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How to Customize Your Cellular Shades for Better Insulation

How To Customize Your Cellular Shades For Better Insulation

It is a constant endeavor on the part of homeowners to make their windows appear beautiful and to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. While some windows, by themselves, look extremely grand, others look more appealing with window accents. These come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. What’s great about window accents is that they’re focused on adding some color and style with great ease. The right window covering can instantly transform the vibe of the space. You may not notice, but window coverings generally define the ambiance in any place. Another great thing about window coverings is their customizable nature. Each window is crafted differently, with different measurements. You can customize window coverings to ensure it fits your window. But customizing window treatments can go beyond just measurement. You can customize various aspects of window coverings, once you’ve picked one of your choices. You can choose between window blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies. Depending on the design and style, each blind, shade, or shutter can be further customized. If you’re looking for blinds that provide insulation and are energy efficient, motorized cellular shades are perfect for you. You can even customize cellular shades to meet your needs and preferences.

What are Cellular Shades?

In major parts of the US, winters can be really cold and harsh. While you have heaters to warm up your home, you need to ensure that there is no energy loss in the house. Are you looking for ways to warm up your space without those electricity bills going off the chart? These are just a few of the many problems that insulating blinds solve. Sporting a unique and simple construction, cellular shades are here to impress your decor taste. What’s great about these blinds are the honeycomb cells. These cells trap heat from inside the house and circulate it through the house and prevent warm air from escaping

So, if you live in areas that are extremely susceptible to cool weather, then these blinds are the right ones for you. The blinds are best known to be energy efficient. They’re available in various cell sizes. These shades can come either in one continuous fabric wrapped around a cassette (like roller blinds) or with multiple pleats. You can choose the design that you like the best.
Cordless Cellular Shades

How Do You Get Customized Honeycomb Shades?

Cellular shades come in a functional design and style that’ll look great in almost any type of space. They come with various customization options too. These options can help you alter the temperature of the indoor space. Here is how you can go about picking various customized options:

1) Categories:
There are multiple options to pick from when it comes to honeycomb blinds. You can choose between light-filtering and blackout blinds. Light-filtering shades help strike the right balance between privacy and light. These blinds are recommended for spaces that receive considerable natural light and you want to diffuse the light and cut out the glares. Blackout Cellular Shades help to block sunlight completely. These blinds are perfect for your bedrooms and media rooms where total darkness is preferred. Blackout shades are considered more energy-efficient and the combination of Blackout and Cellular Honeycomb Shades offer even more added insulation to the room. Along with light control, light blockage and privacy you get added insulation for your windows and rooms with these Cellular Shades.
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2) Price:
While this is not directly linked with custom cellular shades, they’re an important factor for picking window coverings. You are more likely to pick window coverings that are within your budget. You first set a budget and then you pick blinds accordingly. You can avail of cellular shades in a wide variety of prices, right from the affordable ones to the premium ones. Just filter according to your price range and you’re good to go.

3) Double or Single Cell Shades:
If you stay in a region where winters are particularly severe you can opt for double cell honeycomb shades. These Cellular Shades have two layers of cells, with the additional layer closer to the window and interconnected with the layer that is closer to the room. They give better insulation from cold and sound as compared to single-cell shades. You can get your shades customized depending upon the demands of the weather.
Double Cell Shades
3) Lift Mechanism:
Cellular Shades are available in a variety of lift options from corded and cordless to motorized mechanisms. Motorized lift options are desirable because of the ease of operation from any part of the house. Smart motorized Cellular Shades can be operated from your phones and tablets and can also be pre-programmed to shut and open at different times of the day depending upon your needs. This will help keep your homes warm and comfortable even if you are not in the house.
Motorized Cellular Window Coverings
4) Colors:
This is the fun part of the customization process. With honeycomb shades, you get to choose the colors you think will go best with your space. From black, white and everything in between, pick the one that you like the best! Go ahead, make your style statement.

5) Available Option:
You can customize your Cellular Honeycomb Shades and opt for Day/Night Cellular Shades or Sun Up/Sun Down Cellular Shades. These shades operate with two types of fabrics that will help keep your homes comfortable and cozy. For better insulation, during winter you can use the fabric which lets sunlight in during the morning and help keep the warm air trapped by using the other fabric at night.

Cellular Shades are among the most versatile, functional and yet stylish shades in the market today. If insulation is what you are looking for you will not find a better window treatment than these shades. Customize them to get the best features and help create a warm, comfortable and pleasant environment for your home.