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What Is the Difference Between Blinds and Curtains

What Is The Difference Between Blinds and Curtains

Curtains vs. Blinds

When it comes to complementing windows in a dramatic way, there are a number of choices available which are amazing in terms of both beauty and functionality. Starting from blinds to curtains, all are uniquely manufactured to provide your space with ultimate comfort while offering a great value to your interior. As there are a number of choices, it becomes difficult to pick the right one that will perfectly suit your needs. If you’re new to buying window treatments, you may not know where to start. Each window solutions hold unique specifications and have different benefits. We often get a question that whether it’s better to go with curtains or blinds. Well, both of them can add a dynamic vibe to your windows, adding a personal touch and transforming your overall home décor. In this article, we will compare these two window dressings to give you the information you need to decide which is better suited to your windows.

Before you know the difference it’s essential to know the importance of both the window designs and how they affect your home’s well-being. Remember, the right window dressing will add a finishing touch to the windows, creating a layer of warmth and texture. Depending on the room type, both blinds and curtains influence your space in an elegant way. Have a look at the details of blinds and curtains before you get them home!

What are the Curtains?

When you ask a decorator what accessory can complete the look of your windows, most would confidently say curtains. These are the most sophisticated way for your windows to make a bold statement. When it comes to choosing the right window curtains, you need to focus on color and fabric, length, and lining. When the right curtains are chosen, they can drastically change the view and vibes of your entire house. They are popular for adding softness to every corner of your indoor. Choosing curtains with bold patterns and hues can create drama in your space. Curtains and drapes are timeless beauties that charmed their way into the hearts of homeowners and have continued to weave magic with their elegance and grace.

These lightweight window solutions block up to 99% incoming light through the windows but you need to choose the right fabric options. Different fabric materials include sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Depending on the requirements of natural light and privacy, you can choose the right one. Curtains made of thick fabric are well suited to prevent glare, UV rays, and excess heat conditions helping you to conserve energy. They will efficiently keep indoor at an ideal temperature, lowering the energy bills.

Curtains are hung loosely from the top of the windows and doors. They either run on tracks or from curtain rods or poles. You can choose from different heading styles like rod pocket, curtain rings, eyelet, tab tops, tie tops, goblet pleat, pinch pleat, gathered pleat, tailored pleat, box pleat etc. it is recommended to hang curtains high from near the ceiling letting them fall to the ground to help create an illusion of larger space and high ceilings. They look regal and majestic.
They are available in different shapes, patterns, and length options to fit all windows and doors. Flexible to use and proper installation will create a designer-worthy appearance.
Floor Length Curtains and Drapes

What are Blinds?

Blinds are hard window coverings, made of different materials and slat sizes that can be raised and lowered as per the needs. There are different options available including faux wood, mini blinds, vertical blinds, and many more. The slats are meant to stay tightly to prevent the direct daylight and but they can be tilted to adjust light control and privacy level. These are usually controlled using a cord but you can motorize them in order to enjoy the convenience and luxury. Blinds are designed for special purposes that offer a classy traditional look for your indoor, creating a clean and clutter-free aesthetics for the windows.

How to Decide Between Blinds and Curtains?

Blinds and curtains both can create a stylish yet versatile look for the windows while being functional and practical. From decades, they have been used for windows to give complete coverage in order to protect the interior. But choosing one can be tricky because there are many elements that need to be compared before making a decision. Check out the below differences that will make your choice easier and simple –

• Design Aspect:
When it comes to beauty, both are astonishing and add elegance to any room. But they have differences too. Blinds are contemporary, easily foldable, come with different slat sizes, and work well in preventing extreme weather conditions. Curtains are cozy and come with endless designs and style choices to beautify your windows in an amazing way. And these are made of soft decorative fabricated cloth that add a vibrant look to the windows.
Blinds cover the window perfectly while curtains are usually hung in front of the window and they can be floor-length too.

• Light Control Capacity:
Both are effective when it comes to controlling the incoming light. But blinds can be adjusted to balance the required light weave but curtains can either filter light through or block it out entirely.
1-inch Aluminum Mini Blinds

• Insulation:
Curtains help to keep heat and cold out by using the right fabric but blinds do a better job as they make a snug fit on the windows.

• Durability:
Blinds are extremely sturdy and durable compared to curtains as they are made of premium-quality materials which make them to withstand extreme climate situations. Curtains made of fabric may fade and wear off over a period of time.

• Cleanliness:
Curtains are easier to clean and they are machine washable too but blinds are made of slats which make little bit difficult to clean.

• Room Type:
Blinds look amazing in every room of your house including bathroom and laundry room but curtains create the perfect appeal when installed in bedroom and living room, create romantic vibes. Blinds made of aluminum or faux wood are a great choice for bathroom and kitchen windows as they are moisture-resistant and do not warp or peel off when exposed to humidity and heat for long. Curtains made of fabric do not share an amicable relationship with water. Prolonged exposure to moisture could cause the fabric to peel off untimely. So if you are looking to dress your bathroom and kitchen windows the choice is easy to make.
Graber Composite Blinds

• Installation Cost:
Price is an important factor to look for, plays a vital role in comparison. Well, the cost blinds installation is more than the cost of installing curtains. For the latter, all you need is a ladder, rod and some rings and your job is done. Blinds installation may need professional assistance.

• Motorization
If you are looking for the motorization of your window coverings then blinds are a better choice. Curtains cannot be motorized and they continue to be operated in the traditional way. With electric blinds, you can sit back and let your remote or Smart Phone do the job for you.
Motorized Blackout Window Blinds


Blinds and curtains both make an amazing choice of window treatment for any home. To enjoy the best of both worlds you could also use layered window treatment with both blinds and curtains. While blinds allow better light filtration and provide better insulation, curtains will help to add colors and the necessary dose of drama that is needed to lift the look and feel of the room.

If you have further doubts or wish to know more details about these blinds and curtains, feel free to get in touch with a professional!