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Your Night In Shining Armour: Ideal Window Protection Ideas For An Unperturbed Sleep

Day Night Window Shades For Home

Day Night Window Shades For Home: Best Window Protection Ideas For An Unperturbed Sleep


We all need ample amount of rest to feel energized for work every morning. A healthy body entails enough sleep and vice versa. However, there can be a lot of interruptions that might disturb us from getting sleep. You might sleep on the coziest and softest bed possible, in a fully air-conditioned room in a palatial house. However, there are outside elements such as noise, sunlight, and heat that can prevent you from getting enough rest.


Day Night Window Shades For Home – Right Window Treatments

Investing in the right window treatments, among other things, is essential for protecting your windows and home from extreme temperatures. When the summers reach their peak, we often feel sweaty and extreme discomfort if we do not have enough means to afford an air conditioner. Similarly, in winters, we huddle and struggle to keep warm if we do not have a central heating system installed in our houses against chilly winds that might find their way through an open crack or little spaces in windows and doors. Hence, getting the right window treatment and day-night window shades for home is essential to ensure your comfort and in ensuring an unperturbed sleep.

Here we discuss the various ways in which you can rest without being agitated by any external factors.


1) Installing Room Darkening and Blackout Curtains and Blinds

Blackout curtains usually come with an added layer of insulated and layered fabrics to give them the blackout properties, without which they are always prone to and at the receiving end of noise, heat, cold and UV rays. Usually made from blended and thicker fabrics, they are opposed to sheer fabrics in that they do not even let filtered sunlight from entering the home. The purpose is simple: to block the light permanently and give the bedroom a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Some of the most famous materials used for blackout curtains are polyester, velvet, and raw silk. A few of the most important blinds that can be used for blackout purposes are as follows:

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades: The dual and triple-cell honeycomb shades are perfect for room darkening and letting in only as much sunlight as desired. They can be fully closed when you want absolute darkness.

Roller Shades

Roller shades: They can be pulled down completely to ensure maximum blockage of sunlight while also providing the home a subtle and classy touch with their multiple patterns and designs.

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds: These can come with cordless and motorized options too, ensuring you have customized control over them. They are extremely stylish and reliable options to ensure privacy.

Window Quilts: They help to cover cracks in walls by fitting tightly against the trim or with Velcros, making them an ideal window covering option.


2) Installing Sound Absorbing Blinds and Curtains

In an area bustling with the crowd, traffic, noisy hawkers, and neighbors who just wouldn’t stop talking, we need an effective window treatment which prevents sounds from entering our houses. While it is true that noises may pierce through walls on occasions, an effective window treatment method does best to absorb as much sound as possible.

Cellular shades, apart from their light filtering features, are excellent noise canceling options because of their construction. They must be used in double cells with thicker fabrics to prevent you from being privy to unwanted sounds during odd hours or if you’re the sort who prefers sleeping during the day.

Roman shades are also great options with their sturdy construction. They are also great to look at and are a great fit for any home in any room in the house, be it a bedroom, living room or the dining hall.

Acoustic foams, textiles, quilted fiberglass, velour, velvet and polyvinyl are excellent materials that can be used to block out sounds completely. They are also used in offices, conference halls and sound recording studios, most importantly, to get their job done. Most of these materials are used in creating panels that are placed next to the walls for being perfectly effective. A few of them can be applied to blinds and curtains to be used in homes.


3) Using Window Films

Earlier used in cars and windshields, window films have become a popular option to be used on your house windows. They are a very practical option to go for when you do not wish to spend extra on thick curtains or blinds which can take a lot to clean and maintain. The purpose of using window films is to prevent you skin from damage against ultraviolet radiation which is a major cause of early signs of aging and, in worse scenarios, skin cancer which can develop in the long run.

Ultraviolet radiation can easily penetrate glass. So even if you are sitting in the comfort of your house by the window, you are at greater risk of photo-aging and the glare of the sun can be detrimental to your eyes. However, window films coming in varied tints and flat sheets can easily be installed for the much-needed protection against the sun. They can be great energy saving options, cutting down the heat during summers and retaining it during winters.


4) Growing Vines

People are divided on having vines grow thick on the outer walls of your home and affecting its appearance. However, growing them can be pretty useful. These dark green leaves can act as thermal shields, protecting the home against high and low temperatures and normal wear and tear. They can also provide an excellent prevention against dust pollutants and harmful intoxicants in the air that can find their way inside.

They can be safely taken off the walls when they grow dense. On the flipside, they can find their way into holes and cracks of the building and need regular maintenance by trimming, which can be quite tasking and time-consuming.


5) Frosted Glass on Windows

The purpose of frosted glass is not to compromise the privacy of your home from nosy neighbors of creepy stalkers who might find your home too interesting to look away. When you know your place is exposed and at the mercy of these onlookers, you can go for another alternative to the tried and tested curtains. Frosting of window glass allows for natural light to enter your bedroom while providing the privacy you desire.

By using the abrasive material on the glass, it is rendered translucent and scatters the light that passes through. It is a common DIY method by which you can also create decorative patterns on your windows. You can achieve that by acid etching and sandblast the surface.

Thus, we see that are multiple methods that can be applied inside or outside the windows to ensure your bedroom is protected enough for you to enjoy a satisfying sleep. While not all methods are 100% foolproof, as there is always a possibility for minor disturbances, a combination of these alternatives can be used to achieve the level of privacy and sun and light protection that you need. Before you make a purchase, do a thorough research as it also depends on your house, its location and the weather it experiences all year.

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