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Decorating Windows without Curtains Is Easy and Practical

Decorating Windows Without Curtains Is Easy And Practical

Look Beyond Curtains

Curtains are among the most popular window treatments in the market since one can remember. A piece of fabric decorating our windows and homes has been quite a constant feature. There may however be many of you out there who want to look beyond curtains and drapes for your gorgeous windows and there is nothing wrong with that. Indeed, doing up your windows without curtains can be easy and even practical. There are many who do not like the long hanging fabrics that often take up more space and make rooms appear smaller. Long curtains can get messy with pets and toddlers in the house. There are also several instances where you find that curtains are more costly than blinds because of the amount of fabric that is needed to dress your windows.

Window Treatment Solutions sans Curtains & Drapes

There are several options available for homeowners for dressing their windows without using curtains.
Blinds, shades and shutters are as popular, easy to hang and operate and extremely versatile and functional. They can be used to dress your large and wide windows, specialty shaped windows like arched, triangular, octagonal and even your sliding or French glass doors. And you will be spoilt for choice.


Blinds are a window treatment solution that is designed with slats that can be opened or closed for light control, privacy and protection from UV rays and glares of the sun. Blinds are made of aluminum, wood, vinyl or faux wood. They are can be corded, cordless or come with motorized control. Blinds can be pocket friendly like faux wood, vinyl and aluminum blinds while the higher end ones are those made of real wood. Blinds are fantastic for your homes. They allow diffused light to pour through the slats and light up your home.

Aluminum and faux wood blinds are a fantastic choice for bathrooms and kitchens as they are moisture and heat resistant. They are durable and do not warp or peel when exposed to humidity for a prolonged period of time. Aluminum blinds are available in a range of colors while faux wood blinds have the look and feel of real wood but far cheaper. There are different slat sizes available depending upon the size of your windows and your need.
Wood Blinds are stunning and fill your homes with a natural warm glow and softness that is truly amazing. They can blend with any existing home decor, from traditional and regal to contemporary and minimalistic room decor. Wood blinds are a little more expensive and a great choice for your living rooms and bedrooms.
Venetian Window Blinds


Shades and blinds are often used interchangeably but they are different. Shades do not have slats and are made mostly of fabric. Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Cellular Honeycomb Shades, Pleated Shades are made of fabrics ranging from light filtering, room darkening to blackout ones depending upon your need for light, darkness and privacy. They are a gorgeous window treatment solution.

Roman Shades are a timeless classic. Made of fabric, these shades stack up in layers when open.
Roller Shades have neat and straight lines without frills or extras. They are perfect for contemporary and minimalistic homes. They are perfect for controlling light inside the house, offering protection and light blockage. Dual Roller Shades combine Zebra Sheer Shade and a blackout/room darkening shade for maximum efficiency.
Cellular Honeycomb Shades are the most energy-efficient and insulating window treatments in the market. The honeycomb designs are perfect for trapping air in the cells and prevent warm air from escaping the house during winters.

Perfect Vue Cellular Shades
Pleated Shades come with crisp pleats and look absolutely stunning and gorgeous on your windows.
These shades can be corded, cordless or have motorized control. Motorized control allows you to operate your shades from the comfort of your bed or sofa using a remote. These shades can be pre-programmed to function at different times of the day.
Installation of blinds and shades are easy and can be done at home by you without professional expertise.


Plantation shutters are a super choice for your windows. They are the epitome of elegance and appeal and can decorate your windows without resorting to the yards of fabric. Simple, practical yet have a stunning impact on the room decor. They come in a wide assortment of colors and styles and the slats of the shutters are perfect for controlling light and privacy. They are great for both summer and winter for keeping the interiors pleasant and comfortable.
Composite Shutters

Valance & Cornice Boards

There is no denying that drapes have a luxurious appeal that imparts a regal look to your interiors. Blinds and shades give a neat and streamlined appearance to your windows but can sometimes lack drama to pull the room together, something which drapes have in abundance. Before you have second thoughts about ditching drapes for blinds and shades, we present you with a solution. Go for a valance or cornice board and give your windows the drama they need. Valance is made of fabric that is installed at the top of the windows. They help to hide the ugly hardware of blinds and at the same time helps to accentuate the gorgeousness of the windows. Cornice boards are made of hardwood which can be decorative and designed and even fitted with fabric to get the look you want for your rooms. These cornice boards can be of different shapes.
Custom Window Valances
If you have been looking for a vote of confidence for your decision to do without drapes we hope that we have given you enough. Step out of your comfort zone of curtains and drapes and embrace any of these options to decorate your windows with ease and practicality.

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