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Decorate Your Home with Natural Blinds for Chinese New Year

A couple preparing for Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is a time of renewal, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. It’s when families come together to honor their ancestors and celebrate the turning of the Chinese calendar.

This is the time of year when your home can reflect traditional Chinese culture and customs. Whether you want to decorate your home with a specific theme or just make it look pretty, there are many ways to celebrate this festive holiday in your own home.

If you want to create a beautiful and traditional Chinese style look in your home, we would like to recommend using natural blinds for your windows.

Natural Woven Wood Shades

Today’s window treatments come in many different materials, colors and styles. They all provide what you need from them: light control and privacy. Where natural blinds really set itself apart is that they are made entirely of natural materials.

The spirit of celebrating Chinese New Years is about connecting with nature, with life. Incorporating window treatments such as woven wood shades into your home captures this feeling. As their name suggests, natural blinds use naturally found, earthbound materials such as wood, bamboo, and jute.

A Chinese New Year traditional color is red. Natural blinds can easily come in this and many other colors. They also come in the roman shade style, that is to say, they pleat in large bunches, giving the appearance of layered fabrics. This style creates a sophisticated appearance that you can adorn your home in throughout the year, and not just during the holiday season.

Natural Shades in a living room.

Other ways to bring the Chinese New Year Celebrations Home

Spring Festival Couplets

When it comes to Chinese New Year, spring festival couplets are one of the most popular and important traditions. Poetry lines can be found pasted vertically on both sides of the front door, as well as in living rooms, stores, schools, and companies. 

Hung above a gateway, a scroll with four characters representing wealth, good fortune, good health, and good luck. People’s delight in the event and wishes for a better life in the future year are expressed by pasting these couplets. 

Fu Characters & New Year Paintings

The inverted Fu character indicates that good fortune is on its way. The New Year Paintings include a wide range of imagery, including auspicious legendary figures and mythological gods. The most popular paintings are the Door God and the God of Wealth because Chinese people believe the former can keep the house safe and the latter can assist in wealth creation.

Chinese Red Lanterns

Red lanterns are often used during Chinese New Year and mid-autumn festivities to represent the full moon. You’ll find them posted outside homes and businesses during Chinese New Year. In fact, these are among the most well-known Chinese New Year decorations in Singapore, as they instantly create a festive and fortunate mood. Chinese lanterns are traditionally hung to symbolize happiness and to ward off bad luck.

Beautiful Flowers – Butterfly Orchid, Peach Flower

Beautiful flowers are one of the best New Year decorations, and the most popular flowers during this time are typically associated with good fortune and omens. You can decorate your house with the butterfly orchid, which blooms with grace and elegance throughout Chinese New Year. The pink peach blooms have the effect of exorcising evil spirits and signify prosperity and romance.

The pussy willow is also called the silver willow, the growing blooms of which indicate a rising wealth in the profession. The Chinese nickname for the guzmania conifer is “Lucky Strike.” Its crimson flower is seen to be a good omen, and because red is the theme color of the Chinese new year, it’s also a good plant to add to the festivity.

Paper Cuttings

Paper cuttings are another traditional Chinese New Year adornment, and cutting paper with scissors or a cutting knife is a folk craft. Paper cuts are commonly glued on windows, doors, or walls to express people’s best wishes for the future. 

The designs of paper cuttings are mostly the zodiac image of the New Year and some lucky characters ‘Fu’, ‘Lu’, ‘Shou’ and ‘Xi’, which respectively mean luck, wealth, longevity, and happiness. Aside from that, some auspicious plants and intriguing legends can be included in the New Year paper cuttings themes.

Auspicious Green Plants – Lucky Bamboo, Money Tree, and Kumquat Tree

Green plants are currently one of the most popular home decorations for Chinese New Year, and some of the most popular plants have been given nicknames like Lucky Bamboos, Money Trees, and Coin Trees. The three plants all represent prosperity and good fortune, as their names suggest. They are a perfect compliment if placed right next to natural shades.

In addition, kumquat trees with many fruits are associated with good fortune and wealth, and they are particularly popular in China’s southern regions.

Chinese Knots

The Chinese knot has a long and illustrious history. Knots were first employed for rudimentary recording in ancient times, and subsequently, they evolved into accessories and decorations. They’ve largely been utilized as interior decorations and gifts to friends and relatives up until now. It’s also one of the most popular decorations during the Chinese New Year. 

The Chinese knot is usually made from a single rope, and numerous single knots can be combined to form a more complex knot. Knots come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their names are always associated with ‘safety’ and ‘auspiciousness.’ Because of their excellent symbolism and lovely design, people love to use them to decorate rooms during the Chinese New Year.

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