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Designer Drapes at Your Doorstep: A Step Towards Trendy Home Décor

Designer Drapes

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Drapes and Curtains

Choosing the right window treatments can be a daunting task, but it can do wonders for your home. They complete the overall design and style of your interiors. They facilitate every component of your furnishing so that they come together to give your home a more cohesive look. However, before you can pick out a drape or a curtain, figure out the functionality first and then think about the style. If you are picking the drapes and curtains due to the features of privacy, light filtering, or color tone, then keep these factors in mind when you buy them.

Privacy and Lighting: For intimate spaces like the bedroom and areas having a home entertainment system, thicker fabrics work. Get drapes and curtains that have a heavier lining to give you loads of privacy. For areas like the sunroom or the drawing-room where there’s a need for more light, opt for sheer curtains. Which space needs more light and which space doesn’t need it, will determine the type of drape or curtain you buy from the store. Another thing, get curtains in a natural tone for spaces that have natural incoming light. Curtains with brightly colored fabrics tend to fade faster due to harsh sunlight than other materials.

Sheer Drapery Panels

Measurements: If you want to make your room appear bigger and elevate your existing décor, then ensure that your curtains are mounted correctly. Pick your drape or curtain based on these aspects: before you hang your drapes, make sure to measure the length from rod to the floor. Take into account any hanging mechanisms or ring height as well as the gap between the curtains and the ground. Next, while measuring your window width, think about how full you want your curtains to appear. For example, if you are going for a draped style, then the curtain must be at least two to three times the width of the window frame. And if you are choosing the tailored style, then the curtain panels should be at least two inches wider than the window.

Material: While searching for that ideal drape or curtain, choosing the right fabric is key to enhancing your interior furnishings. Figure out the potential need and function for that fabric before purchasing it. Select cotton curtains for a breezy, relaxed ambiance. Such materials are lightweight; therefore, they give off casual vibes in your spaces.

If you are on the lookout for a dramatic touch to your window coverings, head over to the heavyweight fabrics like velvet and suede, and what’s more, is that they are great light blockers. They also add a touch of formality to the area. You can also do this: before buying the material hold the fabric sample against the window and imagine how it works in your room.

Style: After following the above-mentioned buying tips, next is the style. What style will go well with your décor? There are a few things you can check out. For example, pairing a solid color with a patterned window covering can spruce up your room. Add boldness and chicness by making well-designed window covers colorful. If subtility is your jam, then opt for neutral colored drapes or curtains with softer patterns.

Blackout Drapery

Why Choose Custom Draperies for Your Home?

When you buy custom window coverings for your home, you are giving your interiors an uplift. You infuse life and energy into your home one drape at a time. If your friends and guests visit you then they will surely be green with envy at your fabulous décor. Give your space a makeover by adopting trendy custom-made curtains and drapes.

Moreover, draperies have so many benefits. They help you with protecting your expensive furniture, carpets, floors, and other kinds of décor from damaging UV radiation. Which means your furnishings are safe from fadedness when facing exposure for a long time. Drapes provide excellent insulation against harsh climates. Keep cool in summers and warm during winters. They also help in regulating the temperatures of your interiors thanks to the insulated fabrics present in heavy curtains. These window coverings are energy efficient, and they do not allow extra heat to escape during the cold months and fresh air to leave your room during the harsh summers.

These internal shading systems provide your family with privacy as the thick fabric provides little visibility of your interior spaces. You can carry on with your business without worrying about nosy neighbors. Curtains generally help with light-blocking, as a result, they do not allow sunlight to enter your room. Therefore, they help reduce the glare on your TV sets, monitor screens, laptops, and more. For those of you who have windows that have no trimming, do not fret. This is where custom draperies come into play. They add that oomph into your interiors and give your windows an overhaul. There are so many varied patterns, designs, and styles for you to choose from. Add some style and panache to your décor today.

Velvet Drapery

Types of Popular Custom Window Drapes

Rod pocket: The place where a pole rod is inserted, and it is a pocket that is sewn at the curtain top.
Pinch pleat: These pleats add volume to the draperies and can move through the rod with the help of rings via the drapery hooks.
Curtain panel: It is an unlined window cover that is of floor-length or just below the window pane. It can also be a fabric that is hemmed and hung from a rod right at the top of the window. It is also a cheaper way to treat your windows as you can buy lots of widths as per your budget.

Pinch Pleated Drapes

Advantages of Custom Drapes and Curtains

Selection: Fabrics that are readymade do not offer you any choice of fabric. What you see is what you get. Therefore, while selecting a material that can help match your interiors, it is better to go for custom drapes. The choices are unlimited.
It is tailored to your needs: Drapes that are tailor-made fall nicely when they begin at the ceiling or the crown molding and are barely touching the floors. Those window covers that are readymade fall short and are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Fullness: Besides length, width is also important. If you cover the wall on either side of a window, then go wide. Even if you usually do not close the curtains, then also the drapes should have the ability to cover the entire window. Note that you do not have to hang panels over your windows.
Heft: Lining in a drapery makes all the difference in a window treatment. The right lining makes your drapes hang nicely. Most companies often skimp on the quality of cotton regarding the fabric lining. Curtains with heft are needed if you are not looking for a sheer look.
Workmanship: Major manufactured drapes and curtains lack the workmanship of custom window dressings. How to spot the difference? Custom ones have deep hems everywhere. Readymade drapes have narrow hems at the top and the bottom. Moreover, the machine stitching is visible.
Details: Every custom curtain and drape must contain three main elements, accented fabric and trim, and a leading fabric. The hallmarks of a custom window treatment lie in the details.

How Much are Custom Curtains?

Draperies are the most sought-after window treatments in the market. Each type of curtain fabric has a selective price range. Here are the usual prices:
The cost of each curtain panel can be between $100-$1,500 depending upon the brand, design, pattern, and fabric size used. Everything is dependent on the size and fabric. For most applications, you can get two panels for your window for $200-500.
Custom curtains or designer drapes and fabrics that are energy-efficient can cost you much more for each panel, especially with added liners and accessories, etc. For layered window treatments like adding a thicker material with a sheer curtain for light filtering and privacy, benefits can cost you an added $50 to $200 for each panel, depending upon the brand, designer, style and fabric size used.

Create Your Dream Drapes Today

Don’t opt for swag styled curtains or furnish your living spaces with heavy draperies unless you like the idea of a formally designed room. Your home interiors should ideally match your current lifestyle. If you lead a casual lifestyle like organizing outdoor barbeques on deck and planning family game nights in the living room.

While you choose your drapery carefully, it will not only enhance your interiors but also retain the benefits of practicality and functionality. What should be in your mind is, “Does this drape reflect me? Instead of “Is this curtain trending and stylish?” Whatever you decide, ensure that it goes with your lifestyle and needs. That perfect décor is just a drape away!

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