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Day-Night Shades – Welcome to Nirvana


Every homeowner would love to upgrade their home with the latest and alluring home decor styles. After you’re done decorating your home with the right paint and floors, you need to decide on the right window décor for the finishing touch. These days a wide variety of fashionable styles and colors of custom window coverings are available on the American window treatment market. The contemporary style Cellular Shades or Honeycomb Shades and the Pleated Shades are very energy efficient and elegant. These window shades diffuse the light and provide maximum privacy. The unique style of the window shades with Day-Night or Sun-up Sun-down feature is very convenient since we can adjust the levels of light filtering and privacy. With this particular design, these cellular shades and Pleated shades are prime choices for all rooms in the home. These high-quality window shades can be bought from the online window covering store with a discounted price. Enjoy free delivery to your doorsteps anywhere in the USA and the lifetime limited warranty offered by Graber.



Day-Night Shades

Day-Night-Cellular-Shades -
Day-Night Cellular shades are custom made with light filtering single cellular and double cellular fabric. The shade itself is composed of 2 fabric sections, a light filtering fabric on the top and a room darkening fabric on the bottom, divided by three metal rails; the head rail, middle rail, and the bottom rail. The unique design of this cellular shade helps to adjust the level of light filtering and room darkening features, i.e. if we pull up the middle rail to the top end will get complete room darkening benefits or if we pull down the middle rail to the bottom end will get perfect light filtering effects. Decorating windows with this Day-Night Cellular shades ensures a quality finish and a relaxed and cozy environment during extreme winter and hot summer. This, in turn, helps to protect the furniture or carpets from the direct sunlight damage. This Day-Night Cellular shades can be customized to accommodate any size of windows. These shades are also available in a cordless lift; which can be further customized between 4 colors. The cordless lift option is very attractive and comfortably provides the safety measures for children and pets. The PVC head rail, middle rail, and bottom rail are color-coordinated and matches the shade and provides an impressive look to the window shade. This affordable, stylish Day-Night Window Shade is simple and functional, very easy to install and clean. This cellular window shade is ideal for home, cottages, apartments, etc.



Sun-up-Sun-down Shades

Sun-Up-Sun-Down-Cellular-Shades -
The innovative and trendy design of a Sun-up Sun-down Cellular Shades or Honeycomb shades and Pleated Shades are a very convenient option, especially for extreme weather. The Sunup Sundown Feature means the combination of the light filtering shade on the top part and the room darkening shade on the lower part comes with one head rail, middle rail, and a bottom rail. We can adjust the light filtering and room darkening features by pulling up or pulling down the middle rail according to the need of the level of daylight and privacy. Sun-up Sun-down is available in most insulated cellular fabrics, and pleated fabrics; they can help to reduce energy consumption during extreme winter and scorchy summer seasons. The light filtering feature of cellular and pleated shades allows the moderate daylight to the room and protects from the deep UV- rays damage. The room darkening feature helps to give maximum privacy with a bit of noise deadening.



Prefect-Vue Pleated Shades

Perfect-Vu-Pleated-Shades -
Graber, one of the top leading manufacturing American company, offers this Sun-up Sun-down feature in four different styles: one-inch Perfect-Vue Pleated Shades, Two- inch Prefect-Vue Pleated Shades, 3/4 inch Crystal Pleat Cellular Shades, and 3/8 inch Crystal Pleat Cellular shades. One inch Prefect-Vue and Two inch Prefect-Vue, Sun-up-Sun-down feature are available in a wide selection of bright colors and lovely designs of light filtering, Sheer Linen, and room darkening pleated fabrics. The Sheer Linen fabrics are more translucent and give more daylight to the room than the light filtering fabrics. The sharp pleats of this pleated fabrics and the color coordinated head rail, middle rail and the bottom rail matches to the shade makes it very elegant, it is coming in the standard cord lift and the cordless lift option which is simple and functional.



CrystalPleat Cellular Shade


Sun-Up-Sun-Down-Window-Shades -
3/4 inch crystal pleat cellular shade and 3/8 inch crystal pleat cellular shade are available with the Sun-up Sun-down feature in the single cell or double cell fabrics. Graber offers the Sunup Sundown feature with the light filtering Cellular fabrics or the light filtering or sheer pleated fabrics on the top part and the room darkening cellular fabric on the bottom part according to the need. Just like the Perfect-Vue Pleated Shades, the Crystal Pleat Sunup Sundown Cellular Shades is adjustable with the middle rail by pulling up on the top and pulling down to the bottom. These high insulated cellular shades are very energy efficient and provide noise reduction. These brilliant, stylish Crystal Pleat Cellular Shades are coming in the standard cord lift option and the trendier cordless lift option. The cordless lift option benefits the safety measures to the small children and pets. All these Sun-up Sun-down Window Shades from Graber can customize to any size of the windows to your need and ensure its superfine quality and long durability. It’s the Perfect window covering for your window decor and makes your home Gorgeous and comfortable.



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