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The Joy of Customizing Your Window Treatments

Customizing Your Window Treatments

The Joy of Customising Your Window Treatments

This is the age of mass production and commercialization. Everything on the market looks the same and there is not much variety available in the real sense. Large-scale manufacturing has expanded the market for customers as well as for producers, but it has resulted in global conformity between markets, causing one product to look almost indistinguishable from the next one. This may not look like a bad thing at a cursory glance, but it has created problems of instilling a uniformity of taste, killing of local designs and discouraging ‘out of the box’ thinking. This problem of uniformity runs not only in the entertainment industry but in goods and services too.

However, the market is smarter than we would like to believe, and it understood the growing detachment of people from a homogenous pattern. Hence, a new idea was born. This idea was the idea of customization. Customization means providing the option to the consumer to curate their own products and give their own designs and plans for the same instead of buying products that are already available. You may have come across this term when you order your pizzas online, for example, but now customization is available for other goods as well, including interior designing products and window treatments. Depending upon the seller, the customization option can vary from choosing one of a few things, or curating the whole product on your own.

By now you would have understood the rough idea of the advantages that customizing can bring to you. Especially in a product like that of window treatments, which requires a certain aesthetic appeal, and which varies from person to person and from room to room, these advantages get multiplies. Here is a look at the few reasons why customizing your window coverings will be one of the best decisions you will make:

1. You get to add your own style
It goes without saying that customization gives you the benefit of creating your own style. And this does not remain limited to the kind of material you want to use or the color that you want to choose but expands to the shape of the blinds or shades and the size you want them in and so on. This becomes very handy when you have antiquated furniture or a specific color that dominates your room. If you are someone who has a quirky taste when it comes to interiors and finds your furniture from places that no one knows of, finding the correct window covering might get very hard for you. Not every window covering goes with a fuchsia couch. To get the chance to make something that will perfectly suit your needs and you will no longer have to ‘make do’ is a lucrative and a fun option, isn’t it? Add to it the flexing of the creative muscles that you will have to do and the joy of making something that is your own to its truest sense. It will also be fun to do this exercise with someone, be it a partner, a parent or a kid. You get shared memories and laughs and so much more over buying a single product that you will have more attachment to than any other.
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2. You get to control your own budget without compromising
All of us run on budgets, and while making big expenses like buying window coverings and so on, it is only natural to think about your budget constraints and how that limits your market. Customization gives you the option to create what is best for you without compromising and without paying for things you don’t want. A very good example for this can be the purchase of wooden blinds, which we know are a bit heavier on the budget than other blinds. The alternative to wooden blinds is faux wood blinds, but the design that you liked in a wooden blind is not available in faux wood material. Customization is your friend here as you get to control the material as we customize the design of your product in the right material that you want.
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3. It saves irregular windows and doors
Does your house have unconventional types of doors and windows for which window coverings are not available and even if they are the choices are almost negligent? Be it a hexagonal-shaped bathroom window or a door which has a slanting top, customization has you covered. Not only you get to define the shape but also get to curate better styles and use the materials of your choices while you are at it. The options available to you are abundant and there is no stopping you from creating the home of your dreams.
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4. You can opt for greener options
We all know that window coverings are energy efficient and can help you conserve a lot of energy by reducing the load on electrical appliances that regulate the temperature such as air conditioners, room heaters, and even room purifiers. However, it is also to note that the energy efficiency of a window covering depends on the material it is made from. For example, plastic and metal window blinds are not as energy efficient as a wooden blind might be. The R-value of window coverings depends a lot upon the material as it is the material that finally works as insulation. If you like the design of a certain product that is not available in a more energy-efficient option, customization can save your day. It is time that we all start contributing towards saving our environment and little efforts such as these go a long away. It is from these efforts that we get a healthier living and our kids get better air to breathe. So, a small gesture from us might save the lives of many. And, ‘energy saved is energy produced’.
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5. Your room does speak for you

It won’t be wrong to assume that the first impression about a person is made from the space that they occupy. This is very true when it comes to professional spaces and holds much significance also because these first impressions make large differences. Now, window coverings often define a room mainly because of the space that they occupy and their centrality. When one customizes their own products, it not only reflects their taste but reveals a bit about abut their personality too. It won’t be wrong to assume that the power of customization gives them the kind of control over how they would want to resent themselves. This holds much value not only in professional spaces but also in personal spaces and having a reflection of yourself around you might not be a bad idea for everyone to see.

ZebraBlinds, which is an online store for window coverings offers great liberty over the customization of your products and has a customer support system that will help you in making those choices too. The range of discounts and offers available with them will just make it the perfect stop for you for all your window treatment needs.

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