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The Many Advantages of Day Night Blinds That You Were Not Aware Of

Day And Night Window Blinds

Advantages of Day and Night Window Blinds That You Were Not Aware Of


Technology has changed the way we live, the way we interact with each other and the world, and even the way we sleep. In a bygone era, for instance, having a machine that would automatically wash clothes, or having a wireless portable device that would help us connect with millions across the globe was unheard of. You would have had people laughing in your face if you had told them something like that would exist. Now, these machines that make our daily work easier are no longer a mere luxury. They are a part of our lives, and a day without using them would make us uneasy.

The arena of window treatments has been no different when it comes to practical applications of new technology. We use to have drapes that would require effort to draw them aside or require long cords to pull them. With motorized controls now, the distant dream of operating your blinds and shades from anywhere in the world has become a reality.

However, if we were to tell you that you can get the benefits of blackout blinds and sunscreen blinds in one shade, would it be a thought far-fetched? Because that is exactly what you get with day-night blinds, a technological concept that has become a reality and is very much in demand in homes all over the world.


Day and Night Window Blinds


Day and Night Window Blinds


Also referred to as sun-up-sun-down shades, day and night window blinds are an amalgamation of the best features you come to expect from window blinds. They are similar to dual blinds, i.e. they have two different shades where you can block out the sun’s rays with one shade while diffusing the rays to retain some amount of natural light inside with the other. In other words, they combine the benefits of both light filtering and blackout fabrics to give you ultimate satisfaction while you are relaxing at home or having some friends over. They lend a unique blend of sophistication and exuberance that brings alive a previously unknown spark to your interiors.


Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades


Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades


At ZebraBlinds, Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades by Crown is one of the bestselling window treatments that are only gaining in popularity through effective word of mouth and their redeeming features. Combining two honeycomb fabrics into one, they consist of a head rail, a middle rail, and a bottom rail.

They are available in colors as diverse as Cool White and Espresso. The upper part of the shades consists of sound absorbing and light filtering fabric, while the bottom fabric boasts of the blackout fabric to maintain privacy. Coming at an affordable cost, these shades are fairly easy to install and pose no threat to children or pets with their cordless feature. They can also be easily cleaned through a vacuum cleaner or a feather brush, making them wonderful for any kind of room.

Here is the different kind of fabrics that day and night window blinds use:

Light filtering fabrics

Light filtering fabrics are meant to filter the amount of sunlight and create a natural glow inside the room, making them energy-efficient window coverings which remove the need of using light bulbs in the room before night falls. They help in controlling the amount of light and also provide a minimum amount of privacy.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics do not control the light that enters the room as they are meant for people for whom privacy is not a prime concern. They are usually meant for window decoration and provide an unhindered view from both sides of the window.

Room darkening fabrics

If you want to have a dark effect in your room, devoid of natural sunlight but not obliterating it completely, go for room darkening fabrics. They also use darker colors to increase the impact and provide a moderate level of privacy, offering a good amalgamation of privacy and sun control.

Blackout Fabrics

The purpose of blackout fabrics is to create the ultimate level of privacy by using materials that block sunlight completely. They are meant for people who want a minimal level of disturbance, and blackout fabrics offer this by blocking 100% of light through the fabric itself and by helping dampen outside noise.


Benefits of Day Night Window Blinds

The benefits of day-night blinds, thanks to their user-friendly and in-demand features, are plenty. Let us look at them one by one.

  • Operating Styles: Sun up sun down shades come with a variety of lift control options to suit your needs. They come with the motorized lift, where you can control their movements from the comfort of a sofa or bed, and have them go up or down every few hours based on time, temperature or even the position of the sun. You can also have a corded option; however, it is not usually recommended if you have unsupervised pets or children in the house when you aren’t home.

  • Light Control: You can use the light filtering portion of the blinds if the sun is pleasant on a good day. So sipping your coffee next to your bay windows might not be a bad way to start your weekend.

  • Privacy: If the sun becomes unbearable, put the blackout portion of the blinds to great use and finish your coffee as soon as you can. Use the blackout fabric to give your room complete darkness. It’s not a bad idea to go back to sleep in the now-cozy room temperature and your silky-smooth bed.

  • Versatility: Customize your colors, choose your patterns and designs, and the thickness of the cells or window coverings. Measure your window dimensions or get a professional to size them up. There is a solution to every need and made-to-order measurement for every window. All you need to do is contact the right manufacturer.

To sum up, day night window shades are just what the doctor ordered: efficient window blinds with multiple benefits attached. Built to last long and boasting form as well as function, these are must-have window coverings that you can install in any kind of home, on any window, and in any season.

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