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Design Your Own Fabric for Your Roman Shades

Design Your Own Fabric For Your Roman Shades

Everyone loves an aesthetic window space, brightly lit at the same time slowly streaming in the sunlight. While the window is a small outlet for fresh air and light to enter your place, it’s not always welcomed. There are moments where you would like to enjoy your privacy from the outside world. This is why window coverings are a must-have. They alter the amount of light and air that enter your space. They also control the indoor temperature you’re trying to set. Out of many options to pick from, the one that everyone just loves are roman shades. Fun Fact, roman blinds are not from Rome. While history narrates another tale that talks about the origin of these blinds, they still have modern-day demand. Roman shades are a popular type of window covering that is used to keep those pesky sun rays at bay. What’s unique about the design is that the slats of the blinds stack up evenly. When you tug the cord or want or just press the button, these blinds open up smoothly without any ridges obstructing. You can get them in just about any material like wood or fabric. What’s great about these blinds is that you have the option of creating them by yourself from scratch or opting for custom fabric roman shades.

Do Roman Blinds Come in Different Styles?

Roman blinds are extremely versatile and available in different fabrics. While picking roman blinds, the fabric plays an important role in decision making. Even the fold plays an important role. It is important to know the different fabrics and folds these blinds are available so that you can customize it with great precision.

When it comes to fabric roman blinds, they are available in linen, cotton, bamboo, rayon, and other fabric. This depends on the shop you pick to buy your shades from. When it comes to choosing fabric for Roman blinds, here are parameters you need to keep mind. They’ll also come handy if you’re creating your blinds by yourself!

1) Fabric Weight: This is a big deciding factor when it comes to picking the fabric for blinds. It’s divided into three categories. Light fabrics are ones that allow a lot of light to stream in, medium fabrics filter in a bit lighter, and heavy fabric blocks light completely.

2) Fabric Design: When there’s a choice between solids or patterns, what will you choose? That’s another point of consideration; the design of the fabric. Are you looking for something bright and vibrant, or something simple and subtle? Are you trying to add some personality to your room or are you just trying to seamlessly tie it together? All this will be decided by the type of fabric you’re planning on purchasing.

3) Fabric Types: Ultimately, the most important determinant. The type of fabric plays a crucial role. Blinds fabric comes in various types. Some are tough, while others need a little maintenance.
Linen Fabric Shades
If you’re trying to create Roman Blinds then you need to know the different ways the fabric is folded. The versatile way of folding the fabric adds a unique style to the blinds. Here the different ways of doing so:

1) Traditional Fold:
Smooth with few contours, the traditional fold is soft for the eyes and space. There are no danglers, so it raises smoothly. It looks even from the back and front. This is the classic style that most roman fabric shades support.

2) Tailored Fold:
If you’re looking for something contemporary and modern, then this fold is the right one. This type of fold has a casual appearance while giving that folded look. Think of this fold as a soft, cascading waterfall.

3) Flat Fold:
Are you eyeing a patterned fabric? Want to give your window a bold look? This fold is perfect. It does not involve any type of horizontal stitching, giving your window that smooth look.
White Flat Roman Shades
4) Batten Fold:
Seeking for a fresh new look for space? This fold features a batten design that is stitched together in intervals. This fold will embrace the design or pattern that you choose.

5) Batten Back:
This type of fold will easily give your space a mellow touch. This style is similar to the above except that the batten folds are created in an inverted manner. This fold is recommended for solid designs.

When it comes to making your fabric shades, keep in mind the above tips. If you’re looking for custom fabric roman shades, then there are various ways to personalize it. You can personalize it based on brand, color, price, properties, and more. Personalizing or customizing shades can fine-tune them to your preference; since every home comes with their individual and unique need. Whether you challenge your creative instincts or want to indulge in online services, you can still enjoy a pair of Roman fabric shades just the way you like it.

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