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Why Customized Designer Window Treatments Are the New Trend

Why Customized Designer Window-Treatments Are The New Trend

Designer Window Treatments: An Incredible Part of Your Home

When decorating a home, most homeowners concentrate on the furnishings and wall designs, as these are the simplest changes that they can make. But if that means you are letting window coverings become an after-thought, your design will completely fail. A properly designed blind or shade can make a window the focal point of your space and can create a soothing impact on the overall home décor. The design or texture you select for treatment will influence both the inside and outside of your home. While getting a window solution, it’s not about going to a local shop, picking anything, and installing it on the window. When you choose something based on your existing home interior style, you actually bring the ultimate comfort and a sense of happiness inside your home. And that is where the concept of customized designer window treatments came. These creative designer blinds can enhance the appearance of a space in a dramatic way while being functional and practical.

There was a time when people used to get any window treatment for their home but now, the time has changed. Customization is everywhere, and especially so in the field of window fashion. Follow this new and smart trend to stay one step ahead in the interior fashion world. Start customizing to get a right fit window blind that will ensure a fashionable window makeover along with a bunch of functional benefits. Before you get started, go through this article to know why and how these designer window blinds take a huge place in your home arena to make a better decision for your home!

Reasons for Opting Customized Designer Window Treatments

• Unique Window Designs
There are multiple window designs available in the market of window fashion such as moon-shaped, palladian, bay, large, and many more. A customized window solution can give the windows a complete look along with perfect coverage. No matter what type of window or décor you have, you can always customize the treatments to get a classy and sober look. Remember, if the blind or shade doesn’t fit the window perfectly, then it will create a messy and disorganized interior.
Cellular Shades for Arch Windows

• Precise Window Measurements
When you buy a window shade from a local retailer, you get stuck with the sizes they have in the stock. But opting for customized window solution means a professional will measure your windows and the coverings get built to those exact sizes. Get your blind customized to get the right fit and coverage.

• Various Choices
In recent times, everyone prefers a stylish home décor that will compliment their interior and create a statement. Simply picking a random colored window solution won’t help you to achieve the designer look you are looking for. Window treatments are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and pattern options. Customizing them with the right hue tone and design option will create a sophisticated and astounding window that will match your existing décor type and highlight the other decorative elements in your home.

• Customized Shadings for Functional Aspects
There are endless combinations and possibilities for window treatments, from different color choices to textures that are responsible for creating polished home décor. But creating a phenomenal look is not the last thing we can do for our space, protecting the arena from harsh sunlight is equally essential. That’s why window coverings come in different fabric options which include sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Depending on the room type, you need to select the right one. If you don’t customize your product with the right fabric or texture, then it won’t offer you the aesthetical or functional benefits.
Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades
• Customized Mechanism
Window blinds come in standard cord control option to raise and lower which might pose risk for your little ones. But modern technology and innovation allow you to feature your shadings with cordless or smart motorized functions that let you access the shades using a remote button or smartphone that too from anywhere in the room. Besides safety and security, if you are looking for a luxurious and convenient living style, then customizing is important.
Smart Z-Wave Solar Shades
• Add-Ons
Customization brings a big difference for your home and allows you to add details to your coverings. Transform your window look to the next level by adding some valances, cornices, or hardware with your preferred product and see the magic.
Beautiful Window Valances
• A Perfect Way to Save
Only pay for what you need. Customizing can save a huge on your product. While featuring the blind, only add the things which you want and pay for that only.


The power is in your hands. Customized window treatments are not only meant to build a clean and ultra-modern look, but their incredible efficiency in controlling sunlight, glare, UV rays also make them unique and distinct. Even personalizing the product with the right fabric texture will offer your space protection from the outside hazards and can save on energy bills. They are perfect for adding softness and quality to your space.
So, get your customized window covering to create an exquisite design for your home, to look and feel exactly like how you have imagined. Consult with our designers for more inspiration!

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