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Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Curtains and Blinds Together

Curtains and Blinds Together

Ideas to Decorate Curtains and Blinds Together


A sturdy home is intrinsic to our own comfort and contentment. Our homes are an extension of our personality, and we take pride in their appearance. In a residence, doors and windows are among the foremost parts of our home that the visitors happen to see when they visit us. And it is well acknowledged that the first impression is the last impression because it is impossibly hard to alter it. Not just this, a good home just makes us feel better in our day to day lives. Hence, the aesthetics of our home is something we can’t ignore.

Can You Have Curtains and Blinds on the Same Window?


Curtains and Blinds


A convenient, energy efficient, and stylish solution for common issues of light control and privacy are curtains and blinds. Numerous households go for this simple solution by installing either curtains or blinds on their doors and windows, but if you want the benefits of both, check out our curtains and blinds together ideas along with some do’s and don’ts of coupling them.

Installing curtains and blinds on the same window sounds great, but there are some stumbling blocks that you need to keep in mind. In order to create a flawless combination, here are some indispensable curtains and blinds combination ideas for you:


What Color Curtains go with Brown Blinds?

    1. Picking up a random blind with a curtain would not always give you the kind of result you will be having in mind. Hence, you have to delve a little deeper into the kinds of blinds you have decided to install.
    2. Wood blinds add great aesthetics to your room when paired with warm color curtains.
    3. Consider the overall size and shape of your window blinds, along with the materials used and their textures etc.
    4. In order to find out what color curtains go with brown blinds, pay attention to the overall color scheme of your interiors. Choosing the color that blends best with the overall decor helps you create a soothing effect on the eyes, and helps you avoid making your window look too busy.
    5. On the contrary, if want to splash some color, you may go for contrasting textures of curtains and blinds. This will make your windows the centerpiece of attention and provide your room with some lively aesthetics.


Curtains and Wood Blinds

#1: Create the Illusion

You may be surprised to know that installing the blinds and curtains in the right manner can help you make an intriguing first impression. Pairing them in the correct way can create the illusion of a bigger window, making your room look much taller than it is. A secret key is to install the drapes a couple of inches below your ceiling. Or hide the curtain rod nearly at the same level of the blinds but stretch it 15-20 inches beyond your window.

#2: Match the Curtain and Blind Hue with the Rod Colour

After deciding the color combinations of the blinds and curtains, it is vital to pick a rod with a similar tint, otherwise, the combinations may end up looking no less than ‘hideous’. The hardware should always complement the drapes and dressings of your windows. Try and avoid a commonly witnessed fiasco i.e. pairing your blinds and shades with super shiny silver and golden rods. These colors reflect a lot of light and take away from that subtle look you have chosen for your windows. Go with a matte grey or beige to preserve the beauty and simplicity.

#3: Putting Curtain over Blinds

Curtain Blinds Combination Ideas

While browsing through the curtains and blinds together, a common question which pops into our minds is – Can you put curtains over blinds?

Well, yes, you can surely do that because if done correctly, it leaves a mellow, warm, and restful feel to your room.

A rich, complete, and fuller look of your home is something to strive for, and layering the curtains over blinds helps you create it. To enhance it further, go for Roman shades and curtains in the same room.

Team up the roman blinds with linen sheers or go for wood blinds with sheers to create a pacifying and relaxing appearance.



You don’t want incongruity in your dream home, do you? Here are some don’ts to save you from those common mistakes.

#1: Identical Draperies Across the House 

Regardless of the convenience in choosing a simple curtain for the entire house, this is among the peskiest problems in deciding the interiors of a house. Monotonous and dull, it gives the area a very patchy and incomplete look. Now, pairing curtains and blinds that complement the mood of the room brings a saturated finish to the home. And to successfully do that, the spirit of the particular room should be considered.

#2: Prints Over Prints Is A No

A combination of textured blinds and printed curtains can give your room a much bolder look than you can fathom. Not only does it soak away the subtlety of your room, it also becomes harsh and irksome after a while. Choosing this combination for a smaller room is worse.

If you are a print fanatic, combine a solid color with your favorite pattern. An exemplary combination is created by pairing solid color blinds in a single color coupled up with beautiful curtains with motifs and textures. Better if the hue of the blinds has something in common with the curtain fabric.

A wood blind with layers of curtains and quirky patterns provides a tasteful and exquisite look to the room. But before going for this combination, do extensive research about colors and patterns in order to create graceful results.

A quick DIY is to pair roller blinds made of a tougher plastic material with velvety, rich and sumptuous looking curtain materials or combining wooden blinds with palatial linens.

#3: Do Not Choose the Curtains First

Choosing the curtains before blinds limit the variety of combinations, hence it is highly recommended to decide the color, texture, and type of blinds first. Choosing a common, single, solid color for your blinds amplifies the variety of draperies you can go for. In addition to this, choosing a wood-based or aluminum-based blind provides a comfy look.

#4: Don’t Think Too Much Before Accessorizing

Choosing the right accessories complements various curtains and blind combination ideas. Embellishments like metal holdings can be mounted in the walls and the curtains can be neatly tied with ethnic tiebacks.

A tieback with dangling tassels creates a drapery effect giving the room a royal look. This is an ideal formula for your living room. In addition to tiebacks and metal holdings, Pelmets and valances are among the top most popular accessory options for your windows. They hide the curtain rods and tracks to provide a finished look to your decor. Roman blinds with pelmets are a classic combination which works with almost all types of curtains.

Embellish your home with innumerable options from and choose the ideal combination of curtains and blinds.

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