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Best Cellular Shades That Work For Both Night And Day

Day Night Window Blinds And Shades

Day Night Window Blinds And Shades: Why Cellular Shades Are Sought After Window Treatments


When it comes to shopping for the right window treatment, there are several factors that come into play. A few pertinent questions that we are faced with when buying them are: What shades will be best for large windows? What features do they possess? Would they look good on my walls? What colors should I go for? Would they block enough heat and light? Do they come with good enough, natural fabrics that are environment-friendly too? Which shades can I buy at cheaper, affordable prices? And so on.

Among the multiple windows decorating ideas that the market boast of, cellular shades are one of the most reliable options if you want to have all the features combined. Beyond possessing an attractive, pleat-like look that offers a subtle look of elegance, they have a lot of benefits to their credit that make them the ideal window protection shades.


Day Night Window Blinds And Shades


Also called honeycomb shades because of their appearance, cellular shades offer privacy, protection against glare, light control, energy efficiency inside the homes, absorption of loud sounds, and proper insulation. These day night window blinds and shades work equally well in homes, offices, cafes and government buildings. We shall hereby look at all the features they provide.


1) Attractiveness in Design

The appearance and the texture of the pleats give them a uniform and classy look which is best used in dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. They can be uniformly used in both large, small and medium-sized windows, and can be customized according to your liking. Consider layering them with a few window decorating ideas such as shelves with small shrubs occupying the space. Better still, have the wall painted with small objects.

2) Privacy

Just how often do you have peeping Toms and creepy stalkers trying to get a good look inside your living room or, worse, bedroom when you just want some time to your self? Our personal advice is to go for triple-cell honeycomb shades (or any blackout shade) to offer you maximum privacy against these troublemakers.

3) Protection Against Glare

With summers at their peak and when the sun shines at its brightest in the middle of the day, your house may be most vulnerable against nature’s impact. The sun’s intense glare may cause irritation in your eyes and in some cases to damage them in the long run. So instead of packing your bags in cooler climates, better put your cellular shades to good use in your house. Install them on windows in places where you read or watch television.

4) Energy Efficiency

Cellular shades come with insulating fabrics to trap and absorb heat accordingly depending on the climate. When the temperatures are high, they absorb outside heat and prevent it from entering your home and making you sweat in discomfort. When the temperatures dip, they ensure the heat inside doesn’t escape. By keeping the house under constant room temperature, they avoid huge and unnecessary expenditures on air conditioning and heaters.

5) Sound Absorption

In the middle of a chaotic city, life can be difficult if you have thin walls or an apartment which faces the city traffic directly. While cellular shades cannot do much to counter the former, it can very well absorb sounds that may find their way inside through windows. They can be especially useful if you sleep during the daytime.


Types of Day Night Cellular Shades


Day Night Window Blinds And Shades


Cellular shades fold up in crisp pleats when they are folded up and retain their original shape when they are pulled all the way down. Day night cellular shades, in particular, are designed to have two types of fabrics stacked on top of each other, allowing you to have both blackout and light filtering fabrics at your disposal. Day night cellular shades come in a variety of color, light control options, and textures.

They have air pockets between them which create an insulation layer between the windows and the rest of the house. They come in various layers, notably the single cells and double cells.

Single cell honeycomb shades require less material than the double cell ones. They are also comparatively cheaper and as light filtering fabrics, offer less blockage of light. However, they are good light filtering options and can be used when the primary motive of installing shades is light diffusion and allowing at least some natural light into the room. They are best used in places which do not experience extreme temperatures.

Double cell honeycomb shades are used when you need absolute privacy and close to 100% protection against outside heat and light. They are made from thicker textures and have extra layers to trap air and sounds, making them excellent insulators. Although they are generally more expensive than single cell shades, there are multiple affordable options available in them, which you can compare among one another and go for the best possible option.

Triple layer honeycomb shades are the result of continued efforts in modern technology to give us better options to make our lives easier. These honeycomb shades have three layers of fabrics, making them the best options for scorching or freezing climates.


Popular Day Night Cellular Shades


CrystalPleat Sun-Up-Sun-Down Cellular Shades


1) 3/8” CrystalPleat Sun-Up-Sun-Down Cellular Shades

Boasting of sturdy polyester fabrics that give an appealing and elegant look, these shades are sought-after window treatment solutions to make your home a haven of luxury and comfort. Their insulating feature keeps warm and cold air from escaping the house during extreme climates, ensuring that you enjoy staying indoors as much as vacationing in a remote area.

Their air pockets are known to trap sounds, thereby creating a peaceful atmosphere and a calm decor inside the home. These CrystalPleat shades are designed to prevent floorings, carpets, furniture, and draperies from damage and wear and tear from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Being an essential combination of light filtering and room darkening fabrics that work in tandem, these shades enable light control and privacy. They are offered in two cell sizes to match diverse decor styles. All their shades are effectively color coordinated.

2) 3/4″ CrystalPleat SunUp-SunDown Cellular Shades

These honeycomb shades come with a very attractive design that makes them sought-after window protecting options for a variety of purposes. They are made of two fabrics: sheer or light filtering fabrics on top and room darkening/blackout fabrics on the bottom. This gives them two features in one shade, enabling them to be versatile enough to be used for both day and night. They are perfect to be used in extreme weather conditions.

They are also great options to absorb sound and can be set up on any kind of windows in any rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. The room darkening fabrics are attached to the headrails because of their heavyweight, and the light filtering fabrics are installed on the bottom half. They are highly energy efficient and installing them is a rather simple and uncomplicated process.

3) Crown Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades

Crown Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades

These shades are combined with a room darkening and a light filtering fabric, making them ideal day night shades which enhance the level of privacy and darkness that you desire for a sound sleep. They consist of a headrail, middle rail, and a bottom rail. The cordless feature makes them safe for use against children and pets who may otherwise get tangled in cords. They come at an affordable cost and have various colors to choose from Ivory Beige, Expresso, Cool White or Antique Linen.

Thus, we see the advantages of having cellular shades installed on your windows. Coming in a variety of patterns, colors, textures, and designs, cellular shades are a great choice to go for if you want to protect your home against external disruptions. Home is where the heart is, and there should be no compromise in our comfort. Cellular shades help us in realizing their importance and have multiple features to ensure our maximum convenience and comfort.

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