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How to Create Your Own Designer Home

Designer Window Treatments

Dreamy Home Décor with Designer Window Treatments

When it comes to creating a designer home, it’s important to know what the latest home décor trends are, what’s out and what’s in. Following the trends and upgrading the home according to that will help you to create a modern tailored interior you desire for. From adding cushions and a brand-new coat of paint to walls and modern flooring, these are easy solutions you require to know about. But creating stylish aesthetics doesn’t mean changing furniture, floorings, or artworks. It can be so many things such as dressing up the doors and windows too which can have a big impact on the overall home design. We saw many trends come and go in the past few years, but we believe that window treatments are a one-time investment and their surprising elegant look will never go out of style. While creating a designer home, focus on dressing up windows with designer window treatments as they can be the focal point of your arena. Selecting the right design along with proper fabric material and color choice will add dimension to the décor. These classy and stylish coverings not only help you in creating timeless beauty, but their functional benefits will create a remarkable choice in the field of interior decoration.

Owning a top-end looking home with proper window dressings can be tough, especially when you have a tight decorating budget. Luckily, there are ways – even on a budget – that you can get the top-end look you dream of. Many interior designers have shared the secrets over the years that have provided homeowners an idea of how they can make their windows look amazing without busting the bank.

What are the Designer Window Treatments?

Among all these, window treatments are the most efficient and effective solution for bringing fashion to your home. A home without window coverings will look incomplete and cheap. Luckily, window treatments are one of the most economical ways to add fantastic elegance to your home, as well as various benefits for a luxurious living.

While choosing window treatments for your home, you need to make smart choices. For instance, keeping unlined flimsy materials look extremely cheap, even if they are the least expensive option. Consider the below window blinds and shades to fulfill the desire of a dreamy designer interior!

• Window Blinds and Shades

If your windows are uncovered, broken, or outdated, getting new blinds and shades is an easy and economical way to make your home look more valuable. There is a broad variety of window treatments available that are designed to control the harsh light and energy-efficiency while improving the appearance of any room in your home. All these window dressings come with different light filtering options and you can choose the one depending on your requirements. Light filtering blinds are made to diffuse the excess light while room darkening and blackout shades are made to block out the sunlight while getting privacy. For example, cellular shades are the top-notched window shades in recent window décor trends. Their benefits include –

• Excellent insulation and sound absorption. Honeycomb structured air pockets create a thick barrier of insulation at your window, reducing heat gain and heat loss, and help you save on your home’s utility bills.
• Long lasting crisp, sharp pleats – even after extended use
• Light filtering fabric softly diffuses light but provides excellent privacy. Room darkening and blackout materials obstruct sunlight and offer darkness.
• Polyester shade cloth has a gently textured appearance and won’t unravel at the edges
• Cordless control operated by the bottom rail, keeping fingers off of the fabric. Cordless and motorized mechanisms ensure safety of three little ones.
• Combined bracket and head rail system for a seamless look and easy installation.
Check out the other blind and shade options that will match your requirements and don’t forget to customize them with the right design selection for a minimalistic interior look.
Designer Roller Blinds

Remote Control Skylight Shades

Skylights are the perfect addition to any interior that brings an exciting flair to space. They let your place do the talking with their efficiency to let in plenty of natural light, lots of ventilation, and magnificent views of the sky. But besides enjoying an attractive indoor, it’s essential to cover the windows in order to get the protection from direct sunlight and glare. Skylight window shades are the perfect solution for this which are incredibly charming and delightful, and they have their downsides due to external factors like sun glare, harsh UV rays, and too much heat inside the room.

Skylights not only enhance the overall look of your home but also increase the value of your home decor. So, wrap up your skylight windows with these amazing window shades and make your home look fashionable.

Skylights are frequently left out while decorating the home. It is important to select suitable window treatments to improve their benefits without harming their efficiency. Well-known brands like Graber and Crown offer a beautiful collection of window treatments, specially designed for skylights to make your home more attractive and functional.
Remote Control Skylight Shades

Window Treatments That Combine Blinds and Drapes

Drapes add personality to your space, transforming a room with pleasant sheers or rich velvet. Besides offering decor, they also filter or block light and may be lined with thermal insulation. If you hang your drapery near the ceiling, draped near the outside corners of your window, drapes can make both the window and the room feel bigger. Do you know you can combine them with other solutions to revamp the beauty of the space while enhancing the functional benefits? Draperies can be the perfect companion to other window solutions such as faux wood blinds, cellular shades, woven wood shades, and many more. This integration works as the finishing touch to your home décor and improves the light control and other additional things. You can personalize the draperies with your preferred color and texture designs to bring warmth and sophistication to your space.

Get these window treatments now and make your home more attractive than ever before. These window solutions make a huge difference to your home, making it more elegant and royal. Browse now to get your favorite product that will create an impressive statement. You can take the help of the designers to design the perfect home!!