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Are Shutters The Right Choice for Your Home?

Decorative Window Shutters

Decorative Window Shutters: A Classic Choice for your Home


When one starts thinking about the various window treatment ideas for home, it’s very much possible to feel like you’re stuck in a maze. From a wide range of designs from traditional draperies and blinds to modernized shades and efficient, aesthetic shutters, you can Customize Your Window Treatments exactly the way you want them.

Shutters are minimalistic and classy coverings for your home windows. Without much fuss, Exterior Window Shutters are sturdy and give your space a neat and uncluttered look. They have abundant practical functionalities and offer an understated elegance to the area.

They also offer possibilities of fitting inside or outside the windows. So before we bring you various Decorative Window Shutters, there are some advantages worth mentioning for these products.


Benefits of Exterior Window Shutters


Exterior Window Shutters


  • Made from exceptional American Hardwoods which ensures longevity
  • Sturdy and compact, doesn’t take up much space
  • No dangling cords which make them a safer option for a home with kids and pets
  • The desired level of light control and privacy
  • Get diffused illumination inside the rooms and also sufficient fresh air to keep the ambiance cool
  • Eco-friendly as they are sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Give your home a varied range of appearances – from natural, traditional splendor to modern elegance
  • Unique drying process ensures these window coverings resist any warping or cracking
  • Budget-friendly

Graber and Crown, renowned brands in the window furnishing business, offer these alluring and advantageous window coverings.


# Graber Plantation Shutters


Graber Plantation Shutters


While other Graber Window Treatments are available, Graber Plantation Shutters need a special mention. Crafted from American Hardwoods, they provide a superior quality finish to the product. With their features of adequate privacy and lighting and fresh ventilation, they make an ideal fit for the living and dining rooms.

  • As the living rooms are the focal point of gatherings, they should receive sufficient light to keep the place illuminated yet offer the necessary privacy as well
  • Sturdy and resistant to rough weather conditions, with a wide selection of styles and louver sizes, you get versatile functions with the Graber Shutters
  • Customize these ideas for large windows or arch windows in the bi-fold shutters style
  • Choose from the different vane sizes – 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ in many exciting colors
  • Comparatively, these are one of the most affordable and Cheap Exterior Shutters available in the market

# Norman Shutters


Norman Shutters


Glamourous looking, durable, and robust are synonymous to the Norman Shutters. Norman is the only brand which offers motorization in these window coverings.

They offer different products of Wood Shutters, PerfectTilt RF Shutters, and Skylight PerfectTilt RF shutters for the many windows in your house.

# InvisibleTilt Mechanism with PerfectTilt RF Shutters


PerfectTilt RF Shutters include an InvisibleTilt mechanism which is a patented feature offering a tilt-rod-free solution for an excellent view and improved energy-efficiency.

  • RF shutters use RF signals to communicate with the remote controls anywhere up to 65 feet. So there is no inconvenience in management as they have eight preset angles to control the shutters, and can control any number of them at a time.
  • There is also a timer available in the remote control which enables to program the operation at specific times.
  • PerfectTilt RF Shutters, with their quiet and comfortable management, are ideal for hard-to-reach and large windows.

# Wood Shutters for Your Home


Wood Shutters, another product range from Norman, have engineered reinforced slats made by the Prescription Wood conditioning technique. So being structurally stable and durable in any weather, they also offer sufficient control over light and privacy conditions inside.

  • The multilayer wood concrete prevents any damages to the Shutter panels.
  • With excellent craftsmanship in the making and attractive color panels available, they elevate the stature of your indoor beauty.
  • They blend well with any interior design.
  • A unique joinery gives them necessary stability and a long lifespan.
  • Quick and easy installation with the pre-installed magnets and hinges, as well as pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes.

# Specialty Shutters


Perfect for the angular and different windows of your home, these shutters are solutions to every window type. Keeping in mind the uniqueness of each personality and taste, Specialty Shutters are an answer to your unique and innovative designs. Offering insulation from heat, light, and noise, they make a fantastic addition to your spaces.

# Don’t Worry about Sufficient Privacy


Shutter Window Treatments are for you if you want an illuminated room with sufficient privacy and insulation from outside elements. ZebraBlinds offers these excellent prizes at jaw-dropping prices. To enable your shopping experience and help you choose, we also provide free samples.

Shop with us and enjoy our selection of colors and styles and give your home a trendy and artistic look.

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