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Cyber Monday Window Treatments Sale Beats Black Friday

Black Friday has come and gone, and now the we are all are waiting for Cyber Monday. While Black Friday is well known, and has been a part of North American culture for a long time, Cyber Monday is a newly created holiday event. The premise of Black Friday is simple. Stores lower their prices, and consumers buy like crazy! The name is supposed to come from the idea that this Friday is the first day that stores will complete their ledgers in black ink rather than red – red ink signifies debt, while black ink means that they have made enough sales to finally be in profit. Well, take this premise to the online universe, and you have a neat little package called Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a day where online stores sell their items for lower prices. As much of consumer culture is now located online, it is a great way for different stores to offer ways to buy their clothing without actually visiting retail stores. So where are you looking for deals on your Cyber Monday? Let Zebra Blinds help you get better deals for all window treatments.

Cyber Monday is a great way to opt out of the hustle and bustle of Black Friday. Shopping online is not as popular as tradition methods of shopping in-store, and so hoards of people are always out on Black Friday. As it’s hard to control the frenzy people stir themselves into on this day, there are many accidents on Black Friday, and it does get slightly dangerous, with riots and mobs forming. Cyber Monday fills in a need for a safer shopping alternative- the comfort of your own home has never been so inviting! Cyber Monday gives you the option of sorting out the store in ways that you want. Looking for only men’s shoes in the $100-$150 range? Just set your parameters and you’ll be able to shop within this scope.

Furthermore, skip the car trip and save your gas money. On black Friday, roads are usually backed up and congested, while parking lots are nightmares to behold. Skip the idling while you wait for a parking space to empty, and don’t bother fighting five people for that one spot. Consider the money you would have spent on gas as something you can now use on a purchase for yourself. is participating in the Cyber Monday Craze with some great deals. The site is having a massive window shades sale on upgrading your corded systems to cordless systems. This means you pay nothing additional at all when you choose to have a cordless system inputted on your blinds. Cordless systems are great for households with children, as it reduces the risk of choking hazards. Also check out the Crown Roman shades that are being sold at 60% off. All Zebra Blinds items are sold at low prices, and never at the retail price. Enjoy your Cyber Monday with Zebra Blinds!

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