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Dare to Dream: Windows of the Future

Windows of the Future

Windows help to bridge the gap between our secluded indoor lives with the world that lies outside the four walls of our house. They are also the sole source of natural light and air in the house. Different houses have differently shaped windows and they do much to enhance the beauty of the houses. The fun part is dressing up these windows according to your requirements and demands of the rooms.

The Evolution of Window Treatments

Over the years window treatments have undergone major changes. Window shades and blinds are now available in innumerable styles, colors, patterns and textures. They can be customized to suit your needs. The corded shades and blinds were gradually replaced by motorized window shades which no longer needed cords for operation. They could now be operated with the help of remotes. Motorized shades were soon overshadowed by smart shades and blinds. These window treatments are integrated into the home automation system and could be operated with a click of your finger by downloading the app on your smartphone. Irrespective of where you are, you can raise and lower the shades and even schedule them to function in a particular way at particular times of the day. You can use home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to use voice command to control these shades and blinds. Technology has completely transformed the way we perceived windows treatments. They are more convenient, user-friendly, and less time-consuming.

Smart Motorized Shades

Future of Window Treatments

Technology has been making enormous strides and penetrates every aspect of our lives. Be it window shades, lights, ACs, TVs, thermostats, etc. So, to think that smart shades are the future of window treatments and it will stop at that would be taking a rather simplistic view of technological advancements. Fast forward to the future and smart window treatments more advanced than even today’s offerings will become commonplace in modern homes.

Who knows, modern window treatments may eventually come with attached heat sensors which will automatically close and open depending upon the owner’s temperature preferences. They will be equipped to sense a change in temperatures and operate accordingly.

With time perhaps these window dressings will have sensors to detect if there has been any forced intrusion in the house and will alert the homeowners. They might operate with a swipe of a finger and will do away with the need for external sensors. These may still not be a reality at present but could soon become one.

Smart Window Shades

Future of Windows: Smart Windows

Not only window treatments, but it is also believed that windows could soon become ‘smart windows.’ we already have energy-efficient windows in the market. Technology may be able to transform your window glass and make them adapt to changing conditions inside and outside automatically or with the click of a switch.

For example, electrochromic windows are able to change glass tint on command and a touch of a button can transform them from transparent to opaque.

Thermochromic windows respond to changes in temperature instead of electrical current. Then there are the photochromic windows that respond to changes in light, altering the tint depending upon brightness and have liquid crystal windows that use electric currents to switch between translucent and clear. Smart glasses already exist but have not yet entered your homes or windows because they are still being experimented upon and also because of the cost involved. Technology is improving and advancing and it is just a matter of time when we will have these glasses adorning our windows and have them perform a myriad of functions for us. Of course, in time, we may see these glasses gain the functionality to connect with devices and can be operated wirelessly or with our phones. It will truly be a revelation.

Smart Motorized Shadings

Dare to Dream

When it comes to the future of window technology, the possibilities are endless. Researchers are already experimenting with solar concentrators which, when fixed to a window, can create solar energy. This will help the buildings to collect energy to power the structure and perhaps even harness energy for neighboring homes and offices. The world of window décor, too, is getting upgraded. You will soon have curtains and blinds that will respond to temperature changes and color schemes, who knows? To go even more out there, there might come a day when you might be using your windows like you do smartphones or touch screens of tablets.

One might wonder how feasible are these possibilities and whether any of these predictions have the potential to convert themselves into reality. Well, even a few years back the concept of smart homes and smart shades would have appeared just as unbelievable. But technology has proved it is possible to dream big and makes those dreams come true. All that appears fictional today could very well translate into reality.