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Cut Your Energy Costs with Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Cut Your Energy Costs with Energy Efficient Window Treatments



Summer is almost here! While we are excited to enjoy the weather outside, many of us are still anxious about the costs of cooling our homes. Energy saving window coverings diminish your home cooling costs, especially during the summer. They prevent sunlight from entering and heating the room, and from cool air inside from escaping. During the wintertime, they enhance insulation – forming an extra layer between your windows and the inside, cutting heat transfer. And they regulate the amount of light coming in, so you can enjoy the comfort of natural lighting where feasible, without at the same time losing heat to the outside in winter, or overheating the room in the hot summer time.


Save Energy Costs with Energy Efficient Window Coverings


The following are a few Energy Efficient Window Treatments to consider for your home this summer:



#1 Install Graber Vertical Blinds for Your Large Windows


Graber Vertical Blinds 

If you have large sliding glass doors and you are being troubled by harsh and harmful sun rays, installing Graber Vertical Blinds is the right choice to stop the sun and glare from penetrating your home. Modern vertical blinds are efficient and easy to operate. They are the combination of beauty and convenience They offer you the ultimate comfort and protection that is required for your home. These blinds are made out of different materials like wood, vinyl, PVC, and fabric in many colors and patterns. They are ideal for the workspace as well as living spaces. Vertical blinds are also excellent for controlling privacy. Vertical blinds are installed on a track across the top of the window and can be dragged closed just like drapes. 

While many people choose vertical blinds, Panel Track shades are a contemporary and adaptable choice. Each panel slides easily on a track, giving a clear and uniform look and a modern style. Panel tracks have many colors, styles, and fabric patterns. 

As heat gain/loss is a big concern with large glass doors, people often choose vertical cellular shades. They operate just like a usual cellular shade, only they open left and right. Cellular shades are ideal for patios as they absorb the heat or cold entering our home and keep your home warm during the winter and cold during the summer.


#2 Install Exterior Shades to Keep Your Outdoors Safe


Exterior Solar Shades 

Exterior Shades help lessen solar heat gain while preserving the desired light, privacy, and ventilation. Exterior Window Treatments notably provide excellent enhancement in the energy efficiency of almost any type of window and are treated to endure outdoor conditions.


Exterior Shades provide the following benefits

-> Provide a healthy, energy efficient home.

-> Sunscreen material blocks up to 99% of UV rays while keeping natural light.

-> Helps slow fading of carpet, cushioning, and wallpaper, etc.

-> Diminishes glare, yet, allows you to see clearly through the window treatment.

-> Reduces heat gain from strong sunlight.

-> Adds modern styling to a room.

-> Gives privacy and light control.


#3 Add Dual Shades for Improved Energy Efficiency


Double Window Blinds 

Dual Shades offer blackout as well as transparent fabrics together in a single shade. They help to keep your home cool during the summer, and so they improve the energy efficiency of your home. These shades offer intense protection from the harmful UV rays and regulate light filtering on demand, and they also provide the ultimate privacy. These attributes make dual shades an excellent choice for your home. There exists a wide range of Graber Dual Shades in a large number of fabrics and design sizes. They are ideal for city residences, conference halls, workspaces and any other place that requires versatility in light control and privacy. With a blackout fabric and a solar or light filtering fabric in one, you can choose which one to use depending on your needs and the time of day.


If you want to make your life easy and your home more modernized, choose cordless window treatments.


#4 How do Cordless Window Treatments Work?


Cordless Window Treatments 

Cordless lifts are a simple and easy way to operate your home’s daylight and privacy. The Cordless System makes operating blinds and shades easier than ever before.

To lower the blinds, you need to pull down on the bottom rail.

To raise the blinds, you just have to raise the bottom rail.
Based on the specific cordless product you pick, either twists the wand or tilt the bottom rail to open the slats. The cordless mechanisms enable you to operate your shades evenly and easily, and it is long-lasting, smooth, and reliable.


Do not delay – get these amazing Energy Efficient Window Treatments to your home and enjoy this summer in comfort. Don’t waste your money on energy bills, make a wise investment by installing these Energy Efficient Window Treatments to your home and insulate your home this summer. Shop these window treatments at and get the best deals on these wonderful window treatments. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions – we are happy to help!