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It’s All About Safety – Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom

Cordless Blinds for Kids Bedroom

Grant Safety to Your Spaces by Installing the Cordless Blinds and Shades on Your Windows

Windows and doors are major components of any home construction. We style up our home and try to design it the best way. And we install the most beautiful window coverings to beautify our home.

Window coverings are beautiful but they are also dangerous. There are many incidents that were recorded over the years where people, especially little children and innocent pets, were injured by the window coverings. The cords of the window coverings work as dangerous hazards and can cause severe damage. So the window coverings must be chosen carefully, especially for homes with kids and pets. As little children crawl all over the place and they tend to grab everything that is of reach of their hands, they may cause severe danger to themselves if they get access to the cords of the window coverings. So go stress-free by mounting child proof blinds and shades on your doors and windows.

If you are planning to design a beautiful kid’s room for your little one we are here with some amazing window treatment suggestions that help you to design a safe and stylish kids room.

Safety Window Treatments to Keep You Safe

Blackout Shades

One of the most important things that you should consider while designing a kid’s room is the sleeping ambiance. Children sleep for a long time and a perfect sleeping ambiance helps them to enjoy a sound sleep which keeps them healthy. One of the obstacles of sleep is the harsh light passing through the windows, so choose blackout shades to mount on your kid’s room as the blackout window shades are great at creating a dark room by blocking the maximum light penetrating through your windows. The blackout shades help you transform the ambiance of the room instantly and makes your child fall asleep. The blackout window shades also help you to insulate your spaces and make it energy efficient as they work great in blocking the heat and cold weathers outside.

Cordless Blinds

More than designing a beautiful home, it is very important for us to design a safe home. So, considering the safety requirements, we recommend the most versatile cordless blinds to mount on your windows to ensure safety. Cordless blinds are easy to operate and can be adjusted by simply pushing or pulling on the bottom rail of the blind. They give a perfect finishing to your windows and make them look beautiful and they are safe for your children and pets. They are available in many colors, fabrics, as well as patterns, and you can get them customized to meet your specifications and make your home a beautiful as well as safe place.

Motorized Shades

Motorized window shades are one of the advanced window coverings that help you create a safer home. Motorized window shades are also known as Remote control blinds as they are operated by remote control.

Most homeowners think that the motorized blinds and shades are pricey, but these window blinds and shades offer great benefits to your home and they are definitely worth every penny that you pay. They make operation easy for large and hard-to-reach window coverings, can even be set with timers to operate according to your daily schedule. These automatic blinds also provide safety, privacy, light control and immense beauty. They give a complete polished look to your windows and elevate the style of your home, with no hanging lift cords that add unnecessary clutter.

Smart Motorized Blinds

The smart motorized blinds are the most advanced window shades as they have built-in Z-wave communication. This helps you to access your window blinds and shades with the help of your own smartphone (when connected to a Z-wave hub). The electric blinds also grant you advanced operation, safety, and protection. You can also program your window coverings to open and close at regular intervals of time. If you are not home, these window shades also provide you with added security as they can give your home the illusion of occupancy from their automated schedules.

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