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Designer Drapes for Trendy Home Décor

Designer Drapes

Why Drapes?

Despite the raging success and popularity of window blinds and shades, they have not been able to displace drapes as perhaps the most favorite window treatment of all time. The yards of luscious fabric covering the length and breadth of the windows are the ultimate style statement your home needs. Extremely versatile and stylish, drapes can pull off any home décor style. Gorgeous and luxurious silk drapes for your traditional homes, simple sheer curtains for your minimalist homes and solid earthen colored cotton drapes for modern homes, you can have anything you want for your homes. Drapes not only leave a lasting impression in your rooms with their looks, but they can also be as functional as you want them to be.

Draperies help to block out harmful UV rays thereby protecting your health and our furnishings. They help to provide privacy when needed and light-filtration by diffusing natural light and cutting out the glares. They can completely block out light to ensure good sleep and offer insulation during winters. By adding a similar colored lining to your drapes for all your windows, you can preserve the curb appeal of your homes.
Go for custom-made drapes that are made specifically for your windows. With the right style, measurement and material, your drapes will give your interiors the uplift it needs and leave a stunning impact on your guests and friends.
Drapery Panels

Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Drapes

Functionality & Types of Drapes
There are thicker fabrics for rooms that demand more privacy and light filtration. Thick linings or blackout linings can be added to the drapes that help to block out light and ensure maximum privacy at night and during day time. These are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.

For rooms that need more light and add the dimension of space, you could settle for sheer curtains. They are lightweight fabrics made of lace, cotton or linens and they can do wonders for your living rooms.
If you are looking to insulate your windows against possible heat loss during winter months you can opt for thermal curtains or drapes with thermal linings. As they are hung high and reach till the floor and cover the entire breadth of the windows, thermal curtains prevent energy loss.
Sheer Drapery
For drapes to create the right amount of drama and look elegant, measurement is the key. Whatever the room size, the endeavor should always be to make rooms appear bigger than they are and to help drapes achieve this, they need to be mounted correctly. The drapes must be hung high from near the ceiling till the floor and if you want the drapes to fall well and create the right impact, the width must two or three times that of the width of the window. Anything shorter than this will ruin the effect of drapes in the room.

The material you choose for your drapes can have a lasting impact on the style and functionality of your window treatments. If you want to add an element of luxury and regality to the rooms then opt for materials like satin and suede. They are thick, fall well and look majestic. If you are looking for a breezy airy ambiance that has a neat appearance, opt for cotton, linen or lace. They are lightweight and give off casual vibes that the room demands.
Blackout Drapery

Last but not least, get the styling right for the drapes to pull off the desired look. Study what the room demands. You can choose solid natural colors, floral print, patterns, and a combination of solid colored and patterned drapes, there are endless possibilities for your drapes. It depends upon the color palette of the room and the décor.

You can opt for any of the following custom drape design ideas.
Pinch Pleat: requires more fabric than other headings and adds volume to the drapes. They can be moved through the rod with the help of rings. They look great for contemporary and traditional décor styles.
Pinch Pleated Drapes
Wave: This has a wavy effect and looks great in modern homes. They can be attached to tracks and you can choose cotton or sheers to pull off the look.
Rod-gathered: These have a gathered look at the top and look good on lightweight fabrics. They give an informal look.
Rod Pocket Drapery Panel
Goblet: this decorative heading resembles a wine glass and hence the name goblet. They create the right fall with thick fabrics or silk and great for formal and traditional interiors.
Eyelet: also known as grommet heading, they look and feel contemporary and economical on fabric. They provide large pleats and they need a pole to hang. They cannot be attached to tracks.

Getting the Look Right

The cut and style and choice of pleating, folding and gathering of your drapes are used to highlight the design of the fabric and match the tone of the room. Here are a few designer drape ideas for your trendy homes. The list isn’t exhaustive by any means but has been compiled to give you an idea of the look drapes can be custom-made to create and blend with the existing décor style.

Matching Two-Toned Lattice

If you are looking for drapes for a smaller room that has a neutral and monochrome palette then you would do well to match the curtains to the dominating color in the room. You could opt for a two-toned lattice fabric pattern that looks warm and creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Full-Length Gingham Design

Some rooms have cathedral ceilings and finding the right window treatment can be a challenge. While a patterned fabric looks loud, a plain one looks blocky. Settle for a classic gingham pattern with soft neutral colors and they look wonderful.

Damask Print

A damask print looks stunning on drapes. Two much of prints could make the drapes look to busy and does not do much for the room. If your windows are spaced out and not crowded together at the same place then you could settle for this print which looks quite stylish otherwise.

Pleated Floor Length Curtains

If you are dealing with rooms that have dark wood furniture and overstuffed with couches then pairing the décor with some sheer curtains lend a classic and romantic look to the rooms. Light chiffon fabric in neutral shades hung high from a decorative rod till the floor is a show-stealer.

Pleated Chiffon for all Décor

Pleated chiffon fabric is extremely versatile. They add warmth and softness, fills the space with light and creates a cheerful ambiance. If you have a rustic style of home décor, pleated chiffon helps to soften the hardness and diffuses the light pouring in through the windows.

Big Bold Stripes

If you are doing up a room that has a long wall and lots of windows you can put those dimensions to use by opting for big, wide and bold stripes in alternating colors. It is preferable to stick to neutral shades and make sure that you hang them high for the right dramatic effect.

Using Colored Curtains in Monochrome Rooms

In rooms that use the neutral and monochrome color schemes, you can use bright colors but the secret is to keep them to a minimum and repeat them at intervals. You could use brightly colored curtains in thinner panels and use them to border more tone-downed curtains like sheers to get the balance right. You get use pops of colors but they don’t cause distractions.

Floral Designs

Classic floral designs are timeless beauties and they have never gone out of style. If you have a room that has rich natural wood furniture coupled with a variety of patterns and textures you could use floral designed curtains to create a boho-chic ambiance. It is a stunner.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to getting your drape to look right for your homes. You can mix and match with modern and vintage styles and use the existing ideas to create a style unique to your home as you know best what your home needs. Custom-create your drapes to perfect the look you want.