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Day Night Shades – Display Your Collectibles

The biggest nightmare for any collector of paper or resin-based memorabilia is the constant fear of preserving it from the nuisances of nature such as dust, humidity, and the worst of them all, sunlight. If you are a collector of comic books, old magazines, and books, then you would know what we’re talking about. A lot of collectors spend sleepless nights thinking of ways to protect their collections, some which could value millions, from harsh and harmful climatic conditions such as heat, humidity, sunlight and mold growth.

The harsh direct sunlight can quickly fade the rich ink and quality of the paper and the constant exposure to UV light can accelerate the aging process by at least twenty times the normal rate. The same goes for your PVC or resin-based statues and collectibles, which have the tendency to fade and lose their sheen if displayed in bright areas that are heavily exposed to sunlight and humidity. Here’s looking at a few tips to preserve and protect your precious and expensive collectibles.

Day Night Shades – UV Protection, The Solution


Day Night Shades


If you have no choice but to display your collectibles in a room with multiple windows or direct sources to sunlight, the best option would be to invest in Day Night Shades. These prove to be effective solutions as Day and Night Blinds will help filter out bright sunlight from streaming into the room during the day, thus regulating the UV rays exposure within the rooms, instead of having to spend on multiple means of UV protection and temperature regulation such as UV- protective film, acrylic display cases and frames.

While the UV rays from a major contributing factor to the slow decay of paper material, other factors such as exposure to high temperatures for an extended period can also harm your comic books. Pair your Day Night Shades with a reputable brand of humidifier and air-conditioning, you will be able to regulate the optimum conditions within your display room. Day and Night Blinds can naturally and effectively bring down the temperature of a room by dispelling the excess heat from getting through, and with the before-mentioned additions, your collectibles and display room is all set within perfect climatic conditions and can ensure their long-term safety from fade or decay. From just filtering out light to completely blacking out any source of external light into the room, these blinds are best-suited for a variety of functions based on natural lighting around the house.

The Mold Problem

Having to deal with mold can be quite annoying, especially for a collector, because mold has been proved to be dangerous to comic books on display despite being encapsulated or framed. Framed pictures, posters, comic books, and original artwork have been known to fade over time because of constant exposure to direct sunlight and needs to be stored in a cool, dark place. But this leads to yet another problem. Dark rooms can often result in the growth of mold, especially in any damp spots. The primary benefit of investing in installing blinds in your collectible room or for your entire home as a whole is to get options that reduce mold and can be used safely for many years without having to replace them. These blinds not only regulate light but can also, to a large extent, prevent excessive dust collection in the room during the day.

Graber Lets You Keep Time, Smart Time!

Worried about the protection of your collectibles when you are not at home or away for extended periods of time? Our blinds are equipped to be controlled remotely from your smartphone. You can set your ‘smart home’ settings to coordinate with the air-conditioning and the humidifier, even your room’s mood lighting so that you can regulate anything in the room from your display lighting to the temperature conditions for optimum preservation while you’re away. Choose smart motorization where available for these added options.

Day Night blinds also perform an additional function of containing interior lights and also helps maintain your privacy once the sun is down. Day Night Cellular shades are made with two different fabrics that are excellent insulators like any other cellular shade, and so they save on your energy bills. They are even effective in absorbing noise pollution.

Of course, now we know the benefits of installing proper Day Night Shades in your house, now comes the question of what works best and what are best-suited for your needs. The sheer number of styles, materials, and other options that Zebra Blinds provide is staggering and can be customized to your specific home needs. If you are new to picking out blinds for your home use, then visit ZebraBlinds to learn more and pick out the best kind of Day Night blinds suited for your needs.

Easy to install, easy to maintain and completely cost-effective, Day Night Blinds are the best way to ensure that your investments in pop culture memorabilia and collectibles can be protected from harsh climatic conditions for years together.

In Conclusion

When one indulges in collectibles, it is important to ensure that they aren’t damaged by the heat and light that any room must have. To use a windowless room would not be optimal since that would make it a nightmare for ventilation and artificial lighting. Using Graber’s products will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the light and heat overpowering the quality of your collectibles.


Graber Window Treatments


As for why we chose Graber, Graber blinds and shades come with a solid manufacturer warranty that lasts long enough to stay around and protect your collection. Graber also comes with a known sense of quality given that they have been in the game for a very long time, long enough to pick up the more vital tools of the trade. They also have an impressive array of styles which serve to preserve your collectibles with class.

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