt, you will have to settle for outside mount blinds.

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